Ever See a Possum Eating a Strawberry?

Not that this has much to do with growing your own strawberries, of course, but you may get a kick out of watching a possum eat a strawberry.  While possums in the country find themselves on the road far too often, and can wreak havoc in your chicken coop, birds typically prove more of a threat to your growing strawberries than do the large hairy rodents.  City-dwelling pet possums seem to have more of an affinity for the delectable red fruits than do their country-dwelling kin.  So, if you'd like to see a possum eating a strawberry, just click below!

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Strawberry Candy

strawberry candySynthetic flavorings and syrups and confectioner's sugar can't, in my opinion, compare to the delightful goodness of real fruits ripened on the plant and packed with all of nature's vitamins and minerals.  But, it can't hurt every now and then to enjoy the turbo-charged sweetness of some strawberry candy in lieu of the real thing.  Plus, you can buy some strawberry candy and leave it sitting around for months (as long as the ants don't find it) while you know what happens if you leave strawberries sitting around.

The following are the types and brands of strawberry candy that I know are available for purchase through the internet.  If you are a confectioner and would like to have your commercially available strawberry candy added to this list, just let me know.  I'll update the list to include yours.

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New Supplier of UK Pineberry Plants

It is not common that a new, non-genetically modified food piques the interest of the population at large.  But, the delightful pineberry, with its pineapple-tinged strawberry flavor, has done just that.  Since its introduction several years ago, its popularity has done nothing but increase steadily.  In fact, its novelty is making its popularity soar.  […]

Strawberry Jokes

strawberry jokesNow, now, everyone needs a little chuckle every once in a while.  Well, today is your lucky day.  Since this website exists to spread the passion for strawberries far and wide, it deals primarily with information about that wonderful, succulent, delightful red fruit.  But, as with every venture, there is always time to laugh a little.

So, if you like corny jokes, this page is dedicated to you.  Be sure to share your own favorite strawberry jokes at the bottom of the page in the comments section.  Or, email the jokes to StrawberryPlants.org.  If they are clean and coherent, They will be included here for the amusement of all.

Now, on to the funny strawberry jokes and strawberry puns!

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How to Use Strawberry Plants .org

This website is a repository for information about strawberry plants, strawberries, and everything related to them.  The quantity of information on this site may be overwhelming, particularly if you are looking for an answer to a particular question.  This post is intended to serve as a guide to help you gain the maximum benefit from the information contained here.

how to use strawberry plants orgWhile any strawberry aficionado could read for hours and still be happy to peruse more, most people just need help finding key pieces to their strawberry puzzle.  The main aspects of this site will be mentioned below.  If you have a specific question, use the search function at the top right of any page, or use the comments function at the bottom of each page to leave a message, ask a question, or contribute to the discussion.

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Support Strawberry Plants .org!

support strawberry plants orgStrawberry Plants .org exists to spread the passion for strawberry plants around the world and around the block.  Beginning in January 2011, a new method will be available to businesses or individuals who would like to simultaneously support a good cause and draw attention and visitors to their own websites.

But, it doesn't have to cost you one cent to help this site continue to offer top-rate strawberry information free to everyone who asks for it.  Even though it is not free to serve the information to everyone who asks for it, it will continue to be given away.  Will you take 15 more seconds of your time to help make this site better and more effective?

If your curiosity is piqued (or even if you are bored out of your skull), please click the Read More link below to see how you can help this website succeed (and benefit yourself in the process) in less than one minute!

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Strawberry Plants at Nourse Farms

strawberry plants at nourse farmsNourse Farms is a large supplier of strawberry plants.  Their farm is located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.  To gain a better understanding of what is involved in growing strawberry plants commercially, watch this multi-part series that was produced by Nourse Farms.  It covers more than just growing strawberries, but is interesting for anyone interested in strawberry production and commercial strawberry growers.


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Strawberry Plants .org Top 5 for October 2010

strawberry plants top 5If you are a regular visitor to Strawberry Plants .org, you know that this site exists for one main reason: to spread the passion for growing strawberries and strawberry plants far and wide.  Most people come here looking for answers for their strawberry-related questions.  And, most people find them.  In the processes of finding strawberry answers, some people have an agricultural or gardening passion kindled within them.  To that we say, “hooray!”

Strawberry Plants .org has seen remarkable growth in the number of visitors who visit every day.  Who knew so many people have so many questions about growing and using strawberries?  It is encouraging!  During the month of October, visits to this site hit an all-time high.  And, the great part is that it isn't even strawberry season in most of the Northern Hemisphere!

So, what is all the activity about?  Well, people from all over the world are looking for strawberry information.  So, if you are curious, you can see both the 5 most popular pages on this website as well as the top 10 strawberry-friendly countries (as measured by people from within the country visiting this site):

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Strawberry Plants of the World

strawberry plants of the worldAre you going to be traveling anytime soon?  If you are going to be visiting another country, be sure to be on the lookout for exciting strawberry occurrences therein.  Foreign lands often have different uses for different parts of the strawberry plant, from the berries to the leaves to the roots.  So, use this directory to learn to recognize the appropriate words in various languages for the humble strawberry.  Then, enjoy the strawberry traditions in foreign lands as you globe trot looking for strawberry plants of the world!

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Strawberry Plants or Rambutan?

strawberry plants or rambutanAnyone visiting this website knows that we exist to spread the passion of strawberry plants and strawberries to everyone even remotely interested.  While the strawberries we all know and love are a springtime and summertime staple on many a farmer's table, there are more fruiting plants in the world than just strawberry plants.

For a brief video tour of some truly exotic and unusual fruits, watch this video.  Pay special attention to the rambutan (sometimes spelled rambotan) at about 1:45.  It supposedly tastes like strawberries!

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