Snow White Strawberry

strawberry snow white strawberry varietyWith the recent surge in popularity of white strawberries, it isn’t surprising that more varieties of the pale delicacy will be coming to market. While the exotic pineberry (see here for all the details: Pineberry Pineberries) is still the class leader, a new white strawberry variety is trying to work its way into the limelight.

The strawberry Snow White is now being sold in the UK. Just as Pineberries began their foray into the market within the bounds of Europe, so also do the suppliers of ‘Snow White’ hope to launch a new wave of these albino-like cousins of the traditional red strawberry. While not technically an albino strawberry, the lack of bioflavonoids do result in ripe fruits lacking the familiar red hue.

Snow White Strawberry: Conclusion

For a complete discussion of white strawberries, of which the Snow White strawberry is the latest offering, be sure to check out the White Strawberries page. And, you can buy Snow White strawberries here: Snow White. If you discover additional suppliers of Snow White strawberry plants or other white varieties that are available, be sure to let us know, and the directories will be updated accordingly!

4 thoughts on “Snow White Strawberry”

  1. Is Snow White strawberry also kind of pineberry?
    Found from Japan, there is a kind of white strawberry called : 淡雪(あわゆき), which is produced from Fukuoka. Any information about this type?
    Many thanks

    • Matthew,
      My understanding is that the Snow White variety is not a pineberry with the pineapple-ish flavor overtones. As to the Japanese variety, I don’t know much about them. Sorry!


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