Vermont Strawberry Varieties

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Vermont Strawberry Varieties: Summary

This web page was published by the University of Vermont Extension.   It was written by Vern Grubinger, vegetable and berry specialist.  The information contained within this resource deals specifically with growing strawberries in Vermont, but the principles and guidance contained will assist any strawberry grower in general.  Each of the following categories is covered in the publication:

Vermont Strawberries: The Basics

1.  An emphasis is placed on which strawberry varieties grow well in Vermont.  However, the various considerations that different growers and farms must consider is also reviewed.  Flavor, firmness, and disease resistance all factor in mightily depending on the specifics of individual farms and conditions.

Strawberry Varieties for Vermont

2. The best strawberry varieties for Vermont are listed according to the ripening times for each.  Early season through Late season June-bearers are recommended, as are day-neutral varieties.  The recommended strawberry varieties for Vermont are as follows…

Vermont Strawberries – Early Season

Earlilgow, Mohawk, Northeaster, Sable, Veestar.

Vermont Strawberries – Early Mid-Season

Annapolis, Brunswick, Cavendish, Cornwallis, Darselect, Honeoye, Kent, L'Amour, Mira.

Vermont Strawberries – Late Mid-Season

All-Star, Jewel, Mesabi, Mic Mac, Seneca, Sparkle, Winona.

Vermont Strawberries – Late Season

Cabot, Clancy, Lateglow.

Vermont Strawberries – Day-Neutral

Everest, Seascape, Tribute, Tristar.

Vermont Strawberry Varieties: Conclusion

Details about each of the strawberry varieties listed above are available by clicking the resource link below.  Additionally, a host of other information regarding these and other varieties is available on the Strawberry Varieties reference page.

If you aren't from Vermont, to find out which strawberry variety would grow well in your area, see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

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  1. I am trying my best to find micmac strawberry plugs to order – can you help? I am not having any luck. Thanks so much.

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