Organic Strawberry Farming in the Philippines

organic strawberry farming in the philippinesAh, controversy is an interesting thing.  When it comes to agriculture, one of the hot-button issues is whether or not organic farming is superior to conventional.  With the advent of full-length documentaries on the topic, many people have become convinced that organic farming is not just better, but that conventional farming is detrimental to health (see films like Food, Inc., King Corn, The Future of Food, and Foodmatters).

Additionally, studies are being done that show some organic-grown produce tests better than conventional, with strawberries being such a crop.  Consequently, it is interesting to learn that the adoption of organic techniques  in different parts of the world is poised to increase yields.  For an interesting read on organic strawberry farming in the Philippines, see this article.

14 comments to Organic Strawberry Farming in the Philippines

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Unfortunately, I do not. Strawberries are temperate by nature and typically don’t do very well in extreme heat. Good luck!

  • Ces

    Hello, do you know where I can purchase heat resistant strawberry seeds or seedlings here in the Phil.?

  • Janette

    If you’re looking for seedlings here in the Philippines, you can visit Stawberry Farm from La Trinidad, Benguet 6 kilometers from Baguio.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Freddy Baon,
    Here are all the suppliers of which I am aware: Suppliers. Good luck!

  • Freddy Baon

    hi. I would like to plant strawberries. I am from Aklan. Could tell me where I could buy seeds or plants? thanks and have a wonderful day.


  • Mr. Strawberry

    Great! Good luck!

  • IamSean

    Reading the comments, I now have the idea of what variety to use for my thesis involving hydroponics 🙂

  • Mark M

    Ann…thanks for that info…you’re awesome!….and great blog!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Thanks for the information!

  • Ann

    Hi Mr. Strawberry. I’m currently growing strawberries here in Philippines and I’m also growing from seed as well. I just want to share where they can get strawberry seeds here. They can get it at SM groceries, vegetable section. “Known You” is the name of the seed company. The other one is from “Yates”, and it can be ordered online via Ramgo Facebook page. Ramgo is one of the local seed companies here. For both seed companies, they’re only selling the Alpine variety.

    If they’re looking for seedlings, they’re available in Tagaytay. I’m not sure which everbearing variety they’re selling.

    For strawberry picking, they can go to Strawberry Farm Baguio from November till May.

    Hope it helps.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    argie abellana,
    I’m not sure where you can buy seeds in-country. But, if you check out the directory of seed suppliers on this site, you might be able to contact one or more of them and have some seeds shipped to you. The directory is here: Strawberry Seeds for Sale. Good luck!

  • argie abellana

    Where i could buy strawberry seedS here in the Philippines? I am from Cebu. We have area here with cold weather like BAGIUO only vegestable are farmed here and I want to try strawberry….

  • Mr. Strawberry

    For hydroponic growing, you should ideally use a day-neutral variety. Tribute and Tristar are good ones.

  • Noel D. Villar

    I am from Albay & starting hydroponic planting. Just want to ask where I can buy the best variety of strawberry applicable in our location?

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