Strawberry Planting Guide

Spring brings forth visions of harvest in the minds of home gardeners everywhere as they look at freshly planted gardens. As most gardeners know, everything does best when planted at its optimal time. Planting strawberries is no different. This strawberry planting guide will show you when you should put your strawberry plants in the ground. If you haven’t yet purchased any, you can follow this link to buy strawberry plants.

Strawberry Planting Guide: When to Plant Strawberry Plants

The following table lists the date ranges when you should plant strawberries according to USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) zones. The higher the number, the closer the zone is to the equator. Each zone has unique climatic properties, and following this strawberry planting schedule will help you maximize your harvest. For more, see the Growing Strawberries reference page.

USDA Agricultural ZonePlant Strawberries From:Plant Strawberries Until:
Zone 10DecemberFebruary
Zone 9DecemberFebruary
Zone 8DecemberMiddle of March
Zone 7DecemberEarly April
Zone 6Early MarchMiddle of April
Zone 5Early AprilEarly May
Zone 4Early MayMiddle of May
Zone 3Early MayMiddle of May

Strawberry Planting Guide: Conclusion

strawberry planting guideIt is important to remember that planting strawberries during the appropriate time window is only half the battle, and late frosts generally won’t do any significant damage to strawberry plants. It is also important to select a cultivar that is well suited for your area. To learn more about the options, visit the Strawberry Varieties reference page, find out which ones are recommended for your state on the Recommended Strawberry Varieties, or just go with one of the tried and true Popular Strawberry Varieties. And good luck!

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  1. Hi, I am in Portugal, coastside, frostfree rainy winters (Zone 10a, heat zone 7). Here, normally strawberries are purchased november, bareroot, and planted right away. I have limited space and because of veggie-supply in lockdown I planted in a raised bed (and harvested all winter) Pak Choi and Swiss Chard which are now coming to an end. Yesterday, beginning of March 2021, I bought some strawberry plants in tiny pots, some already with flowers and with fruit forming. I have two questions:
    1. Can I plant the strawberries in this site or is it risky because of the Pac Choi before (Brassica…); if it is (risky) , would it be the same problem where I grew Swiss Chard (in the same raised bed but not exactly the same place)?
    2. These small potted plants are surely the results of runners, separated from the mother plants probably in last fall. Do I count this year (2021) as year number one (and wait until next year for fruit) or is this already year two? Harvest or not Harvest is the question…
    Thanks in advance for advice.

  2. Hi! I just moved from Florida to South Dakota (zone 4b) and was gifted an everbearing strawberry plant and some starts. I have NO EXPERIENCE with winterizing and I don’t want my plants to die next winter! Should I plant them in the ground and read up on winterizing or should I plant them in pots and prepare a space for them inside as it gets colder? According to the map, now is the perfect time for me to plant but I don’t know what to do…

  3. I live in zone 6a. We currently Have snow on the ground and are expecting more. It says to plant strawberries in the beginning of March until mid April, however my last frost date is May 1. I ordered 100 bare roots, when should we accept delivery and plant?

    • I live in zone 4. I love the idea planting the strawberries in gutters. Do you think they will survive in the gutters over the winter or should I just suck it up and put them in the ground?

  4. I live in Missouri, zone 6.. My plant is in pot similar to hen/chick. Beautiful plant with lots of rooted runners. Anything I can do to save plant through winter. Judi Godwin

  5. I planted some strawberries at school in late August. I live in Zone 10a. How can I get them to survive until December? Will they survive?

  6. I’m new to planting and After reading about strawberries i figured I would start with them first. I live in zone 8 so it says to start planting in December. I was wanting to start off growing them in pots (if that’s not a good idea then let me know). Is there anything I need to keep in mind?

  7. Hello Mr. Strawberry,
    We live near Brookston, IN, zone 5. This Spring we planned on replanting our strawberry patch, but life, and a busted tiller, got in the way. Can we plant successfully plant roots now or in the fall or is it best to just scrap this year and wait until Spring?

  8. I’m planting Bonnie Strawberries that I bought in a pre-grown 6pack. If I plant them now in zone 7, will I see berries this year?

  9. Hi I just bought some everbearing strawberry roots and I’m wondering when will be the best time to plant them and what is the best kind of soil to use. I am in MS my zone is 8. I’m growing them in gutters. We had snow twice this year which is not usual for us. According to the gardeners almanac the last scheduled frost should be around March 15th. Thank you!

    • Houston Ball,
      September is a perfect time to plant! Planting in the fall allows the roots to develop so that you don’t have to snip your blooms. You won’t get any strawberries this year, but next spring you can expect a full harvest! Go ahead and get them in the ground, and good luck!

  10. Hi,
    I live in Maldives, a tropical country with two seasons, namely Hulhangu Moosun (wet monsoon) which lasts from April 8 to December 9, Iruvai Moosun (dry monsoon) which lasts from December 10 to April 7.
    I want to grow strawberries here. So is it possible to grow them here? If so please give some details on how to grow them. Especially when to start from seeds as we don’t have seedlings available here as they’re not grown locally.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Ashraf,
      It is very unlikely that strawberries will survive or produce a crop for you in your climate. I’m sorry!

  11. I live in zone 5 and we have decided to start a strawberry patch (for next year or year after’s crop obviously). It is late June here. Is it too late to establish a new patch? Would they grow and be strong enough to survive the winter? Any help is appreciated!

    • Kelly,
      No, it isn’t too late. If you are going to be transplanting the strawberries, you may want to even wait a bit longer. Root development happens best in the cooler fall weather, so September should be the ideal time to plant. Good luck!

  12. Hi! I’m trying my hand at planting for the first time ever and I wanted to start with strawberries. I live in zone 10 and was wondering, is the window for planting is closed since it’s already May? Additionally, I don’t have a yard or anything of the like but I do have a sunny window. Should I use a container or hanging basket?

    • Yumi,
      In Zone 10 it is going to be difficult to grow strawberries in the summer/hot weather. Most growers that far south use day-neutrals for off season production in late winter. You can try either a container for your strawberries, or a hanging basket. However, it might be hard to keep them alive. Good luck!

  13. Hi,

    Could you please recommend some strawberry varieties that would do well in Southern California (zone 10)? Thank you!

    • Joy,
      Zone 10 is hot! You might want to try Chandler as they are a bit more heat tolerant than most. Good luck!

  14. Hi,

    I bought some Albion. Not sure if they are barefoot or not as most of them have some small leaves on them but most of them are just long roots. I live in Northern California and now it is Feb. The temperature has been in the 30-40th during the day and 10-20th at night. I planted them right away in a milk crate towel I made with some straws and then covered it with some clear plastic. I left it outside for two nights and now I am not sure if that was stupid or not. So now I have it inside. Please let me know what should I do now. Thank you so much!

    • Helen,
      Moving back and forth from inside to outside can be traumatic on plants when they are getting established. If you have a greenhouse-like set up (with the plastic), I would wait for some warm nights and then move them outside again the morning before the warmer nights begin. Giving them extra protection for the first few nights will help also, but staying outside is probably the best option as soon as they can be moved back out safely. Good luck!

  15. I planted strawberry plants I a big outdoor container. I mixed about a third sand in with the potting soil. Mom always told me that strawberries love sand. Anyway, I have been told that they ate perinial. Is that correct? Also, I live in zone 6 (Missouri) when should I expect to see the first berries coming in? Thank you!

    • Jennifer Stubblefield,
      Strawberry plants do love a sandy loam soil rich in organic matter. And, yes, they are perennial. You will likely see the first berries coming in by April or May, depending on the weather. Good luck!

  16. I just received blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries in the mail. Can I plant now in zone 8? I have them moist and in sand per the companies recommendations but not sure when to plant in ground. We have raised beds. Thanks!

    • Meghan,
      In zone 8, I would go ahead and plant personally, however, that does come with some risk. If you do go ahead and plant, be sure to monitor the temperature and provide extra protection if the temperature drops into the low twenties or cooler. Also, if the plants do suffer cold injury, you might void your ability to get a refund by not following the company’s recommendations. Either way, good luck!

    • I live in zone 8 as well and I am wanting to plant my strawberry roots I just bought. Did you try yours early last year? If so do you have any tips lol. #Trying to get some advise:)

  17. Mr. Strawberry,
    We planted strawberry plants in
    plastic pots. Would like to transplant
    to ground for next year. What should we
    do for the winter? Can we transplant now
    or wait till spring? (zone 5)

    • LeAnn,
      If the ground isn’t yet frozen where you live (it shouldn’t be), go ahead and transplant them carefully. Good luck!

  18. Hi I live in Bulgaria and have just had some strawberry plugs Sweet Colossus delivered, should i plant them directly into the ground or overwinter them, it gets very cold here in the winter down to -30.

    • ann hole,
      I am not familiar with the Sweet Colossus variety. I am assuming that it is suitably hardy for your climate, so I would recommend planting in-ground and mulching very heavily to protect them through the winter. To make certain that is the best course of action, you might want to contact the seller and get his recommendation for your situation/variety. Good luck!


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