Are Bare Root Strawberries or Strawberry Plant Plugs Better?

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Q: Are Bare Root Strawberries or Strawberry Plant Plugs Better?

An Vuong asked:

I want to know the diffirences between bare root plant, plant, bundle and runner. What kind of them that I should buy?

Answer to: Are Bare Root Strawberries or Strawberry Plant Plugs Better?

An Vuong,
Bare root plants are strawberry plants that are shipped without dirt on their roots. They are typically the least expensive. They are usually stored by the retailer or producer in a freezer to induce dormancy, shipped in a dormant state, and need to be planted right away upon arrival. The other main type of plants available commercially are the plug plants. These are produced from rhizomal division or tissue culture or from runner plants. They arrive in soil or other growth medium and are actively growing when they get to you. The also should be planted sooner rather than later, but can stay in their plug trays for a while until you are able to plant them. Plug plants typically have a better survival rate and are more vigorous quicker. I personally prefer plug plants, but both are a good option, and many varieties are only available in the bare root form from suppliers.  Bundles are usually just bare root plants rubber banded together, so you get a certain number (often 25) in a bundle.  Occasionally, strawberries will also be offered as potted plants with a single strawberry plant in a pot.  You can find plug plants, potted plants, and bare root suppliers on the Buy Strawberry Plants directory.  Good luck!

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