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welcome to strawberry plants .orgWelcome to the last source you will ever need for information about strawberry plants!  You have likely eaten your fair share of those delightful red berries, and we hope to encourage you to learn as much as you can about the flavorful fruits and the strawberry plants that produce them.  We exist to spread excitement about strawberries and hope that you will benefit from the information contained here.

Whether you want information on growing strawberries, eating strawberries, scientific information on the actual strawberry plants or strawberry varieties, or even information about where you can purchase strawberry plants or strawberry seeds, you will find help on Strawberry Plants .org.  This entire site is dedicated exclusively to all things related to the strawberry plant.

Be sure to browse the Reference Pages to the left (or just below this paragraph).  They are a wealth of information on topics related to learning about strawberry plants.  Be sure to come back often as we regularly update this site with new information and details about strawberries and strawberry plants!  And, of course, remember that this site is best read with a bowl of fresh strawberries in hand…

This list is of the most-used pages on StrawberryPlants.org.  Click the links below to go to the appropriate pages:

Growing Strawberries – a comprehensive guide to growing your own strawberries.
Buy Strawberry Plants (by variety) – a near-comprehensive directory of online retailers for strawberries, organized by variety.
Strawberry Plants for Sale (by nursery) – a near-comprehensive directory of nurseries offering mail-order plants, with their offerings listed.
Buy Strawberry Seeds (by variety) – a near-comprehensive directory of online retailers for strawberry seeds, organized by variety.
Strawberry Plant – an encyclopedic resource for scientific and historical information about the humble strawberry plant.
Strawberry Seeds – information about saving seeds, germinating seeds, and general strawberry seed information.
Strawberry Plants Library – a listing of other helpful strawberry resources for learning about all aspects of strawberries and care.
Pick Your Own Strawberries – a directory of pick-your-own strawberry locations in all 50 states.
Strawberry Picking – a guide for picking strawberries, including etiquette and other considerations.
Strawberry Varieties – a detailed discussion of the different types of strawberries, as well as a sortable list of cultivars.
Strawberry Recipes – an amazing cookbook full of sumptuous recipes calling for strawberries across the edible spectrum.
Strawberry News – a listing of events and news pertaining to the strawberry plant or growing strawberries.
Strawberry FAQ – a question and answer series containing actual user-submitted questions and their answers.
Strawberry Festivals – a directory of happy-time strawberry festivals across the country.

18 comments to Welcome to Strawberry Plants .org!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I’d recommend starting here. Good luck!

  • Ben

    Hey guys I am looking for some tips and tricks to planting strawberries for the first time in east Tn. New to berries and wanted to plant some allstars and seascapes this month in a 4×8 bed. any help would be thankful.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Brett Minish,
    Yes, it is with the right variety and the right conditions. However, plants burn out more quickly that way and produce a total yield lower than plants that have a period of dormancy. Good luck!

  • Brett Minish

    Is it possible to produce strawberries year round in a greenhouse in Georgia?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Conventional pesticides like Sevin Dust will work for most pests. If you’d like to stay organic, you can try a liberal application of diatomaceous earth. Good luck!

  • John

    Im growing strawberries and have a few bug issues. One is I have a long neck seed bug problem, how can I control and get rid of these bugs? I have been researching and can’t pin point a good answer.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    linda fyffe,
    Unfortunately, no, you cannot grow a strawberry that way like you can grow a pineapple. The calyx and fleshy material still attached will simply rot. Sorry!

  • linda fyffe

    can i grow a strawberry plant from using the top part of a strawberry if so do i plant it in soil or put it in water until it grows a root

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I’d recommend reading this page to get off on the right foot! You can also find the recommended varieties for Mississippi here. Good luck!

  • Russell

    Found this site by accident at work, I live in northeast Mississippi in Prentiss county, some good soil but some red clay dirt too, my question is how to build a strawberry bed and best soil to use I may be overlooking it on your site , thanks for any help

  • Mr. Strawberry

    For help and information, I’d recommend you start here. Good luck!

  • lethe

    Hi. I’m thinking of planting strawberry in my 2.5 meters x 5.5 meters greenhouse. And I need your help. What are the size of the pots or any suggestions as regards to minimizing the space as I also have few vegetables. Second, what are the best seeds to grow, I’ve heard about Victorian and etc. and where can I buy them? Will it grow during winter? Any info please let me know. Thanks

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Oguzhan D,
    I haven’t encountered any sources that cite Vitamin D as a good fertilizer for strawberries. But, I haven’t read everything out there! Why not try it out and report back how it goes? Good luck!

  • Oguzhan D


    A friend had a look at my strawberries and he told me that I should give the plants vitamin D fertiliser.. Any thoughts or knowledge about this?

    He said it would make the berries bigger, as they are quite small this season.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Terri Slover,
    Yes, there is. I’d recommend reviewing the information on the Growing Strawberries reference page. Pay special attention to the links on renovation and transplanting. Good luck!

  • Terri Slover

    When growing strawberries, does there come a time when they need to be “thinned”?
    How/when should I do this?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Joe Gliksman,
    You can order them here: Sweet Charlie. Good luck!

  • Joe Gliksman

    How to buy strobbery [sweet Charlie ] in zone 9? Thank you.

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