Blue Ribbon Strawberry Apricot Jam

blue ribbon strawberry apricot jam recipeWhether you are entering a competition in your local strawberry festival, shooting for first place in a food preparation contest or convention, or just looking to win first place in the eyes of your family and friends, this is truly a blue ribbon strawberry apricot jam recipe.  The masses will end up clamoring for more of this taste triumph.  So, give the masses what they want and get busy making this tasty treat!

And, of course, don’t forget that this is just one of many extraordinary recipes available for your enjoyment on There are even other jam recipes!

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How to Store Strawberries

how to store strawberriesAt the end of winter each year, strawberry plants laden with flowers burst forth from thawed earth in response to the warming rays of the sun.  Soon thereafter, new strawberries begin to change from hard green new fruits to ripening white and pink ones foretelling the harvest soon to come.  When the deep red develops heralding the production of the nutritious bioflavonoids, picking time is right around the corner!

Whether you pick your own or grow your strawberries, or even if you buy them in the store, it is important to store strawberries appropriately.  Here is what you need to know to stave off moldy strawberries and maximize the life of your berries (and your enjoyment of them!).

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How to Hull Strawberries

hull strawberriesMost people would agree that strawberries are delicious.  In fact, you can find strawberry recipes that are perfect for virtually any occasion.  The beautiful and tempting red fruits have a long and storied history (see the Strawberry Plant page for more details), but there are a few minor annoyances when it comes to getting the berries from the field into your tummy.  First, one has to do some strawberry picking, and, then, the strawberry hulling must commence.  Both can be tedious.  This post, however, is going to deal primarily with getting those little green caps off the picked berries.  Numerous methods will be mentioned, including one that you’ve probably never considered!

So, this post is all about how to hull strawberries.  Let the fun begin…

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Sun Drying Strawberries

sun drying strawberriesSun drying strawberries is a viable way to preserve them.  There are many things that cannot be adequately dried in the sun (most vegetables and meats), but the high sugar and acid content of strawberries makes them well-suited to outdoor sun drying.  Their low protein concentration minimizes the likelihood of bacterial/microbial overgrowth (as happens with meats).

Conditions Needed When Sun Drying Strawberries

Drying strawberries outside cannot be done just anywhere.  The proper conditions are needed if successful drying it to occur.  The necessary conditions are:

1.  Warm Temperatures – a minimum temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit is required, with warmer temperatures being even better.  In most locations, the strawberries will need to be brought in at night to keep the cooler night air from condensing and adding moisture back into the partially dried strawberries.

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Difference Between Jam and Jelly

difference between jam and jellyInquiring minds want to know! The answer is multifaceted.  There are actually several main ways that these two fruit preserves are dissimilar, and there are also similarities of jam and jelly.  This post is a discussion of both strawberry preserves and what makes each unique.

In short, jam and jelly differences can be broken down into three main categories: their consistencies, their contents, and their preparation methods.

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Freezing Strawberries

freezing strawberriesStrawberries have a notoriously short shelf life.  Once picked from the strawberry plants, they will only last a few days before the decay process begins in earnest.  Because of this fact, and because so many people just love eating strawberries, multiple preservation methods have been developed to allow the enjoyment of the strawberry harvest long after it is over.  This post is here to serve as your guide to freezing strawberries.

Before delving into how to freeze strawberries, it is important to mention a few bits of information.  Freezing strawberries generally produces an end product that is far superior to canning them.  Canning strawberries is a sufficient method of preservation.  However, canned strawberries do not generally maintain the structural integrity of the berries.  Consequently, canned strawberries are usually just mush at the time of use.  Frozen strawberries, on the other hand, maintain most of their culinary qualities (depending on how much they are thawed when they are used).

How the Freezing Strawberries Page Works

This main Freezing Strawberries page serves as a hub for everything related to learning how to freeze strawberries.  The preliminaries of the strawberry freezing process are covered first.  Then, instruction is provided regarding all of the common strawberry freezing methods.  Additionally, technical information regarding the processes is also provided so that your strawberry freezing experience will be a resounding success!  I recommend beginning at the top to understand the basics prior to initiating the freezing process using any of the specific methods (which are all listed and explained below).  If you are a veteran strawberry freezer, feel free to jump directly to your desired method for guidance.  (For a more introductory and brief information guide, see this page.)

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Strawberry Wine Recipe

strawberry wine recipeBack in the 1990s, there was a popular country music song about strawberry wine.  In those days, the internet was young and the flow of information had yet to reach Vesuvius-like levels.  As more and more people connect and search for what they want to know about, more and more folks have taken an interest in fermenting their own brews.  One such drink, strawberry wine, happens to fall within the purview of Strawberry Plants .org.

So, without making much more ado about nothing, for any of the adventurous types looking to brew up a batch of homemade strawberry wine, this strawberry wine recipe is for you.

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How to Freeze Strawberries

how to freeze strawberriesThere are several good reasons to freeze your own strawberries.  Strawberries picked fresh and frozen at home taste much better than any of the pre-packaged frozen strawberries you can buy in the store.  Plus, freezing your own fresh strawberries is a great way to have delicious, good-for-you fruit during the winter months.  Strawberries are much less expensive during their normal productive season, so freezing them then and thawing for use during the off-season can also save money.

While freezing strawberries does not make them sterile, it does prevent bacteria and fungi from growing and causing the fruits to spoil.  Frozen strawberries won’t keep forever, but they will remain usable long enough to make the freezing process worthwhile.  This post will cover the basics of how to freeze strawberries, step by step.  If you want a much more detailed description and instructions for the different freezing methods, see the Freezing Strawberries reference page.  (This same process used for freezing strawberries can be used for freezing blueberries, freezing raspberries, or freezing just about any other kind of berry.)

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Strawberry Measures Conversions, Substitutions & Equivalents

Strawberry Conversions, Substitutions, and EquivalentsJust about everyone loves the sweet taste of ripe strawberries.  But, sometimes recipes have been devised that require just the right amount of just the right form of strawberries.  It can be confusion trying to juggle numbers and equations in one’s head while juggling berries, measuring cups, and other kitchen implements with one’s hands.

To simplify the process of cooking with strawberries, we are going to break it down for you.  You can even print this post out and stick it with your favorite recipes that call for strawberries if you’d like.  Here is what you need to know when measuring strawberries, doing strawberry conversions, or working out strawberry equivalents for your culinary creations:

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