Companion Planting Strawberries

companion planting strawberriesCompanion planting has a long, storied history.  Individuals have noted benefits (and drawbacks) when certain plant species are grown in close proximity to one another for hundreds of years, and many books have been written on the topic.  Interestingly, the scientific causes of many of these relationships are not fully understood.  But, the principles work and the beneficial symbiotic relationships can be measured among many types of plants.

The increased biodiversity is usually beneficial, but the planting of various plants in close proximity often yields multifaceted benefits.  Two of the primary benefits are pest control and increased yield.  There are many resources available to help develop a garden (or even a permaculture) that thrives based on mutual assistance and inter-connectivity of well-planned companion planting layouts.  The purpose of this post, however, is to deal specifically with companion plants for strawberry plants and what benefits can be achieved by companion planting strawberries in your garden.

Companion Planting Strawberries

To begin, it is important to remember the nature of strawberry plants.  They are prolific, can be somewhat invasive, and most varieties will quickly form a thick matted row made up of strawberry runners if left alone.  Because of this, it is best to think in terms of which plants can help strawberries grow, not the other way around.  While strawberry plants themselves hurt relatively few other plants (the exception will be discussed below) by being planted near them, their rapidly expanding range can end up depleting nutrients or competing with other plants if they aren't actively monitored.

Strawberry Companion Plants

If there is a magic bullet of companion planting, it is likely the herb borage.  Borage helps a vast number of other plants.  To learn more about its interaction with strawberries, see this article on strawberry plants & borage.  Aside from borage, however, there are several other plants beneficial to strawberry plants.  They are:

Borage (Borago officinalis)

This herb is a virtual magic bullet when it comes to companion planting.  To learn about its relationship with the humble strawberry, click the link just above for detailed information.

Bush Beans (Phaseolus)

The common bean is known benefactor of strawberry plants.  It repels some beetles and hosts nitrogen-fixing bacteria which serve to fertilize the soil for better strawberry yields.

Caraway (Carum carvi)

Caraway is another herb that indirectly benefits strawberry plants by being nearby.  The primary benefit of caraway is that it attracts parasitic wasps and parasitic flies that are voracious predators of many common strawberry pests.

Lupin (Lupinus)

This flower is actually a legume.  Like the beans mentioned above, it also fixes nitrogen in the soil, thereby fertilizing for surrounding plants, including strawberries.  It also attracts honeybees.

Strawberry Companion Planting: Danger!

Not all plants will even tolerate the presence of strawberries, however.  The most notable garden plants that are harmed by the proximity of strawberry plants are those related to the cabbage.

Cabbage Family (Brassica oleracea)

Avoid planting strawberries near members of Brassica oleracea.  The cabbage family plants will have their growth impaired by strawberry plants close by.  The major members of the cabbage family include: broccoli, broccoflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Chinese broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, kohlrabi, and Romanesco broccoli.

Verticillium-Susceptible Species

The most common of these plants are tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers. If these plants (or melons, okra, mint, bush or bramble fruits, stone fruits, chrysanthemums, and roses) have been grown in the same spot recently (within 5 years), it is best to grow your strawberry plants elsewhere.  Otherwise, the strawberry plants may be infected and die themselves.

Companion Planting Strawberries: Conclusion

The strawberry companion plants listed here are the well-established ones that have consistently demonstrated the mentioned benefits or drawbacks.  However, there are surely more plant species out there that will interact either positively or negatively with strawberry plants.  If you are aware of other plants that interact with strawberries, share your knowledge!  You can tell us about your experiences by leaving a comment below, and start companion planting strawberries today!

247 thoughts on “Companion Planting Strawberries

  1. I have a fifteen-foot wide space betwixt the road and my fence. Six-or-so years ago, I planted a few lupine plants in it. They have done very well. I was just out clipping the green seeds off today, and noticed all the wild strawberries underneath the lupine. The berries were generally half-an-inch, the biggest I’ve seen wild strawbs. As I clipped and munched, I decided I should move a couple lupine into my strawb patch in the garden.

  2. I have found spinach to be a great companion for strawberries. They take nutrients from different levels of the soil, so they don’t compete with one-another, plus, the spinach grows taller quickly and provides extra shade for the strawberries. I have found my strawberry harvest continues later into the heat with the addition of spinach right in the same bed of my strawberries.

  3. When we talk about companion planting and people say ” Don’t plant these plants ‘close’ to these ones.” What does “close” mean? A foot? Six feet? How far away should strawberrys be from the cabbage family? What about other “bad Companions”? How far away is far enough when they shouldn’t be together?

    • River,
      “Close” varies. Generally, plants that have a negative impact on one another need to be spaced far enough apart so that the ecosystem effect of each plant remains virtually completely separate from each other. And, to get the benefit of complimentary plants, they need to be close enough to ecologically influence the neighbor plant. So, for something with a wide reach like cabbage, several feet would be needed at minimum. For plants like carrots that have a much smaller ecological footprint, less space would be required. In other words, the spacing varies for each plant in question.

  4. I planted bush beans and strawberries in the same container. I wound up with lovely plants but not much produce, some beans and a strawberry every now and then. Advice?

  5. I have a two part question

    1) This spring my husband and I are planning on making a raised bed out of cinder blocks for our strawberries. Some of the plans I have seen online have the holes in the cinder blocks used for smaller plants like herbs or flowers. Would the companion plants be okay if planted in the cinder block holes? I know ideally the lupines would be better if they were actually in the bed so they can share the wealth of nitrogen fixation.

    2) I’ve noticed a mixture of violets and wild strawberries growing together in different areas of our lawn. Would violets also be a good companion plant for our raised strawberry beds?

    • Kristen,
      Typically, companion plantings do better when the plants are both in contiguous soil. But, it can’t hurt to try your method and see how they do! As for violets and strawberries, I am not sure. Are you sure your wild strawberries are actually strawberry plants? If they have yellow flowers, they are a weed that often grows alongside violets. If they have white flowers, they probably are indeed strawberries. Either way, good luck!

  6. I am going to transplant some strawberries to make room for a potato patch. I can either transplant them to a bed that currently has Rosemerry and Sage, or another bed that has Oregano and Chives. Which would be better?

  7. I’m wondering whether or not it would be beneficial or harmful to plant Echinacea in the same raised bed as my strawberry plants?

    • Sharolyn Schuler,
      Echinacea should be neutral to strawberry plants. So, it should be ok to plant it alongside strawberries (as long as there is enough room for both), but there shouldn’t be any notable benefit or detriment from doing so. Good luck!

  8. I’m thinking of planting strawberries with chocolate mint (contained in a pot) and stevia in a raised bed, and then with a summer squash and borage in another bed. Should either of these combinations be discouraged?

    • Renee,
      You can do that, but strawberries do best in full sun. Placing them under your lemon tree might stunt their growth and diminish their productivity somewhat.

  9. I planted strawberries (one June bearing and one everbearing) for the first time this year in between eggplants and tomatoes but was later told not to plant them near either of those. How far away should I transplant them from where the tomatoes and eggplants and when can I transplant? Both have daughter plants that have come off the parent plant.

    • Sharon,
      You should plant them in a different location altogether. The other Verticillium-susceptible plants (eggplant, tomatoes, etc.) can easily spread the pathogen if planted too close. I’d recommend a minimum of 5 feet away. Good luck!

    • Melinda,
      It should be ok to plant your strawberries alongside cucumbers as long as their is enough soil and space for both to flourish. Good luck!

  10. This spring I stuck two leftover kale plants in ten corner of my strawberry patch. The kale did well but all the strawberry plants for 6 feet around disappeared! Glad to have found your site!


  11. Zone 9: I have 20 plugs of Camarosa strawberries arriving on Thursday. Can I plant these in a 4×4 raised bed with a small pineapple (very small plant at this point in its life) located in the center of the bed. Also, I have some onions planted throughout….these will be harvested before the strawberries start sending out runners. In the meantime, will the onions and pineapple be good companions while the strawberries over winter?

    Thank you!

    • Brook,
      I am not aware of any negative interactions with either pineapples or onions. So, give it a shot! Come back and let us know how things turned out. Good luck!

  12. hey guys , i have a raised bed and am planning to plant in it strawberries ,carrots ,cos lettuce , and onions ! do these 4 plants go well together , i would really appreciate it if you answered me ASAP ! because am planning to sow the seeds in 3 days ! thanks .


    • mid east gardener,
      As long as each plant has enough space to draw the nutrients it needs from the ground, they should do fine in close proximity. Good luck!

  13. I had some strawberrys that did well with lavender. But the lavender grew so big I thought that I should move the lavender. After this the strawberrys and the lavender both died. A mole might have helped the lavender die. I will plant strawberries in a raised bed this year and try some companion plants with them.

  14. I was considering planting some nasturtium in my strawberry bed. nasturtium seems to be listed as a good companion plant for just about anything. Thoughts?

    • Sandra,
      It should be fine as long as you plant them far enough apart so that each plant has enough soil from which to draw nutrients. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

  15. Am I to understand that, I may have planted my strawberries (plants,late last fall)in the wrong place due to it being where I had previously been growing tomatoes? I also want to companion plant with bush beans and some tall type sunflowers?

    • rdtuck,
      Yes, technically, you planted the strawberries in the “wrong” spot. Since tomato plants are susceptible to Verticillium infection, it may be that the soil in which you planted your strawberries harbors the organism. If so, it may affect your strawberries, depending on the resistance of the varieties you purchased. However, it may be fine if Verticillium isn’t present. At this point, it would probably be best to just see what happens. If they do fine this season, great! If not, you’ll need to replant in a different area next season. Bush beans can be planted near strawberries with benefit as discussed above. Sunflowers can shade strawberries, which prefer full sun, so be careful with their placement. Good luck!

  16. Hi, crop rotation means my brassicas should be next to the strawberry bed this year. How large a space should I leave between them please?

    • Chris,
      It is best to avoid putting them in close proximity, if possible. If it must be done, try to space them by 3 feet, or more. Good luck!

  17. We currently have an 8×16 raised strawberry bed. This spring we plan to expand it to 24×16. Then, we’ll rotate each half back and forth to plant strawberries in at 3 year cycles, giving a side a year off before replanting. For that year off, I was thinking of planting borage or white clover as a cover crop to try to get the soil back in shape for planting the next year. Would you recommend one over the other, or is there something else I should do? I suppose replacing the soil altogether would be an option too, but I’d rather not do that.

  18. Hi! I’m starting a vertical pallet bed of strawberries and a vertical pallet bed of kale, lettuce, spinach, baby carrots, and radishes. I’d intended for them both to stand next to each other. Will I need to put a significant amount of space between them, even though they aren’t sharing soil?


    • New to Vertical,
      If they are in their own contained pallet beds, you should be fine. You do want to space them far enough apart so that rain splash from one can’t land on or in the other, however. Good luck, and let us know how it goes for you!

  19. I want to plant blueberries in my raised bed, with blueberries. I read something somewhere that they are a good match, but I haven’t seen overwhelming information to feel confident about it. What do you think?

    • Patricia,
      As both blueberries and strawberries are perennial, you can run into problems with the blueberry bushes growing and shading the strawberries (that prefer full sun and need it to produce well). But, apart from that, you can try it and see how it goes. Good luck!

  20. My hydroponics system has numerous plants of many varieties. Is there a risk to having tomatoes and peppers near and sharing fertilized water with strawberries? There is no direct contact. Any other specific tips to hydroponic strawberries you have to offer would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    • hydroponics,
      The contagious plant disease Verticillium Wilt is common with tomatoes and peppers. It is for that reason you don’t want to plant strawberries where those others have been planted. If you purchased disease-free tomato and pepper plants, however, and have maintained a clean system, you can plant them in the same hydroponics system. If the pathogens are present in the system, however, you will likely lose your strawberry plants to infection. Good luck!

  21. Great site, I planted onions and strawberries together in a raised bed amazing results. And leeks and strawberries in the other, again good results but not as good as onions. Now it’s too hot and they are stopping producing and I want to protect them for next year. What can I plant to give shade? I was thinking if summer squash is ok can I try watermelon?

    • Desert21rose,
      Thanks! I’m glad your strawberries are doing well for you. You don’t need to plant anything to give the strawberries shade. They love full sun. This page should help you know what to do next: Growing Strawberries Guide. Good luck!

  22. I have a OutSunny 15x 7 greenhouse. We are in a new location this year but previously at our old house I battled DEVIL squirrels and DEMON bunnies and never harvested a single strawberry! I have 2, 3.5 x 6 foot beds in my greenhouse and have seen one lone squirrel here, but was hoping to grow strawberries in one bed and tomatoes or squash (to protect them from the damp humid weather here and thus avoiding the dreaded fungus and powdery mildew that we frequently get in a season here in OHIO). I was going to trellis squash in the same beds with the strawberries, will it work?

    • Auntieclimactick,
      It is worth a shot. Be sure to put the trellis northward of the strawberry plants so that they aren’t shaded. Good luck!

  23. Hi, can strawberries be companion planted with melons on trellises? The melon vines won’t be allowed to shade the strawberries. It sounds like there might be a Verticillium issue but I’d be doing this in big pots and would rotate both the strawberries and melons out each year.

  24. I would like to plant some Asparagus Beans(an asian long bean) in my 4×10 bed that is half filled with strawberries. Would those two things get along ok? I’m having a hard time finding info on it.

  25. Hello,
    Last year I planted some mint in a corner of my strawberry patch…and this year, argh, the mint seems to be taking over the patch. Obviously, I’m just a beginner learner, but a mistake I won’t be doing again. Is there any way I can get rid of the mint w/o ruining all my strawberries?

    • Doris,
      Mint, while pleasantly aromatic, can turn into a garden menace. It can be quite invasive. The best way to get rid of it is to carefully pull it all up by the roots. Good luck!

  26. Hello,
    Just sent you a question regarding mint in my strawberry patch…and just now noticed that it is now longer there. Did you receive it?

  27. Hi,
    Can you tell me how this sounds: I just planted a new garden area this spring. I have lupine daylily and echinacae in the back with iris and columbine in middle and front. On the edge I have a hardy hibiscus in back and alpine non runner type strawberries on the border. I’m kind of a gardening newbie. Do you foresee problems with my plant choices?

    • Rocky,
      As far as the strawberries go, they should do fine with those neighbors, as long as they have adequate soil/nutrients and sunlight. Good luck!

  28. Mr. Strawberry, this is a terrific site! Thank you for putting so much authoritative information in one place. I intend to share your site with my plant propagation class.

    I am in my third year of growing strawberries in a 4×8′ raised bed from 10 original plants. If I had seen your site earlier, it would have saved me a year getting to full productivity.

    Now, I’m going back to try to find a recipe for strawberry-rhubarb jam, which is my absolute favorite taste combination!

  29. Mr. Strawberry,

    I’m in my second year with 4 12×4 raised beds of strawberries. We put in 200 plants last year. We planted Mitsuba with our strawberries, their first year, we were told this will help with the Verticillium wilt. The strawberries did great and the Mitsuba taste good and attracts honey bees when it flowers too. When we first planted we noticed, what we came to the conclusion as being, verticillium wilt. After we planted the Mitsuba the plants seemed to clear up and we dont have a problem with the vericillium or the white powdery mildew. Maybe we got lucky, maybe it will work for others too.

    This year we are having problems with bugs. I know i need to thin my beds and this will help some. I also now plan to add some bush beans and maybe some borage to help as well.

    Thank you for all the information you have provided.

  30. I planted tomatoes and peppers in a raised bed this spring. They did very well however I have never seen flies so bad. Baby flies hatching and hatching all over and around the raised beds. I went through 4 fly bags that caught them. More hatching as I speak. What else can I do or plant that would negate them. Help!! Thank you.

    • David Marinsik,
      Yes, as long as they aren’t spaced too closely together and the blueberries do not shade the strawberries. Good luck!

  31. I’m having vole/mole problems around my strawberry plants. I use drip lines and black plastic on 3′ beds and planted 1′ apart both ways. I have two beds about 40′ long. Going to try planting onions around the strawberries, will this stop the vole/mole action? If not, what will. Thanks

    • Rosa,
      Yes, you can plant strawberries and roses in proximity to one another. They are actually not-too-distant relatives! They prefer similar soils as well, so you shouldn’t have to do any extra preparation for either. Do make sure you plant them so that the roses do not shade the strawberries, as strawberry plants prefer full sun. Good luck!

  32. Hi. I am trying a vertical planter and wanted to know if I can plant small cucumbers and strawberries together. Thank you

    • Chrisshanna,
      Yes, you can plant them together. Just make sure the strawberries aren’t shaded by the cukes! Good luck!

    • Penny,
      Yes, you can plant mums in the same bed as strawberries, just be sure to give each enough space to thrive. Good luck!

  33. I have a big (Costco size) pot that I planted strawberries in last year. I was pleased that the strawberries have returned this year. I’m wondering if there’s a companion plant I can plant in the center of the pot that wouldn’t deter the growth of the strawberries due to its shade? I feel a little silly taking one huge pot for just strawberry plants!

    • Denise,
      The strawberry plants will likely put out runners this year if they didn’t last year. You’ll be able to fill the entire pot rather quickly, and strawberries can grow to over a foot tall with the proper environment. Planting most other plants in the center of the pot will likely shade at least some of your strawberries and cause their production to decline. You could plant a borage plant in the center, however. Good luck!

  34. Hi! I am planning to build a raised garden and was curious if planting strawberries in the same area as cucumbers would be a bad idea, or if they work well next to each other!

    • Tori,
      Strawberry plants can grow with cucumbers as long as the cucumbers don’t shade them and you give both adequate soil and water. Good luck!

  35. I saw someone ask about cilantro with strawberries, but I did not see your response. Those are the 2 things I wanted to plant near each other in a long pot.

    • Potted strawberry,
      You can plant cilantro with strawberries, just make sure the cilantro plants don’t shade the strawberries as they mature. Good luck!

  36. I just got a strawberry planter for two strawberry plants I picked up. I shouldn’t expect runners or daughter plants with this right? I’ve seen a lot about how new plants form when planted in the soil or on a flat surface but not much on this. If the other holes in the planter won’t be filled with wonderful strawberries, can I fill them with thyme, basil, cilantro, and the like?

    • Tori,
      You will likely have runner plants. Most varieties produce them after their roots are established enough to support the initial growth phase of the runners. You can direct the runner plants to root in the available holes in the planter if they will reach, or you can pot them and re-plant them there once they have established. Or, you can snip them off and plant the other planter holes with the herbs of your choice! Good luck!

  37. I think that my wild strawberry plants are totally competing with the mint that I wanted to get under control. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m elated !! If I don’t see another mint plant turn green in my garden, I will celebrate this wild strawberry planting. 🙂

    • Carolyn,
      Strawberries can be extremely competitive for space with other garden plants if left to their own devices. I’m glad it is working to your benefit! Good luck!

  38. Last week I planted some new strawberry plants in a bed where I had brassicas growing last season….the strawberries aren’t doing well…is this because of brassicas there last season?

    • Quato,
      It is possible, but are a host of other things that can cause strawberry plants to do poorly as well. Regardless, good luck!

  39. I know there was a previous question about planting strawberries and aspargus together. I’m planing a raised bed with cinder blocks. My idea is to put the aspargus in the larger area and plant the strawberries in the holes of the block. Is this a workable plan or will I be wasting time and money on plants.

  40. We have planted four tomato plants with several strawberry plants and they are growing great. Will there be any issues for this combination that we should watch out for?

    • Darlene,
      Tomatoes are a Verticillium-susceptible species. So, if your strawberry plants are planted near the tomatoes, cross contamination could occur. If there is no Verticillium there, both should do acceptably. Good luck!

  41. I put strawberries in, in a 4×8 bed with some lettuces and bush beans. I am going to put in some borage as well. Next door 2 feet away in another raised bed I just planted cauliflower and broccoli. My question is should I move those plants? Could the effect of the strawberries hindering their growth affect the bed next door?

  42. i tried growing Asparagus with strawberry plants it did not work i had 8 asparagus root planted none of them came back this year

    • AprilInIdaho,
      Yes, but both are somewhat aggressive growers. You’ll need to thin them to keep everything happy. Good luck!

    • anne,
      Yes, as long as the lemon/lime trees don’t shade them and don’t pull nutrients away from the strawberry plants. Good luck!

  43. Hallo!!
    Due to limited space, I would like to plant strawberries in horizontal beds (layers) that are 2ft apart. Is this a workable solution?

  44. Do the alpine strawberries (wild, forest variety) need the full sun as much as the regular ones? It seems that naturally they grow well in a shady forest…

    • Alex,
      They’ll grow well enough with limited light, but if you want those strawberries, it is better to make sure they are in full sun. They will produce many fewer strawberries if they are shaded. Good luck!

    • Fiona w,
      Yes, strawberries and blueberries can be planted together. However, as blueberries are much taller than strawberries, you’ll need to plant the strawberries far enough away so that they still receive full sun. Good luck!

  45. Hello,

    We have a dwarf lemon and a dwarf lime tree in a large deep pot. How will strawberries go being planted in the same pot as the dwarf citrus?

    • Ella,
      They shouldn’t cause a problem with the trees, but the trees will likely shade them and draw too many nutrients from the soil for the strawberry plants to produce well. I wouldn’t recommend planting them in the same pot for those reasons. Good luck!

  46. Strawberries do not like petunias at all. I have them growing together, and it is like a war between them. They stopped now, because of the hot weather, but will begin at Autumn.

  47. What a wonderful Q&A! Thank you for the education. One more question for you, can sunflowers and strawberries grow in the same bed? It’s a brand new bed I’ll be creating this spring.

    • Robin,
      Yes, strawberries and sunflowers can grow in the same bed as long as enough soil area is available for each plant to thrive. However, one potential problem is the placement of each plant. Sunflowers tower above strawberry plants. Since strawberry plants require full sun for best production, you will need to plan a bit more carefully when planting. Just make sure that your bed is oriented so that the sun will come in at an angle that allows the rays to fall upon the strawberries first. If the order is reversed and the sunflowers take the light first, they will shade the strawberries and cause the berry production to be minimized. Good luck!

  48. I have heard that male canine urine around the perimeter of a garden keeps rodents away. Personally, i have had good luck with human male urine.

  49. I’m putting together two large pots of plants: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers in one, basil, parsley, cilantro and strawberries in the other. Is there a better combination for the strawberries?

  50. Hello just planted some strawberries and they are close to a baby blueberry plant and near a sunflower plant… Wondering if I should do anything or is this bad ?

  51. Iv planted stawberries in the same bed as a passionfruit just wondering if this will affect them? They get full sun and are about 2 feet from the base of the vine…

      • Hello strawberry.
        I am a first time planter of anything and trying strawberries. I have raised planters planned to be 8′ x 3.5′. How do I know how close plant non similar plants? For example there is info on how close to put 2 strawberry plants how however how close should you plant strawberries and blue berries?
        I have about 3 planters of the same size going up with multiple kinds of veggies planned for each. Will this info be on packaging??

        • Andreia,
          The information may very well be on the package. If the package says how far apart to plant them from other plants of the same kind, the safest thing to do is use that same distance when planting near strawberries. The main thing to ensure is that both the strawberry plants and other plants have adequate access to soil and light. Good luck!

  52. Lovely and very helpful post! I decided to try companion planting this year and surely needed some ideas what to plant along with my strawberries. Thank you for sharing all this nice info! Happy gardening!

  53. Hi,
    I have a new large raised bed which is 7mtx 1mt x 0.5mt deep. It will have all new compost;bagged farm manure,moss peat and Ericaceous Compost/Soil Enricher in it. It get lots of sunshine and has a garden shed at the rear for shelter. Can I plant the following together. Strawberries, 3 types of blueberry,carrot, onion, lettuce, nasturtium, and a variety of herbs. I will be sowing a lot of the strawberries on the front vertical wall through small holes which will have support panels for the plants/fruit. Will that be ok. Thank you.

    • Ray,
      Yes, it should be ok, and it sounds like you have a good setup there! Just make sure the blueberries don’t shade your other plants or the strawberries. Good luck!

      • I just purchased a patio tomato plant that has strawberries planted at the base. Both are producing so my question is can I transfer them to a larger pot to continue growing or do I have to seperate them?

        • Amanda Lamb,
          If I were you, I’d just take my chances with them together. If the pathogenic fungus that can affect both is already present, it will get them eventually, even if you separate them. So, I’d let them cut loose and hope for the best! Good luck!

  54. Thanks Mr Strawberry for that. With all this new compost etc do I still need to feed/fertilise right after sowing everything which I am just doing now.
    Thank you

    • Ray,
      If your soil is rich and adequate in nutrients, you don’t have to fertilize with synthetic fertilizers. Good luck!

  55. Hello! Can I plant two different types of strawberries together? What about next to leek and spinach? How far from each other’s ?

    • Erica E,
      Yes, and Yes! Planting different varieties of strawberry plants close to each other is a good idea since heavy pollination often makes the strawberries larger. You can also plant next to leek and spinach, but space them far enough apart so that they get adequate nutrients. Look at the spacing recommendations that come with each species, and use the largest spacing recommendation to be safe. Good luck!

  56. Good Afternoon Mr. Strawberry…this is my first time planting anything and I chose strawberries as one of the first things to plant. I also have mint. I have previously planted mint is a pot but am thinking of putting it in the ground. Are strawberries and mint plant companions? Will one choke out the other? Looking forward to your response. Thank you!

    • Michele,
      You picked two that are likely to succeed! However, BOTH strawberries and (especially) mint can be a bit invasive. You can plant them together, but both will want to take over the territory allotted for the other fellows. If nothing is done to protect the strawberries, the mint will eventually choke it out (in most cases). So, you can plant them together, but you will need to monitor them frequently and snip off strawberry runners so they don’t try to root in the middle of you mint, and you will need to maintain a firm boundary for your mint to keep it from encroaching and eventually taking over the strawberry portion of your bed. Good luck!

  57. I have an establiched strawberry row.
    This year we have to rotate our potatoes to just above this row.
    Could I plant an intermediate row of,say,spinach ,to create a better environment for them?
    Any other suggestions as companions?
    We are in SW France, just moving into spring proper now.
    Wonderful site ?

    • Sarah,
      Thanks for the kind words! It should be sufficient to have a barrier row, but the safest is to have a larger distance of separation. Good luck!

  58. I currently have three raised beds that are approximately 4 ft. x 16 ft. One of these is devoted entirely to strawberries that I planted last fall. They are doing well and have already started producing.

    Since they are young plants, they have not put out many runners yet. I was hoping to take advantage of this and plant something else in between the plants this year. My hope was okra, but based on your information above, that might not be a good idea. What, if anything, would you recommend to plant along with the strawberries? I was thinking about a single stemmed plant that doesn’t spread out too much.

    Note: I am in South Carolina where the climate is fairly hot.

    Please answer via email. Thanks.

    • Sam,
      If you don’t plant every possible space with okra, it could work. The major issue with okra is that it can shade the strawberries. If you plant it at the edge furthest away from the sun, that could work. For other plants, you’d need to plant things that were relatively quick producers, short in stature, and that have a small “footprint.” You might want to try beets, greens, or carrots. Good luck!

    • Ray,
      Yes, earth worms can live (for a while) in total peat. However, if you leave earthworms in 100% peat for more than a couple of weeks, they will start to succumb to protein poisoning and will die. So, if you want to use pure peat, you have to completely change out the bedding every 2 weeks without fail to keep the little fellows alive. Good luck!

  59. I built a 3 story tower with 3 25 lb container and filled it with strawberries. On the top I added bib lettuce, chives, stevia, gynura and everything is going awesome so far.

  60. I bought 25 bare roots strawberry plants without knowing that they shouldn’t be planted where I’ve had tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. My garden plots have all have those plants in them and are the only areas I can plant. Is there anything I can do to the soil to minimize the risk? I plan on tilling, but do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

    • Amelia,
      It is very difficult to rid the soil of the causative organisms, if they are in fact present. You may just want to risk losing the plants and plant them there anyway. If the soil isn’t contaminated, they’ll do just fine. Good luck!

  61. Thanks! So even though a tomato plant is vertical growing it shouldn’t be planted in an already established strawberry bed?

    • Jill Taylor,
      It isn’t so much the plant itself that can harm the strawberry plants, it is the pathogens that can be lurking with them. To be absolutely safe, you should keep tomatoes and strawberries away from one another. Good luck!

  62. One of my Cub Scouts told me his grandfather taught him not to plant strawberry plants next to tomato plants. The reason was tomato plants have a natural insecticide, and if you slightly bend a fruitless branch just until it snaps, it produces a natural insecticide that kills the tomato worm. But it will also kill the strawberry plants if they are close by.

    • Diane,
      I’ve never heard of that; it is interesting! The main reason they should be kept separate, however, is to prevent cross-contamination with a pathogen they commonly share. Thanks for sharing!

    • lynne boudreau,
      Four feet of distance should be sufficient if there is a barrier between the two. If the soil is contiguous, it poses a remote threat. Good luck!

      • Hi, i would love to use strawberry plants as a cover crop to suppress weeds in my veggie garden. The garden is big enough that there will be plenty of plants, so if they are only 50% productive, I should still get plenty of strawberries. The problem is that I’d like to plant tomatoes and peppers. I was also hoping to grow it under blueberry bushes. If those plants will hurt the strawberries in a small area around themselves, that should be okay. Will diseases transfer through Runners to otherstrawberry or other even non strawberry plants nearby?

        • Wsl,
          If you have verticillium in your soil, it will kill the strawberries, eventually. The shade from blueberry bushes will also impair strawberry production if they are planted beneath them. Also, unfortunately, strawberry plants are a relatively ineffective weed suppressor, which is why you have to mulch them to keep the weeds out of your strawberry bed. I’m sorry!

  63. Can I grow a Gerbera flower plant with my strawberry plants?

    Just want to let you know your site is awesome. I know the Gerbera flowers aren’t listed as compatible, but alot of other plants aren’t either listed throughout your page. Thank you for all your Q&A expertise. I have researched my previous question sent in every wording that I can think of without bothering you. You have taught me a ton about growing strawberries. Thank you so very much.

    • Jen,
      Yes, you shouldn’t have any direct compatibility issues with those two. Good luck, and thank you for the kind words!

  64. I have strawberries and bush beans in a 3×3 raised bed. The bush beans have been rather prolific, and my strawberries are not getting a lot of direct sun all day. They do however seem to be fruiting; I wonder if I should just keep them there, or try to transfer mature, already-fruiting strawberries to an adjacent raised bed of their own?

    • tammy,
      I would recommend leaving them where they are. Transplanting during the middle of the fruit production is not a good idea as it puts extreme stress on the plants. Good luck!

  65. I want to plant strawberries and citronella together in a big pot on my balcony. I wonder can this b done? Ive little room as i live in a unit. But would love to have a lil strawberry garden!! ? Plz help…

    • A-J,
      To my knowledge, there are no negative interactions between strawberry plants and citronella, as long as both have enough soil to thrive. Let us know how it goes, and good luck!

  66. Hi, I am growing hazelnuts trees and strawberries but I am running out of space. My trees are still small only two years old. Space between trees is 12ft. And I have around 2000 trees. So my idea is to plant strawberis between on beds. Like two lines in a midle of each row. I was wondering if those two can grow together. Also I grow strawberries and tagetes (flower) together. On that way you can grow them for many many years on the same spot. Thanks a lot.

  67. Hello… I am in FL, and have started a fall/winter garden that includes 6 tomatoes and 6 peppers all in separate containers. Prior to reading about non-companions, I recently started a separate 5 tiered planter with strawberries. The strawberries are located a couple feet from the tomato containers, and 6-8 feet from the peppers. Due to space and sun limitations, I really don’t have alternative locations, (I can maybe get an extra foot from tomatoes). With the exception of potential splashing do you think that being in separate containers will protect verticillium transfer? Thank you!

    • Matt,
      Yes, having them in separate containers should help prevent verticillium transmission. As a soil-borne pathogen, contiguous soil is the primary concern (although splashing can also transmit). Good luck!

  68. Has anyone had any luck companion planting red flowering annuals with strawberries to confuse the birds? I am trying this with red verbena this year because as soon as my strawbs start to colour up the blackbirds are having a nibble. I thought maybe the bright red verbena flowers dotted through the bed might help to camouflage the fruit so they can’t easily see it. Or is this wishful thinking?? Haha : )

  69. Good afternoon from UK.
    You have persuaded me big time to use borage amongst my strawberries.
    I have 2 rows of 5 plants each (very small bed, however I need to plant a whole world of other vegetables as well!!).
    Row to row 70cm
    Plant to plant within a row 40cm.
    I want to put some borage plants between the 2 rows.
    1. How many borage plants?
    2. Will the borage plant create shade to impair strawberries development?
    3. What could I use supplementary between the straberry plants? WOuld onions or french mariglds offer any practical help for example?

    • Apostolos,
      You could plant the borage between rows, equidistant from each of the rows (35 cm from each row). One plant every 30 to 40 cm should be adequate. The borage shouldn’t grow so tall as to significantly impair the strawberry plants’ production. I wouldn’t plant anything between the plants within the rows. They should produce runners which you can allow to root for more strawberries! Good luck!

    • Just a FYI – borage will self seed throughout your garden. Not a bad thing as it is so beneficial and attractive to bees, but you may need to be aggressive with control. It is not a small plant.

  70. Hi.
    Thank you very much for your previous prompt answer.
    I know this is not the right page for this question but I will give it a shot.
    I planted the afforementioned 10 bare root runners I received last Saturday and after only two days, for two consecutive nights the temperature touched -4 C overnight.
    I know that strawberries are quite cold hardy, however I am worried because after only two days in the ground, the ground froze to stone! At least the top layer.
    What are realistically the chances of the strawberries staying alive?
    I have already cloches on the way, but I hope it is not too late…

    • Apostolos,
      If only the very top layer of the soil froze, the plants should still do fine. You do want to protect them as soon as possible, however! Good luck!

  71. Great article thanks. I have heard that you can’t plant certain things where you have previously planted potatoes,but I can’t remember if strawberries are one of those plants. And can strawberries be planted near asparagus or rhubarb?

  72. Morning! Thank you for an interesting article. I was wondering about your views of underplanting organic rose bushes with wild strawberries. I have some herbs and alliums interplanted with them to attract beneficial insects but would like something more substantial to prevent soil/manure erosion/leeching in winter when the roses are cut back. Thank you for any advice.

    • Jan,
      The root systems of rose bushes are typically much deeper than the root systems of strawberries. The rose root systems can go down to 3 feet, depending on the type you have planted, while most of the root system that nourishes the strawberries will be in the top 3 inches of soil. If your sun is at an angle that will allow the strawberries to receive full sun, they should do well in close proximity to roses as long as the soil also has adequate drainage. Good luck!

  73. In have been growing fuchsias in pots by my back door and need to replace the planters .my wife would like to grow some stewberrys .can I buy a pair of strawberry planters with the small pots on the side.put the strawberries in their. And my fuchsias on the top

  74. I have planted spring onions next to strawberries with great success. The spring onions actually lean towards the strawberries and grow at twice the rate they normally do

  75. Can you advise proximity of blackcurrent and red current, are the beneficial, neutral or a problem, Thanks,

    Advice and thread have been really helpful, THnakyou.

    • Dave McG,
      Currants are significantly taller than strawberry plants, so they need to be positioned far enough away to not throw shade upon them. Otherwise, as long as they have adequate space, they can co-exist happily. Good luck!

  76. The strawberry bed that I planted last year has millions of what I think are wild garlic coming up. What should I do? I have tried to dig up some of them that are not too close to the berry plants but I don’t want them to overtake the whole area.

    • Michelle,
      Strawberries definitely do better without competing with adjacent plants or weeds. So, the best thing to do for strawberry production is to pull them up. Good luck!

  77. Hello, i have limited space but i would love to plant some lavender, mainly to keep mosquitos off the patio. Can i plant these together with strawberries? What else would be a good insect repellant plant i could plant with my strawberries? maybe even some which keeps insects away from the berries. Thank you.

    • Julie,
      Yes, you can plant lavender with strawberries. The best insect repellent plant is probably the Mosquito Shoo Geranium, but you need to have pollination by bees and other creepy crawlies for the best harvest. Good luck!

    • Jessica,
      Yes, just make sure to give the cucumbers and strawberries plenty of space so that the cucumbers don’t shade the berry plants. Strawberries do best in full sun. Also, if you are going to use a trellis for the cucumbers, be sure to position it so that it doesn’t shade the strawberries also. Good luck!

  78. I have a lilac tree planted in the flower bed and 2 feet below I wanted to plant a couple of strawberry plants. Will the sent of the lilac tree overpower the strawberry plants?

    • Becca,
      No, they will be fine. However, if the lilac tree is too tall or interrupts the sunlight for the strawberries, they won’t produce as well for you. Good luck!

  79. I have mint growing through my strawberries. It doesn’t seem to be bothering anything yet. Strawberries are blossoming although there isn’t any fruit yet. Will the mint strangle or damage the strawberries over time?

    • Shelly,
      Yes, the mint will eventually choke out the strawberries if left to grow unchecked. If you maintain mint in its place, however, strawberries can happily co-exist with mint. Good luck!

    • Mandy C,
      Yes, they should not interfere with each other unless they are planted too close together. Good luck!

  80. I have a small patio and would like to grow tomatoes and strawberries but in different pots. Would this be okay or would the tomatoes still interfere with the strawberries growth?

    • June C,
      As long as the strawberries and tomatoes are in different pots and are far enough away from each other so that rain doesn’t splash soil from the tomato pot into the strawberry pot, you should be ok. Good luck!

        • Irene,
          Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to plant strawberry by potatoes. Potatoes have a problem with verticillium susceptibility, which can cross-contaminate and kill strawberry plants. Also, since potatoes do best growing up from the eye of the seed potato, you have to mound soil upwards in order to get a decent yield of potatoes. Strawberry plants can’t have their crowns buried under the soil, so they are best planted separately. Good luck!

      • Hello,
        Can I plant strawberries with cucumbers? I am using a Topsy Turvy this year and I have enough to fill my third one with cukes and strawberry plants. I have pepper plants also, wondering if they can be thrown in too?

  81. Strawberry planter with bush beans in the top? the planter i have is 10″ tall and the ledges for the strawberries is half way up

  82. I am about to plant blueberries in very large pots, over 25 gallon size. I plan to plant one blueberry plant in the center of each pot. I wonder if I could plant strawberries around the edges for a few years until the blueberry bushes get too big. I plan to mix potting soil half and half with peat moss in order to lower the pH.

    • Launa Hiebert,
      Yes, you could probably do that for a year or two depending on the size of the blueberry. You might run into some problems with the soil drying out at the edge of the container, so be sure to check it often! Good luck!

    • Aebalaban,
      Yes, but it is generally not worth the effort. Watermelon vines tend to go every which way and will often invade or shade your strawberries. So, if you don’t want to be constantly monitoring and re-positioning the watermelon vines, it is best to plant them away from each other. Good luck!

  83. I have a ten foot circular planter in the front of my house. I planted one tomato plant in the center, then skipped a two foot radius and planted bare root strawberries around that for two to three foot. then a circle row of beans and peas. then I finished with a circle of pansies. not gonna change anything , I just like to share. Busy with my grand daughter.

  84. I have a small section of garden where I’m nursing 8 – 1 1/2 yr old apple trees I’ve grown from seed in grow bags. The tree-bags were 3/4 buried to over-winter them. Can I put strawberry plants between the trees? I’m guessing I will probably move the trees in a year or two to their permanent location, they’re about 12″ tall and approximately 4′ apart.

    • Tonya,
      Yes, you can intersperse strawberry plants between the apple trees, but they will likely be shaded too much to produce well, if they (the apple trees) are well-branched and leafed out. Good luck!

  85. I want to plant strawberries as groundcover between/in front of my daylilies. It’s a South-facing foundation garden. Do you think they’ll do OK together?

  86. I am going to attempt to plant strawberries with mint plants in a controlled garden space we have behind the house. Is this a good idea, or are these two plants which shouldn’t be planted together?

    Thank you,


    • Tim,
      It is okay to plant them together in the sense that they don’t have negative influence on one another by being in proximity. However, both mint and strawberries like to spread, and, if left untended, the mint will usually win out and choke out the strawberry plants. So, if you plant them together, just make sure you space them appropriately and keep them trimmed back. Good luck!

  87. Awesome advice above. I didn’t see where anyone asked about poppies.
    We live in Vermont and have raised beds we hope to use for strawberries this fall. My daughter has planted poppies in various places. If the poppies survive the winter will they be okay with the strawberries?
    She also planted various types of squash along one row. They will die we know, will it be okay for strawberries to go into the same mound.
    Thank you!

    • VTGina,
      Yes, the poppies can happily live with strawberries! And, you can plant the strawberries where the squash was. Good luck!

  88. I have a couple of question:1.I have bought some pineberries for the first time I was going to put some in a strawberry jar and some in the ground but I have read that if you plant them in a strawberry jar that they only last for 1 season so I was wondering if I plant some in the jar could I transfer them in the ground later on and when would it be the right time to do that I live in Springfield,Ma . 2.what are the best companion plants to plant with the pineberries in the jar and also in the ground.

    • Terry,
      Yes, you can transplant to the ground. September is usually the best time to transplant. Pineberries are just a variety of strawberry, so all the information above applies! Good luck!

  89. hi,

    i made a strawberry tower out of a big rubbish bin, can i can plant radishes and onions on top?strawberries are only growing on the sides

  90. I have a herb garden in it I have sweet basil,Italian basil, chives, chervil,lemon thym,apple mint,orange mint,and a pigeon pea plant. What I want to know is can I plant pine-
    berries with these herbs and how far apart should I plant them.

    • Terri,
      Yes, you can plant strawberries of any type with them. I’d give them at least 6 inches on either side of the pineberry plants. Be careful, though, as both strawberries and mint plants like to invade the space of their neighbors! Good luck!

  91. I am planning my spring garden. I plan to plant strawberries, romain lettuce, borage, chamomile, mint, ginger, canteloupe, and marigolds intermixed in a ten foot long bed that runs along side the house. Do you think any of these plants would have problems as companions?

  92. Two questions: I live in Idaho and have a full sun garden spot I want to plant my strawberries. It would be in a garden bed that has daffodills in it already.
    1. Can I plant strawberries with daffodils?
    2. Can I plant alpine strawberries so I will not get so many runners? Or another type that does not produce runners?

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