What Type of Plants Are Strawberry Plants?

what type of plants are strawberry plantsHave you ever wondered what type of plant classification into which the humble strawberry plant falls?  Think about it for a moment, and you will see just how unique strawberry plants are.  They are short.  They have dark green leaflets with serrated edges.  They produce strawberries that weigh a tremendous amount compared to the weight of the vegetation that supports them.

They obviously aren't trees.  They aren't shrubs.  Due to the fact that they produce strawberry runners, some might be tempted to think they are a vine.  They aren't.  Are you curious yet about what type of plant is a strawberry plant?  The answer can be found by continuing to read, but I'll give you two clues.  The classification of strawberry plants comes largely from the characteristics of strawberry flowers and its vegetative growth.

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