Strawberry Varieties by State

recommended strawberry varieties by stateIf you have landed on Strawberry Plants .org looking for guidance regarding planting or growing strawberries, you are in the right place.  Many people come here looking for advice on which specific strawberry variety they should plant in their respective states.  Well, as one might expect, there are a lot of different climates and growing conditions out there.  Each of the United States has its own unique general soil composition, rainfall, and weather patterns.

Consequently, any given strawberry plant variety is likely to do better in one specific region than other regions.  While some cultivars are able to adapt to many environments, others have been bred to be highly productive in a relatively narrow climate range.

This guide is a state-by-state list of strawberry varieties that do well in each state.  Once you find your state and a prospective variety for your own garden, you can check the Strawberry Varieties page for more information or go to the Buy Strawberry Plants page to order them directly from an online nursery.  If you have a specific nursery from which you would like to order, see if they offer your chosen variety by looking them up in the Strawberry Plants for Sale directory.  Without further ado, here are the best strawberry varieties for each state:

Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State

The states and the specific varieties recommended for growing in each one are listed in alphabetical order below.  Simply scroll down to the appropriate letter and find the state for which you are looking, or click your state's abbreviation in the table below to jump straight there.  If the variety is linked, clicking the link will take you directly to a list of nurseries or wholesalers who offer that particular variety for sale online.

To jump directly to your state, simply click the state abbreviation here:


ALABAMA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Alabama: Albritton, Allstar, Cardinal, Chandler, Delite, Douglas, Earlibelle, Earliglow, Sunrise.  (According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Services of Alabama A&M and Auburn Universities)

ALASKA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Alaska: Brighton, Fern, Hecker, Irvine, Mrak, Muir, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Selva, Streamliner, Superfection, Tillicum, Tribute, Tristar, Yolo.  (According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service)

ARIZONA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Arizona: Camarosa, Chandler.  Note: Arizona is not considered a good location for strawberry cultivation.  (According to the University of Arizona Citrus Agricultural Center)

ARKANSAS Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Arkansas: Cardinal, Camarosa, Chandler, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Lateglow, Noreaster, Sweet Charlie, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service)

CALIFORNIA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for California: Albion, Aromas, Camarosa, Camino Real, Chandler, Diamante, Gaviota, Oso Grande, Pacific, Seascape, Selva, Ventana.  (According to the California Strawberry Commission)

COLORADO Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Colorado: Catskill, Empire, Fairfax, Fort Laramie, Geneva, Guardian, Marlate, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Redchief, Red Rich, Redstar, Robinson, Superfection, Tribute.  (Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Service)

CONNECTICUT Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Connecticut: Brunswick, Cabot, Clancy, Darselect, Earliglow, Eros, Honeoye, Jewel, L'Amour, Sable.  (According to the New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference)

DELAWARE Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Delaware: Allstar, Delite, Earliglow, Guardian, Late Glow, Red Chief, Sparkle, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Delaware College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Cooperative Extension)

FLORIDA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Florida: Calibrate, Camarosa, Florida Belle, Florida 90, Rosa Linda, Sequoia, Sweet Charlie, Strawberry Festival, Tioga.  (According to the University of Florida University Relations Department)

GEORGIA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Georgia: Apollo, Delite, Cardinal, Earliglow, Sunrise, Surecrop.  (According to the University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

HAWAII Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Hawaii: Eversweet, Quinault, Seascape.  Although strawberries are grown commercially on the Islands, and the Fragaria chiloensis species of strawberries grow at elevation there, they are more difficult to grow in the tropical environment and not highly recommended.  The three varieties listed are sold in nurseries on Hawaii.

IDAHO Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Idaho: Allstar, Benton, Blomidon, Catskill, Cavendish, Earliglow, Fort Laramie, Glooscap, Guardian, Honeoye, Jewel, Lateglow, Lester, Micmac, Quinault, Redchief, Scott, Shuksan, Surecrop, Totem, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Idaho Extension Service)

ILLINOIS Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Illinois: Allstar, Annapolis, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, Seneca, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Illinois Extension Service)

INDIANA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Indiana: Delite, Earliglow, Fort Laramie, Guardian, Sunrise, Ozark Beauty, Redchief, Sparkle, Surecrop.  (According to the Purdue University Extension Service)

IOWA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Iowa: Annapolis, Cavendish, Delmarvel, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, Mohawk, Primetime, Winona.  (According to the Iowa State University Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm)

KANSAS Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Kansas: Allstar, Earliglow, Guardian, Northeaster, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Primetime, Redchief, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service's Horticultural Report)

KENTUCKY Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Kentucky: Camarosa, Chandler, Jewel, Northeaster, Sweet Charlie.  (According to the University of Kentucky Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture's Fruit and Vegetable Crops Research Report)

LOUISIANA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Louisiana: Camarosa, Camino Real, Strawberry Festival.  (According to the Louisiana State University AgCenter Research & Extension)

MAINE Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Maine: Allstar, Bounty, Catskill, Earliglow, Guardian, Lateglow, Midway, Mira, Mohawk, Northeaster, Surecrop.  (According to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service)

MARYLAND Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Maryland: Allstar, Bish, Chandler, Darselect, Eros, Jewel, KRS-10, Oviation, Seascape.  (According to the University of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station).  Flavorfest (recommended by Kim Lewers of the USDA's Agricultural Research Service)

MASSACHUSETTS Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Massachusetts: Catskill, Earlidawn, Fletcher, Guardian, Midway, Raritan, Redchief, Sparkle, Surecrop.  (According to

MICHIGAN Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Michigan: Allstar, Annapolis, Bounty, Cavendish, Chambly, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Glooscap, Honeoye, Jewel, Redchief, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Michigan State University Extension Van Buren County)

MINNESOTA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Minnesota: Cavendish, Kent, Mesabi, Winona.  (According to the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and Extension Service)

MISSISSIPPI Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Mississippi: Cardinal, Chandler, Comet, Dixieland, Douglas, Florida 90, Pocahontas, Sunrise, Tangi, Tennessee Beauty.  (According to the Mississippi State University Extension Service)

MISSOURI Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Missouri: Allstar, Cardinal, Earliglow, Guardian, Honeoye, Jewel, Lateglow, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Redchief, Sparkle, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Missouri Horticultural MU Guide)

MONTANA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Montana: Catskill, Fern, Fort Laramie, Gem, Glooscap, Hecker, Honeoye, Ogallala, Red Rich, Redcoat, Senator Dunlap, Sparkle, Streamliner, Tribute, Tristar, Veestar, Vibrant.  (According to the Montana State University Extension Service)

NEBRASKA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Nebraska: Earliglow, Ft. Laramie, Ogallala, Sunrise, Surecrop, Redchief, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension in Lancaster County)

NEVADA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Nevada: Camarosa, Chandler.  Note: Nevada is not considered a good location for strawberry traditional strawberry cultivation.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for New Hampshire: Allstar, Cavendish, Cornwallis, Earliglow, Redchief, Sparkle.  (According to the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension)

NEW JERSEY Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for New Jersey: Delmarvel, Earliglow, Guardian, Latestar, Lester, Northeaster, Raritan, Redchief, Sparkle, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)

NEW MEXICO Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for New Mexico: Fern, Fort Laramie, Gem, Guardian, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Robinson, Selva, Sequoia, Streamliner, Superfection, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar, Tufts.  (According to the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service and College of Agriculture and Home Economics)

NEW YORK Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for New York: Allstar, Bounty, Cavendish, Delite, Earliglow, Fletcher, Guardian, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, Raritan, Redchief, Scott.  (According to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Suffolk County)

NORTH CAROLINA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for North Carolina: Albion, Bish, Camarosa, Camino Real, Chandler, Gaviota, Gem Star, Oso Grande, Seascape, Strawberry Festival, Sweet Charlie, Treasure, Ventana.  (According to the North Carolina Strawberry Association)

NORTH DAKOTA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for North Dakota: Dunlap, Ft. Laramie, Gem, Honeoye, Redcoat, Stoplight, Trumpeter.  (According to the North Dakota State Agricultural and University Extension)

OHIO Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Ohio: Delite, Earliglow, Guardian, Kent, Lateglow, Lester, Midway, Redchief, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Ohio State University Extension)

OKLAHOMA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Oklahoma: Albritton , Allstar, Apollo, Arking, Blakemore, Canoga, Cardinal, Chandler, Delite, Earliglow, Fletcher, Guardian, Holiday, Hood, Lateglow, Luscious Lady, Ozark Beauty, Scott, Spring Giant, Sunrise, Surecrop, Tennessee Beauty, Trumpeter.  (According to the Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service)

OREGON Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Oregon: Benton, Fern, Ft. Laramie, Hecker, Hood, Olympus, Ozark Beauty, Puget Reliance, Quinault, Rainier, Redcrest, Selva, Shuksan, Sumas, Tillikum, Tristar, Totem.  (According to the Oregon State University Extension Service)

PENNSYLVANIA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Pennsylvania: Albion, Allstar, Camarosa, Chandler, Darselect, Earliglow, Everest, Evie-2, Honeoye, Jewel, L'Amour, Seascape, Sweet Charlie, Tribute, Tristar, Wendy.  (According to the Penn State University Small-scale and Part-time Farming Project)

RHODE ISLAND Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Rhode Island: Brunswick, Cabot, Clancy, Darselect, Earliglow, Eros, Honeoye, Jewel, L'Amour, Sable.  (According to the New England Vegetable and Fruit Conference)

SOUTH CAROLINA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for South Carolina: Albritton, Apollo, Cardinal, Chandler, Delite, Douglas, Earliglow, Florida 90, Sunrise, Surecrop, Tioga.  (According to the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service)

SOUTH DAKOTA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for South Dakota: Annapolis, Bounty, Crimson King, Earliglow, Ft. Laramie, Glooscap, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Redcoat, Selva, Seneca, Settler, Sparkle, Tribute, Tristar, Trumpeter, Veestar.  (According to the South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service)

TENNESSEE Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Tennessee: Allstar, Cardinal, Delite, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Guardian, Lateglow, Red Chief, Scott, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Agricultural Extension Service of the University of Tennessee)

TEXAS Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Texas: Allstar, Cardinal, Chandler, Douglas, Pajaro, Sequoia.  (According to the Texas A&M System, Department of Horticultural Sciences, AgriLife Extension)

UTAH Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Utah: Allstar, Chandler, Earliglow, Evie-2, Honeoye, Jewel, Ogallala, Seascape, Sparkle, Tribute.  (According to the Utah State University Cooperative Extension)

VERMONT Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Vermont: Allstar, Annapolis, Brunswick, Cabot, Cavendish, Clancey, Cornwallis, Darselect, Earliglow, Everest, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, L'Amour, Lateglow, Mesabi, Mic Mac, Mira, Mohawk, Northeaster, Sable, Seascape, Seneca, Sparkle, Tribute, Tristar, Veestar, Winona.  (According to the University of Vermont Extension)

VIRGINIA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Virginia: Allstar, Delite, Delmarvel, Earliglow, Honeoye, Lateglow, Ozark Beauty, Redchief, Sunrise, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension)

WASHINGTON Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Washington: Hood, Nanaimo, Puget Reliance, Quinault, Rainier, Selva, Shuksan, Tillicum, Totem, Tribute, Tristar.  (According to the Washington State University Extension)

WEST VIRGINIA Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for West Virginia: Allstar, Annapolis, Earliglow, Sable, Seneca, Surecrop.  (According to the West Virginia University Extension Service)

WISCONSIN Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Wisconsin: Annapolis, Cavendish, Crimson Fern, Fort Laramie, King, Earliglow, Glooscap, Honeoye, Jewel, Kent, Lateglow, Lester, Mesabi, Mira, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Raritan, Redchief, Seascape, Selva, Seneca, Sparkle, Tribute, Tristar, Winona.  (According to the Cooperative Extension System of the University of Wisconsin)

WYOMING Strawberry Varieties

Recommended strawberry varieties for Wyoming: Dunlap, Fort Laramie, Guardian, Honeoye, Ogallala, Ozark Beauty, Quinault, Redcoat, Surecrop, Tribute, Tristar, Trumpeter.  (According to the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture)


82 comments to Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It is very difficult to grow strawberries in tropical climates. You can do it in climate-controlled environments, and you might be able to get a crop with short-day June-bearing strawberries during the winter months. However, I’d not recommend trying it due to the possible complication. Good luck!

  • hemel

    mr strawberry
    I live in a tropical area. here october- january is basically the winter season. is it possible to grow strawberries here?
    if possible which type of variety can be best to grow?
    tnanks in advance.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    You can, but I wouldn’t if it were my beds and I’d already planted. The fact that you constructed raised beds is good as it will facilitate water drainage. If you take appropriate care of them, you will likely have no problems with any of the varieties you planted. If you want to be completely safe, however, you could uproot and replant a different variety. Good luck!

  • Lori

    I live in Western NC. My husband and I just constructed 3 raised beds and are planting strawberries in one of them. We bought Quinault and Allstar plants and just bought and planted 40 Jewel roots. I just read on your web-site that Jewel are suseptible to root rot and a number of other not so good things. Should I pull the roots out and start over and will they affet my Quinault and Allstar berries. Thanks

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Dave Raymond,
    All of the varieties of which I am aware are listed here. Good luck!

  • Dave Raymond

    Does anyone still sell Pocahontas variety strawberries. I am looking to start growing strawberries again an this was my best berry variety.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Tom W,
    While neither of those two are recommended “officially” for Arkansas, both should do just fine there. I’d not worry with it at all and just enjoy your harvest when it comes in! Good luck!

  • Tom W

    I live in Arkansas and I decided to grow everbearing berries this year. I planted mostly Ozark Beauty with a couple of Quinault plants that I got on sale at a nursery. I noticed that neither is recommended in Arkansas, but the Ozark Beauty is recommended in Missouri, which I live near. Are any of these two not recommended?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Start here! Good luck!

  • saroj

    hi i am saroj form nepal. i need a some idea how to growth to strawberry and tenmpeture and care about strawberry

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Leigh Harris,
    Unfortunately, strawberries are naturally temperate and just won’t do very well in constant heat and humidity. The 3/4 months of rain will cause pathogenic fungi organisms to damage or kill your strawberry plants. So, it would probably be better in this case to not try. I’m sorry!

  • Leigh Harris

    Hi Friends I live in Nth/Est Thailand & would like to help the local farmers grow something different to rice Our climate is 3/4 months rain the rest is hot & humid Can you please give me some ideas as to which variety of strawberries to grow here Kindness
    Leigh Harris

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Although the Camarosa and Flavorfest varieties aren’t on the list, both should do just fine in Massachusetts. Go ahead and plant them! Good luck!

  • Tanya

    I was interested in buying the Camarosa variety and the flavorfest variety of strawberries. However, I live in western Massachusetts and these strawberries are not on the Massachusetts list. If these are not recommended for my area, could you recommend something to me. Thank you.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Unfortunately, if you don’t have a climate-controlled greenhouse, no strawberries are well-suited for your location. Sorry!

  • lourdes

    Mr strawberry
    i live in Puerto Rico a very hot tropical island, which strawberry plant its right for this climate, thank you…

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Kathy Rader,
    Loran plants are more of an ornamental variety. They typically aren’t recommended for fruit production. Good luck!

  • Kathy Rader

    Acquired Loran strawberry plants 2 years ago for my southwestern PA location. They did terrible in my raised garden. In fact, after scanning the various states, I cannot find the Loran variety recommended for any USA state. Could you please tell me what geographical area the Loran variety is intended for? This year, choosing more geographically friendly varieties!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Caleb KS,
    You might want to consider using a June-bearing type. The day-neutrals are harder to make profitable due to their overall lower yield of berries as compared to June-bearing varieties. If you are sure you want to go with a day-neutral variety, the two you mentioned can work. Tribute and Tristar are a couple of others you may want to investigate. Good luck!

  • Caleb KS

    I am wanting to produce day-neutral strawberries commercially in central Kansas. I am looking at planting Evie 2 and Albion. Any tips or suggestions?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    The best way is to check with the nursery where the plants were purchased. Good luck!

  • steve

    if I wanted to start propagating strawberry plants, how can I determine which plants are illegal to grow and sell? (i.e. – new varieties and legal protections?)

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Thanks for the compliment! I do actually grow blueberries also, but I don’t have time to maintain a blueberry site as well. I’m sorry!

  • scott

    this site has helped me out so much. ive started a berry garden and was wondering if theres a miss blueberry or mr blackberry…. id like my other berrys to look as good as my strawberry..

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Doug in OH,
    While those varieties may not be specifically recommended as the best possible varieties, they ARE some of the most popular, well-adapted varieties. Home Depot and Lowes and the other big box stores contract out to the big nurseries to get a certain amount of plants and then distribute those out to their retail outlets. They choose varieties that should do reasonably well across many different climates and locations. The varieties of plants you purchased should still do well for you if you care for them appropriately, so don’t worry! And, good luck!

  • Doug in OH

    Last week at my local Home Depot in Canton, I bought some Alistar, Ozark Beauty and the Quinault variety berries and after checking the list for Ohio, none of these varieties are recommend for the state. Will they grow in my area and why if they are not recommended for this area would the local Home Depot sell them? The plants are in the Bonnie brand pots that get planted directly into the ground. Any help you can supply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    No, if they were available where you live, they should do well. All Star, in particular, is a very well-adapted variety. You should do just fine with those varieties. Good luck!

  • Jill

    UGH, I just bought 12 Oregon and All Star Strawberry plants at Home Depot. I live in Asheville, NC a 3,000 ft elevation. The oregon and alstar are suggested for oregon not NC. Should I take them back???

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Paris G.,
    Click this link to see the recommended varieties for Tennessee. Good luck!

  • Paris G.

    We live in Eastern TN, elevation around 1000′, humid summers, rainy winters. I would like to plant Quinault and 1 other variety, what would you recommend? I’m looking for superior taste more than any other quality. Thank you so very much.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Karen Martin,
    Fiesta strawberries are a less-common variety, but are more suitable to warmer weather than are many other varieties, just like Chandler strawberries are. They are a good substitute for Chandlers. I believe they are June-bearing. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get the Fiesta plugs/plants from?

  • Karen Martin

    I just received Fiesta variety cultivars to plant as a substitute for my Chandler variety of plugs.
    However, I cannot see anything about this variety on the web. Can you tell me if they are suited for Arkansas and anything about them. Are they a day neutral or ever9bearing?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Unfortunately, that area is a bit too warm for strawberries to optimally thrive. You might try Chandler, however, but even it is unlikely to flourish there. Good luck!

  • John

    Dear Mr Strawberry,

    Would Albion variety do well in such an area with the type of climate shown in the link

    If not Albion which variety would you advice.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Yes, growing pineberries is feasible. You can get them from the suppliers listed here, if you’d like. As for a specific variety for you location, I would recommend trying Chandler or Camarosa. Good luck!

  • Allen

    Mr. strawberry, this site is fantastic. I have a plantar box in which I plan to fill with strawberry plants. I live in Southern California. What varietal would you recommend as the recs are for the whole state of CA but climate can vary depending where you are. Also I’m interested in growing pine berries. Do you think its feasible?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    George Ayyash,
    ‘Chandler’ is likely a good choice, given the understanding that the climate in general is suboptimal for strawberry cultivation. Good luck!

  • George Ayyash

    In a desert, hot country like Kuwait (in the Middle East), but using excellent potting soil and enough fresh water irrigation, what strawberry varieties should I plant in a garden of 30×30 ft.? Thank you

  • Mr. Strawberry

    They might be wild strawberries of either the F. virginiana or F. vesca species. Of course, however, there aren’t a whole lot of nutrients in gravel parking lots, so any variety would likely produce small, stunted berries. Without more information, it is basically impossible to determine the variety with any amount of certainty. Just check the flowers. If the flowers are yellow, they aren’t strawberries at all. Good luck!

  • Steve

    Mr. Strawberry how can I identify the variety of strawberry plants I have?
    I found them growing in gravel at a parking lot and rescued them.
    They seems to be a hardy variety with small berries. Since transplanting they have really taken off and are doing well. Thanks Steve

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Here are the recommended varieties for Canada. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  • Krystal

    I am doing a school project on strawberries and was wondering what type of strawberry would be better to plant in southern Saskatchewan. I have looked at many websites and they all have diffrent answers.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I am not an expert on your part of the world, but from looking at your climate link, you might want to try the Chandler variety, if you can get it where you live. Good luck!

  • Davus

    Hi I am in Kenya and I was wondering which strawberry variety can do well in a place called Naivasha, here is a link to the climatic conditions of Naivasha.

    I will appreciate your response.


  • Mr. Strawberry

    Kent, Glooscap, Bounty, Honeoye, and Cavendish are all good June-bearing varieties for Alberta, Canada. Ogallala and Fort Laramie are good everbearing varieties. Tristar, Fern, Seascape, and Albion are good day-neutral varieties. Good luck!

  • Neil

    Hi, I’m from Alberta, Canada. I am wondering what types you would recommend for zones 3b, and 4a.

  • Straw Berry

    Living in Zone 6b, you might want to try strawberries. They won’t produce fruit optimally under the conditions you describe, but they very well could serve as a ground cover. If you plant and mulch well the first year, the runner plants can form a thick mat that will diminish (but not eliminate) other weeds. Good luck!

  • Steve

    Mr. Strawberry.

    This is a little off topic but not terribly. I have 23 acres and a full vegetable garden. about 10 of the 23 acres I have wooded partial sun partial shade. I am looking for multiple perennial ground covers (strawberries?) that I can plant across the hillside. I live in TN, and am in zone 6b. I want to use my land to be productive both for humans and wildlife, as well as used to keep the brambles and other non edible weeds from cursing my forests as undergrowth. Any suggestions?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Most varieties should do reasonably well there in the Mediterranean climate. Good luck!

  • Linda

    Can you tell me which variety of to strawberry is appropriate for Kosovo that is local to the Balkan Peninsula in Europe?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Duly noted. Thanks for the input!

  • Vikki

    Hello again Mr. Strawberry! I just looked under ‘recommended varieties by state’ and saw that “Note: Arizona is not considered a good location for strawberry cultivation. (According to the University of Arizona Citrus Agricultural Center)”
    I’d have to say to please add that with proper soil prep, mulching and watering, (lots of water!) strawberries do great in AZ! I’ve grown them for 2 years so far with beginner’s knowledge and still learning, and we have lots of big, juicy strawberries and healthy plants with tons of runners!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Donna Knies,
    To have fruit throughout the growing season, you will need different varieties. You should plant an early season variety, a mid-season variety, and a late season variety, at minimum. You can find the recommended varieties above under Indiana. Just pick one variety each of the early/mid/late producers. Good luck!

  • Donna Knies


    I live in Southern Indiana. I will want to plant in raised beds and I would like to have fruit throughout the entire growing season. Can you help me with the type i need to plant.


  • Mr. Strawberry

    Ganjar Asmorotanto,
    Unfortunately, strawberry plants are temperate by nature. They are not well-suited for tropical climates. If you are successful in keeping the plants alive, they will likely not produce much fruit, if any, for you. Sorry!

  • Ganjar Asmorotanto

    Can we have varieties suited for lowland tropical climate?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Jay Davis,
    For a little bit of tartness, the easiest way to get it is by picking your strawberries just before they are fully ripe. For example, pick the strawberries when they look like the 4th and 5th berries from the right in this picture. Good luck!

  • Jay Davis

    I live in Maine and looked through the list but couldnt find much info on most of them. I like a balance of sweet and tart strawberries, what would you suggest for here?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Ruby Red Strawberries,
    A good variety for growing in England is Royal Sovereign. However, you may run into problems if you attempt to grow from seed. The alpine strawberry varieties will grow true from seed, and a few F1 hybrids do ok from seed as well. Most varieties, however, do not. Royal Sovereign and most of the commercially available varieties will NOT grow true from seed. If your intention is to grow your gift plants from seeds, you should probably consider the varieties on the Buy Strawberry Seeds page. Good luck!

  • Ruby Red Strawberies

    Hi, what is the best type of strawberry to grow in England? I don’t have a greenhouse, but I do have a big conservatory that is really warm. I need a type that does not take long before they start shooting leaves, 3-5 months maybe,before they start growing good-sized leaves? I am planning to raise strawberries from a seed,and sell them as gifts. I don’t really have much experience on strawberries, which means I am just a beginner, but I really want to master it!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    jan crooks,
    I’ve not heard of an actual variety called that. Chances are good that it was a differently-named variety that just got re-dubbed with that moniker. If you do find a supplier of such a strawberry, let me know, and I will add it to this site’s directory!

  • jan crooks

    Stein’s in West Bend WI sold a variety called “World’s best tasting strawberry” a couple years ago. They were the best, they no longer carry them – does anyone know of someone that does? It was an ever-baring and so tasty

  • Mr. Strawberry

    It was probably Arkansas King.

  • Beth

    I thought I purchased a strawberry plant called Arkansas but I can find no listing like this on the internet.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    For your location, Allstar would be an acceptable choice. Good luck!

  • Cathie

    I live in Peterborough, just east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Which type of Strawberry would do well here? This will be my first try at Strawberries.


  • Mr. Strawberry

    If you want strawberries all year ’round, you’ll need a day-neutral variety. The two that are recommended for both Ohio and Michigan are Tribute and Tristar. Good luck!

  • Kraz

    I live in north toledo, Ohio right on the border of Michigan. Will be my 1st yr of planting berries. Looking for2-3 varieties suitable for OH-MI line. Asking for 2-3 because I would like mix my plantings with 2 varieties of strawberries or even 3. Thus the reason being I would like to have multiple harvests of berries and hopefully with the right kinds will let me ALWAYS have berries to pick at ALL times of the 4-6month growing season. Thank you

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Honosa Blake,
    Ozark Beauty probably won’t do very well in Alabama. You might want to try a more heat-tolerant variety like Chandler. Good luck!

  • Honosa Blake

    I live in Montgomery, Alabama. Do strawberries actually do well in Alabama? The ones being sold a local large chain store, Sam’s, is Ozark Beauty but this is not on the recommended listing for Alabama. So, if bought they will not do well. The cost is $25 for a pot and 12 plants.


  • Mr. Strawberry

    The Washington State University Extension recommends that you try one these varieties for growing in Washington State: Hood, Nanaimo, Puget Reliance, Quinault, Rainier, Selva, Shuksan, Tillicum, Totem, Tribute, Tristar. Good luck!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    They will probably do ok in the northern parts of Texas with a little extra TLC. They are temperate plants, though, and may do poorly if your particular location is too hot or arid. Good luck!

  • Maggie


    I lived on Bainbridge Island when young. Now as an adult, I still live in Puget Sound, but I have found strawberries to be very unflavorful and bland ever since I moved. Can someone tell me what variety they grow on Bainbridge? I just wish I’d checked.

  • klindsey

    I have alpine strawberry seeds. Will that type do ok in texas?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Mike H,
    I am not aware of any resources about successfully growing strawberries in the tropics. Being temperate plants, they tend to do poorly in locations like yours. I’m sorry!

  • Mike H


    I was curious as to what types of strawberries grow best in the Tropics (Thailand)?

    Could you point me to any resources about successfully growing sweet strawberries in this area? Most of the strawberries I have tried that have been grown in the tropics (even at elevation) tend to be very tart and have little sweetness.

    Thanks much,


  • Mr. Strawberry

    Strawberries prefer full sun, so most will struggle in the conditions you describe. However, I’d recommend you try one of the varieties listed on this page that is recommended for Oregon. Good luck!

  • Candice

    I live in eastern oregon and was wondering if there might be a type of strawberry that will grow in less than all day sunlight. the patch that i want to grow in gets sun from sunrise to around 12pm.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Unfortunately for your situation, strawberries are temperate plants. I actually wouldn’t recommend you try growing them there as they likely will either die or do very poorly, unless they have a highly controlled environment in a greenhouse or other growing system. Good luck!

  • Maria R.

    Hi, I live in Puerto Rico (a US commonwealth) in the Caribbean, usually I use Florida as a growing guide, but they get frosts and we don’t. Instead, we have a rainy season where the temperature hovers around 78-85 for about three months then heats up through summer before cooling off to 65-78 at the end of November through March. Generally, it’s reasonably moist but not wet, not hot and not cold, with a few potentially scorching days in mid-summer.

    What sort of strawberry variety would you recommend? I’m not really after a high yield of tangy berries, but I would like something that would grow sweet.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Cavendish‘ is a good cultivar for Minnesota. I would probably recommend it first. ‘Kent‘ and ‘Winona‘ are also usually good choices for where you live. Good luck!

  • Jay OH


    I live in MN, very much interested in to farming in hoop greenhosue as business. We are in the middle of the deal to lease greenhouse. Absolutlly, I will find out the cheapest heating sources for warming in greenhouse.

    What kind of strawberry do you recommend in greenhouse on high bed(1~11/2′)?

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