Why Use Methyl Iodide with Strawberry Plants?

why use methyl iodide with strawberry plantsMention methyl iodide in strawberry-growing circles, and heads will spin (usually with faces already contorting into angry expressions).  Rarely ever is methyl iodide discussed in a gentlemanly fashion.  Tempers often flare, and faces reach critical mass within moments after the phonetic translation transmogrifies into cognition.  Why the reaction?  Why use methyl iodide with strawberry plants?

Well, it all depends on who you are asking.  Ask a commercial strawberry grower, and you will hear about increased yields allowing them to better meet demand.  You'll hear about safety.  You'll hear all good things.

Ask a devotee of the organic lifestyle, and you'll hear about toxic death by ingestion.  You'll hear about danger.  You will hear about the conspiracy to end health in unsuspecting individuals for the profit of the mega-rich food conglomerates.  You'll hear all bad things.

The truth of the matter is that both sides are passionate.  Here at Strawberry Plants .org, the goal is to get the information out there.  Opposing views are welcome, as long as the dialog is civil.  We've posted on research that indicates organic is better.  We've posted reasons to grow one's own strawberries.

So, now it is time to give some time to the pro-methyl-iodide camp.  The following is a one-page summary of some of the benefits to using methyl iodide in California, the biggest strawberry producer in the world.

Fumigation Makes California the #1 Producer of Strawberries in the World

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