How Fast Do Strawberry Plants Grow?

how fast do strawberry plants growMostafa, asked: How fast do strawberry plants grow in km/h?

Answer to: How Quickly D0 Strawberry Plants Grow?

No one has ever asked me before how fast in km/h a strawberry plant grows! An average modern strawberry plant can be expected to reach towering heights of about 12 inches at its highest point (it is, after all, a forb). It usually takes an established strawberry plant about 2 months from the break of dormancy to get there. A new seedling will typically take around 6 months to reach that milestone after germination, depending on its environment.

So, let’s do a little math. Established plants grow at a rate of approximately 12 inches/2 months. Seedlings grow at a rate of 12 inches/6 months. There are about 39,370 inches in a kilometer. There are 730 hours in a month. So, [(12 inches/2 months) x (1 month/730 hours) x (1 kilometer/39,370 inches) / 12] = 0.0000002 km/h. That’s slooooooow. A seedling will take 3 times longer to reach its full height. Of course, growth rates are contingent on a host of factors (plant nutrition, weather, climate, location, etc.). So, your plants may move a bit faster or slower.

How Fast Do Strawberry Plants Grow: Conversions

Established strawberry plants will grow at an approximate rate of:
0.0000002 kilometers per hour (0.000000124 miles per hour)

Or, for more reasonable rates of growth…
4.8 mm per day (about 1/5 of in inch per day)
33.6 mm per week (about 1 and 1/3 inches per week)

Of course, these are just averages. Calculating exactly how fast strawberry plants grow in real time would take way more sophisticated tools to measure than I will ever have access to.

Regardless, good luck in your strawberry growing endeavors!

And, if anyone wants to further fill out the list of growth rates in various units, be sure to leave your calculations in the comments below!

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  1. How do you count strawberry age? You give guidelines for pinching back runners on young plants by age… but don’t mention when to start counting. For seeds it is easy. But if i buy starter plants, do i count them as 0 years old? Are they 1 by the time I plant them?

  2. Hi! I think the question is about the morphology of the strawberry plant itself? From seed to seedling and seedling to a mature plant that will bear flower, and from flowering stage to fruiting…and how long should the fruit will mature to its ripeness?


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