The Strawberry Growing Master Manual

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The Strawberry Growing Master Manual

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Did you know that you you can easily grow your own Delicious strawberries at home in as little as one half of a cubic foot of dirt!

Did you know that Strawberry plants are one of the most productive garden plants based on size-to-harvest ratio? You can save a lot of money by growing your own strawberries!

Did you know that it’s super enjoyable to see little plants produce heaps of strawberries that you can immediately eat! There is no need to fight the crowds at the supermarket or grocery store to enjoy ultra-fresh berries.

Did you know that strawberries have numerous health benefits! They are rich in minerals and vitamins. They have 18 different amino acids + they are loaded with flavonoids.

And, my friend, those are just a few of the myriads of benefits you’ll realize by growing your own strawberries.

You are probably beginning to see the opportunity you have to turn a few small, adaptable, perennial, loved-yet-humble strawberry plants into an investment that returns heaps of better-tasting, longer-lasting, cleaner strawberries.

But, there are some tricks to the strawberry trade. If all you do is throw some plants into the ground and then return a few months later, you may have some strawberries (they are that productive!), but you won’t get your money’s worth out of them.

That is exactly why The Strawberry Growing Master Manual can help you. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MASTER GARDENER TO SUCCEED WITH STRAWBERRIES! In fact, you don’t even have to have ever planted anything at all.

The Strawberry Growing Master Manual is simple, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

  • Simple: Every single small step is covered to ensure you succeed. Most people don’t realize how important the pre-planting stage is. If you make mistakes before you even order your plants, you may either spend countless hours learning from and undoing the damage you caused, or you just give up and start over. You won’t have to worry about that with the Master Manual. It will guide you through all the pre-planting blunders many people blunder into accidentally.
  • Comprehensive: This guide is the fruit of many years and countless hours of hands-on trial and error and decades of research. Not only that, it is indexed for quick location of needed information. This investment-grade resource will become your go-to reference, and it is extremely easy to use.
  • Easy to Understand: The Master Manual also includes diagrams and pictures to help you understand exactly what to do and when.

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For a limited time, we're running a special promotion.
Normal price for this eBook is $37 but now you can get it for just $11.97.

This offer expires in:

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The Simply Sensational Strawberry Recipe Book

strawberry growing gift cookbookHere at, we don’t mess around with lesser fruits. Our expertise is focused on the strawberry, and we exist to spread the passion for the finest fruit as far and wide as is possible. We have eaten more than our fair share of strawberries and strawberry-containing dishes. And, we’ve collected over 100 of the best ones throughout the years into one place: The Simply Sensational Strawberry Recipe Book. This amazing tome will be yours FREE with the purchase of The Strawberry Growing Master Manual.


EXTRA GUIDE #1: Jam Secrets

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EXTRA GUIDE #2: Best Strawberry Varieties for Making Wine

strawberry growing manual bonus 2As any vintner will tell you, not all grapes are equally well-suited for making wine. Neither are all strawberries equivalent. The Simply Sensational Strawberry Cookbook will guide you through the wine-making process. This COMPLETELY FREE Extra Guide will aid you in selecting the perfect varieties for an unsurpassed finished product.


EXTRA GUIDE #3: Strawberry Buying Guide

strawberry growing manual bonus 3Strawberries have a relatively short shelf life, just as is mentioned above. The last thing you need to do when getting ready to make a delicious strawberry dish is buy bad berries at the store. If you have an emergency and need extra berries from the supermarket, this guide is golden. Not only is it a waste of money to open a package of strawberries and find that most are unusable, but it can be hazardous to your health as well. Many types of mold can make you sick. This COMPLETELY FREE Extra Guidet will aid you in navigating the pitfalls of purchasing your strawberries off the grocery store shelf or from the back of a pickup truck at the local farmers market or fruit stand.


EXTRA GUIDE #4: Medicinal Uses for Strawberry Plants

strawberry growing manual bonus 4There are hundreds of different biologically-active compounds in strawberry plants. This special report will not only list the compounds, but will also inform you of the specific biological activity the compound elicits. This COMPLETELY FREE Extra guide will assist you in knowing how to use strawberry plants naturally to target specific problems.

So get The Strawberry Growing Master Manual with The Simply Sensational Strawberry Cookbook and all 4 Extra Guides included at no additional cost for the one-time price of $11.97. You won’t find a better deal on this much strawberry information anywhere!

And, don’t just take my word for it.

B.T. from Tennessee says, “Thank you for making this manual available. It has helped me fix my problems with my strawberry patch, and I am harvesting big strawberries now.


M.M. from California says, “I love the concise advice for growing strawberries and how everything is all together in one place. Any questions I have had were answered in your guide. Thanks!

Get started growing your own strawberries as soon as possible with The Strawberry Growing Master Manual!

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eBook will be provided in .pdf format which you can download and open on pretty much any device. it also prints well.

8 thoughts on “The Strawberry Growing Master Manual”

  1. My strawberries have some kind of webs all over the bottom of my beds, Is it spider mites or fungus? Should I tear them out, they are 3 years old.

  2. What overall conditions need to be met in order to produce strawberries in hydroponic greenhouse in tropical climate?Thank you kindly.

  3. Hi, I have 2 hanging strawberry planters and the strawberries are now becoming soft rather than firm. Not sure what is wrong. Also can I plant the basket into the ground as well as the runners, for next npyears crop? I live in the Okanagan area. Thanks in advance.

    • Barbara,
      There is probably nothing wrong. Most strawberry varieties will soften as they ripen. Yes, you can plant the basket into the ground for protection until next year. You should still add clean straw over top of the basket to provide additional protection. Good luck!

  4. I live in northern Nevada and am having a problem with my strawberries not developing right. They are turning red on part of them while the other part is not fully developed. Do you have a solution for this?

    • Tina Clark,
      Most likely, you have either a pest problem or a soil deficiency. I’d recommend having your local agricultural extension agent test the soil for you. Good luck!

  5. i just planted strawberrys about feb.they are growing to get a good crop i heared that i should cut off the first arms?so i will get a better yeild?

    • thomas a urbanski,
      To get the largest strawberries possible, you want to the plants to devote as much energy as possible to producing them. So, removing the runner plants can help achieve larger strawberries. Good luck!

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