Commercial Strawberry Production Overview

This resource is an overview of the major aspects involved in starting a commercial strawberry farm.  It focuses specifically on starting a strawberry farm in Idaho, but the principles and guidelines are applicable for most regions.  The publication is CIS 931, which is one of the publications in a series titled Alternative Agricultural Enterprises: Production, Management & Marketing.  It was written by D. L. Barney, B. B. Davis, and J. K. Fellman, and was published through the University of Idaho College of Agriculture’s Cooperative Extension Service and Agricultural Experiment Station.

The basic overview touches upon most of the considerations one should consider prior to venturing into the world of strawberry farming.  It discusses:

1.  The traits of strawberry plants that dictate farming requirements, the basic variables of strawberry cultivars, and the replacement schedule of commercial strawberry fields.

2.  The environmental requirements necessary for successful commercial strawberry production, the necessity of selecting a region-appropriate strawberry variety, and the harvesting requirements.

3.  Successful management of a strawberry operation, cash flow considerations, costs and profit expectations, and the various methods of selling strawberries and marketing strawberries.

4.  The risks of starting a strawberry farm are also discussed as well as the first steps one should take if serious about venturing into the strawberry farming world.  A recommended reading list is also provided.

Overall, this resource is a good starting point for anyone thinking about growing strawberries on a large scale or commercially.

For a more information on what is required for successful strawberry farming, you can view the Growing Strawberries page.

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