Strawberries Per Day?

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Q: Strawberries Per Day?

Alexander Kalashecks asked:

How many strawberry plants do I need to plant if I want to have strawberries to eat every day with every meal?  I love strawberries.  My family loves them also and we would like to have them as much as possible this next year.  I am getting ready to order my plants and want to know how many I need to feed us with fresh strawberry every day.

Answer to: Strawberries Per Day?

Alexander Kalashecks,
In my humble opinion, there are few things one can grow in a garden that are better than strawberries!  You are planting at a great time also as strawberry plants planted in the fall will produce a harvest for you during the following spring growing season.  I recently wrote about how many strawberry plants per person should be planted, so be sure to review that information also.  But, your question is slightly different.

As for your question, it is impossible to say how many plants will yield an exact amount of strawberries per day.  Each strawberry plant will typically produce about a quart of strawberries per year, but that production will be spread out across the entire growing season with multiple berries ripening one day and none ripening the next.  If you want your production spread out across the entire growing season, June-bearing varieties won’t work well for you as they produce a lot of strawberries but only over the course of a 2-3 week growing season.  The day-neutral and everbearing varieties will produce strawberries throughout the whole growing season, but with smaller berries.

Soil quality, water, and climate/weather variables will also affect how well your strawberry plants produce.  Under optimal conditions, planting 100 strawberry plants should yield between 1 pint and 1 quart of strawberries per day.  So, if you want to eat them every day, buy at least 100 plants.  Good luck!

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