Strawberry King Pie

strawberry king pie recipeThis is the king of all strawberry pies.  That may be a bold statement, but it is no joke.  Once you prepare and taste this legendary strawberry king pie recipe, you won't even chuckle at a jester who says otherwise.  King Arthur had Excalibur; Charlemagne wielded Joyeuse; El Cid swung Tizona and Colada in his day; William Wallace brandished his giant Scottish Claymore resisting the English in the late 13th century; and you, my friend, are now armed as Monarch of the Kitchen with this delicious weapon.

Expect to slay the hunger of all the vassals in your fiefdom.  Expect to slake the parched palates of hungry peons (or kids!) inhabiting your lands.  Yea, fair cook, ye shall arise to be heralded here to yon for serving such extravagance on little platters.  Prepare to rule your kitchen for ever!  Long live the COOK!

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Strawberry Chocolate Yogurt Masterpiece

strawberry chocolate yogurt masterpiece recipeThere are a bazillion recipes out there that call for using strawberries (in some form or fashion) with chocolate.  And that is just as it should be.  Whether it is chocolate covered strawberries or a two-flavored frozen yogurt cone with chocolate and strawberry sides intertwined all the way up the swirl, these two tastes are meant to go together.  But, there is a difference between throwing any chocolate together with any strawberry and this recipe.

This recipe is a masterpiece.

Oh, sure, I can see the eyes rolling now.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  Make it and see.  The delicate chocolate overtones with the yogurt and sweet strawberries prove it to be wonderful to any tongue that tastes it.  So, get ready to make this masterpiece and become the Picasso of the Kitchen.

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No Bake Strawberry Cookies

no bake strawberry cookies recipeLet's face it: very few people like to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end baking and making and generally slaving to create pleasures that disappear into a gulping maw as a mess of swallowed mouth mush.  However, there is great deal of pleasure to be had in the gulping of said mouthfuls of tasty mush.  Everyone likes cookies.  Everyone likes candy too.  Everyone likes strawberries!  So, why not roll all three of those things into a recipe that takes virtually no slaving away in the kitchen?

Voila!  Here is your answer!  This no bake strawberry cookies recipe is perfect for any individual who doesn't want to spend time waiting on ovens to preheat or looking for rarely used kitchen implements.  All this beaut of a recipe takes is a set of hands, a bowl, and a few minutes.  So, if you are looking for a great uncooked strawberry cookies recipe, this one is your huckleberry!

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Salacious Strawberry Coconut Tart

salacious strawberry coconut tart recipeWhen looking for the perfect recipe, mediocre just won't cut it.  Who wants to labor in the kitchen only to have a frumpy, bland, boring concoction come out for consumption?  Nobody, that's who.  When a culinary artist slips the implements of professionalism onto his or her body, that apron or smock and baking hat become the armor needed to vanquish boring and forgettable dishes to the nether-realm.

This salacious strawberry coconut tart recipe is fit for a king…or a family.  You won't have to joust with a spouse OR a toddler to get them to eat this.  In fact, you may just be heralded as Savior of the Kitchen and knighted Sir Cook by whomever holds royal sway in your humble abode…or castle.

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Strawberry Lemon Rum Jam

strawberry lemon rum jam recipeEvery now and then people sit down for a bite to eat and are unexpectedly shocked as they bite into a surprisingly delicious culinary delight.  This strawberry lemon rum jam recipe is just such a delight.  Unassuming in appearance, it has the tendency to lull the soon-to-be partaker into a sense of normalcy prior to the first bite.  But, upon sinking their teeth into whatever medium you've chosen to deliver this jam, the discontinuity of what was expected versus what the tingling taste buds are telling the brain is enough to cause the consumer to become taken by the moment: eyes wide and staring at the normal-looking-yet-awesomely-different jam.

So, get your motor running and get busy.  This strawberry lemon rum jam recipe is one for the record books.

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Chocolate Strawberry Fudge Deluxe

chocolate strawberry fudge deluxe recipeHard working folks need a break every now and again.  Kicking back with a cool strawberry beverage during the first hot days of summer will do just fine for the break a hard charger like yourself needs.  But, if you want to do break time right, this chocolate strawberry fudge deluxe recipe is the way to go.  When you combine the delicious melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a fresh batch of strawberry fudge with a sweet jacket of the world's favorite sweet, chocolate, you get bite-sized morsels fit for the Ritz or any other 5-star locale.

Well, hey, with the amount of deluxe you'll experience after whipping up this fan favorite, you'll have enough to make even a back porch feel like a 5-star locale.  So, grab the tools of the trade, the ingredients, and get ready for a glamorous taste experience…no matter where you may find yourself!

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Strawberry Water Infusion

strawbery water infusionStrawberries, strawberries, strawberries everywhere!  Everyone gets excited about springtime strawberry recipes, and rightly so.  They are delicious!  If you've perused these recipes long enough, you can probably identify one of the first commonsense steps in virtually everyone of them: wash and hull the strawberries.  Of course you will wash the dirt and debris off of the freshly picked or purchased strawberries.  Then, since few people like to nibble the greenery of the calyx atop the berry, they deftly hull those babies.

So, to what use can you put those excess and normally unused strawberry tops?  Well, you can compost them or feed them to your pet hamster, of course.  But, you can also make a delightful strawberry water infusion.  Adding cucumbers to a cup of cold water is a favorite way to add a bit of freshness to otherwise bland water.  Strawberry hulls can be used for the same purpose!

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Homemade Strawberry Syrup Recipe

homemade strawberry syrup recipeMost kids have fond memories of upending a syrup bottle and squeezing an inordinate amount of thick, sugary deliciousness into a glass of pure white milk.  As any kid knows, when the milk is either about to overflow or equal to the accumulated syrup in the bottom of the glass, it is then time to stir.  Whether stirred vigorously or slowly, watching the white milk turn red or brown with strawberry syrup or chocolate syrup is like a dinging bell for old Pavlov's canine companion.  Every kid knows that it is time to enjoy a treat when the color is uniform.

While stirring syrup into a glass of milk may be the only thing young children are capable of concocting in the kitchen until they are a bit older, you are likely a master of such culinary arts by this time.  And, even if you aren't, you can still undertake this simple homemade strawberry syrup recipe.  Whether waffles, ice cream, or just a glass of milk are begging for a little strawberry love, this fantastic recipe will be just what puts the perfect touch of finality to whatever it is you are making!

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Sweet Strawberry Spinach Salad

sweet strawberry spinach salad recipeSpringtime.  It is the time of year when bluebirds perch atop your shoulders and chirp a sweet melody.  It is the time of year when snows promise to be a thing of the past, and green bursts forth from the dank bleakness of winter brown.  budding flowers on dogwoods and the paler green tips upon conifer branches herald the coming of something grand.

With the coming of increasing temperatures, strawberry plants also are called to renewed vigor as they break dormancy and again send forth their foliage to welcome the strengthening rays of the sun.  But, not only leaves appear!  The perennating buds that were forms with care the previous year also come forth as delicate strawberry flowers.  The buzzing bees find favor therein, and soon the white petals drop and yield a glimpse of red remaining.

Joy comes for many with the first spring harvest of strawberries.  And, what better way to kick off the fun of the coming months than with a great recipe using your freshly-picked strawberries?!  This sweet strawberry spinach salad is just what you need.

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Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

strawberry sorbet recipeIf you love to exercise your hospitality genius and have guests over for dinner parties or holiday celebrations or really just about any other reason, you know the value of having a great recipe that brings forth the compliments and praise.  This recipe is one such.  Whether you go with heavy and filling dinner dishes or lighter cuisine, this strawberry sorbet recipe is just the perfect final installment to deliver an exclamation point to the taste buds of your guests that won't be soon forgotten.

The sweet, dissolving aspects of this dessert not only enhance the final memory of delightful tastes, but also goes down smooth.  The rapidity of sweet burst of flavor combined with the feel of frozen sweetness as it melts away is somewhat reminiscent of cotton candy.  The volume is tantalizingly big, but the final result of the spun sugar fibers is a fast-dissolving burst of flavor.  Enjoying this sorbet is similar: no matter how big a bowl you serve, it will be gone before you know it, and even the fullest belly can stand to sample another bite!

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Strawberry Rice So Nice

strawberry rice so nice recipeSometimes unsuspecting food critics sit down to an unknown dish with skepticism brewing and bubbling like a volcano underneath the calm exterior.  Criticisms are forming before the first nibble is taken.  Well, if you know some such food pedant, abort their food snobbery with this little dandy of a recipe.  One taste will silence the simmering skeptic like Alka-seltzer to a stomach that just finished a bowl of two-day-old chili with extra garlic and hot sauce.  Really, it is that good.

If kids are around, you might want to banish them to the basement while you make it, or it might just get quaffed by the starving hoards before you even put the finishing touches on it.  Rice pudding alone can't hold a candle to this fantastico recipe.  Try it and you'll be a believer thereafter.

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Strawberry Fudge Indulgence

strawberry fudge indulgence recipeEveryone knows life is short.  ‘Tis but a vapor or fleeting breath.  Someday, somehow, your body will end up as worm food, just like everyone else.  Everyone will kick the bucket, rest in peace at room temperature, and cash in one's chips for the last time.  So, instead of fighting the Grim Reaper, why not ignore him instead?  Well, ok, as with everything moderation is the key.  But, if you've been a good boy or girl recently, this strawberry fudge indulgence recipe is sure to be a suitable reward!

So, instead of buying the farm, try shopping for the ingredients to make this beauty of a dessert instead?  Whilst you still have breath in your lungs, let the only sticky end you come to be the finishing of this confectionery marvel.  Then, you'll be able to take the largest chunk of fudge and “bite the big one” in that sense…instead of biting the dust!

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Ginger Ale Strawberry Fruit Cocktail

ginger ale strawberry fruit cocktail recipeGinger ale is a poorly appreciated bubbly beverage.  Coke and Pepsi and all the other soda spinoff drinks can claim their rightful spots sidled up next to pizzas and hamburgers.  But, ginger ale is its own master of all things subtle.  You'll rarely find Coca-cola in holiday punches.  You aren't likely to pair Pepsi with fruit of any kind.  Oh, but ginger ale?  Absolutely!  Ginger ale is for the discriminating palate.  This ginger ale strawberry fruit cocktail is an especially easy and delicious wonder of the kitchen.

It is super simple to make, awesomely delicious, and makes perfect use of ginger ale!  So, take a break or plan a party so you have an excuse to double the recipe, then get busy making this masterwork!

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Strawberry Choconana Smoothie

strawberry coconana smoothie recipeDuring the spring and summer months, strawberries are everywhere.  If you spend any time in the grocery store or out and about, you'll likely see cartons upon cartons of fresh strawberries just waiting to be snarfed.  Farmers markets are abounding with the sweet red treats, and pick-your-own operations are getting cranked into high gear as pickers-for-a-day come from miles around to claim Nature's goodness.  You might even turn a corner in your downtown area to find a Strawberry Festival in full effect!

And, if you grow your own strawberry patch, you know just how productive the little strawberry plants can be.  If the rabbits and squirrels and birds don't invade, you will have an abundance of berries to consume.  Since strawberries have a short shelf life, it is important to use what you grow or take home from the store.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending time or money obtaining fresh produce only to open the refrigerator door and encounter a thriving mold population ruining your haul.  So, it is good to have quick and easy strawberry recipes on hand to prevent strawberry loss!  This strawberry choconana smoothie recipe is perfect for turning your strawberries into a family favorite.

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Strawberry Fruit Bar Recipe

strawberry fruit bar recipeWhether the humans in your coterie will howl with joy at the smell of these delicious fruit bar squares or scream like banshees and charge the kitchen to get their paws on the first served fruit bar, this recipe will be cause for excitement.  Like grandmother's best recipe from times long ago, this recipe will make your children's children yearn for the good old days of carefree youth when they are older and wiser (like you!).

So, as difficult as it may be to restrain yourself and the drooling hoards that appear in your kitchen when the scents begin to spread on the breezes, try to maintain civility, squelch the pushing, shoving, biting, and gnashing of teeth amidst your underlings, and gently herd the roiling masses to the table.  And, of course, once this recipe emerges from the oven, be sure to serve them up quickly to avoid the degeneration of normally-civil folks and kids into a melee of flying utensils and weaponized silverware…

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