San Andreas Strawberries?

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Q: San Andreas Strawberries?

Beatriz Briceno asked:

Hi, I would like to know if you guys have strawberry seeds available.  I’m looking for San Andreas seeds.  My dad is in Venezuela (South America) and he is growing strawberries now.  This variety is very interesting and I’m looking foward to buy some seeds and try them.   I’m living in South Carolina now.  Thanks.

Answer to: San Andreas Strawberries?

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain true-to-type strawberry seeds for the San Andreas strawberry variety.  Since it is a hybrid like most prominent varieties, there is a low likelihood that seeds removed from a San Andreas strawberry would grow a plant even remotely similar to the parent plant.  So, while no reputable seller will offer you strawberry seeds for this variety, you can purchase the plants.  To see the available retailers of San Andreas strawberry plants, check out the entry on the Buy Strawberry Plants page (or click to go directly there: San Andreas).

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  1. i purchased 2 bags of the San Andreas Variety. What is the best way to start planting them and how. I was told I would have to soak the seedling first, is there any truth to this. Please help

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