Get a Job Picking Strawberries

Want to Get a Job Picking Strawberries?

Seasonal jobs are often available around the world for manual laborers who desire to work harvesting crops. Many crops still must be harvested by hand. Strawberries are one such crop. Due to the fact that short strawberry plants require bending or kneeling, many people detest full-time strawberry harvesting. But, if you are interested in harvesting those sweet little fruits from strawberry plants, here is what you need to know and where to go to get started.

When Is Strawberry Season?

Strawberries are usually harvested during the spring and summer months, depending on location. In the Northern Hemisphere, the earliest strawberries are harvested in March and the latest strawberries are harvested in November. However, most strawberries are harvested from May through August, depending on latitude.

The Southern Hemisphere is exactly opposite. The earliest strawberries are usually harvested in early October with the latest strawberries ending in early May. The majority of strawberries, however, are harvested from November through March.

On a daily basis, strawberries are picked in the early morning. Picking usually finishes before the heat of the afternoon.

Strawberry Pickers Must Pick Strawberries Legally

Most (if not all) countries require a work permit, a valid visa, or both in order to legally live and work within the country’s borders for any reason, including working on a strawberry farm harvesting strawberries. Be sure you check the legal requirements of any foreign country you consider working within. Failure to obtain the proper documentation before taking a job and working in a foreign country could result in your arrest (or worse).

Where Are Strawberry Picking Jobs?

You can get a job picking strawberries all across the world. The easiest way to find vacancies is to go to the Picking Jobs Website and search for job openings in your desired area.

Picking Strawberries: Job Details

Most strawberry pickers are paid cash-in-hand. For young, transient workers this is often preferred. It can also be helpful for migrant workers sending cash back to families. Housing accommodations are also often provided for workers picking strawberries (or harvesting other crops). Usually, the accommodations will be tents or some other simple shelter, and sometimes the farmers charge a fee for using the accommodations.

Most strawberry pickers are compensated by weight of strawberries picked, either kilograms or pounds. There are some operations that pay by the hour or day, however. In general, strawberry picking will generate between ten and fifteen dollars per hour, depending on the skill of the strawberry picker. It takes an inexperienced strawberry picker up to fifteen minutes to pick a quart of strawberries, with a gallon requiring an hour of picking time. Of course, experience decreases this time.


Not all strawberry picking jobs are created equal. Some farmers are hard to work for and do not pay as well as others. If possible, always talk to strawberry pickers who have worked for a farmer or strawberry growing operation prior to signing on. And remember, the work is very physical and demanding. If time allows, a training program can help prepare the body for the rigors of strawberry picking.

Also, be sure to review the information on the Strawberry Picking page for tips if you plan to find a job picking strawberries.

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  1. Actually, I am in HR in AG and Juan is not correct. Pickers here are paid both PIECE rate and an hourly wage. A good one makes $20.00 per hour.

    • frank,
      Sounds like you were a picking machine! I’m lucky if I get 1 gallon an hour. Of course, all the ones I pick don’t make it into the basket. Some mysterious disappear…

  2. Strawberry pickers are paid about $1.25 per box about the same pay in the last 40 years and has not kept up with inflation . It is the hardest job in the farm and not to many people are up to the chalenge. This job should at least have doubled its wages to comply with the fair wage act.


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