Buy Strawberry Plants

buy strawberry plantsThere are countless thousands of online merchants these days, and they sell every imaginable product, item, thingamajig, and plant.  Of course, you can buy strawberry plants online these days too.  In fact, there are a host of sellers of strawberry plants just waiting for you to hit their homepage.  Well, do you want to know where to buy strawberry plants?  Look no further.  You can use this page to purchase strawberry plants according to the specific variety or varieties you want at the best possible price.  The work has been done for you!  Just click the name of the strawberry variety in the table below for which you are looking, and you will jump to a table listing all the known merchants who offer that variety of strawberry plants for sale.

How to Use the Buy Strawberry Plants Page

where to buy strawberry plants onlineTo make the most of this directory, you need to know which type of strawberry you need and which cultivar you want.  To understand the differences, and to get an idea of varieties that will work for you and your circumstances, first visit the Strawberry Varieties page.  If you don’t care much about learning the specifics, you can go with one or two of the Recommended Strawberry Varieties for Your Location.  Once you know what you are looking for, come back here and find the best price for strawberry plants by comparing prices for each and every variety you want.  Once you find a nursery, farm, or supplier with whom you are comfortable doing business, you can find all the varieties they offer by looking them up in the Strawberry Plants for Sale directory (they are in alphabetical order).

Buy Strawberries: Plant Varieties Available

This table includes all the known strawberry plant varieties that are available for purchase online.  Our aim is to make this table exhaustive, so if you are aware of an error or of other sellers of strawberry plants or of other varieties, please let us know!  And, don’t forget, all the information you need to be successful is available here: Growing Strawberries.

Ac Valley SunsetAc WendyAlbicarpaAlbionAlexandriaAli BabaAlice
AllstarAlpineAmeliaAnnapolisAromasAromelBaron Solemacher
Beach StrawberryBeniciaBentonBlakemoreBogotaBrunswickBuddy
Burgess GoliathCabotCalypsoCamarosaCambridge FavouriteCambridge PrizewinnerCambridge Vigour
CaminoCamino RealCapronCardinalCavendishChamblyChandler
CharlotteChiloensisChristinaChristineClancyCoastal StrawberryCombaille
CupidCycloneDarlisetteDaroyalDarselectDeesse des ValleesDelia
Elan F1EleganceElsantaElviraEM1764EmilyEros
EverbearingEvangelineEversweetEvieEvie 2FenellaFern
FestivalFinesseFirecrackerFlamencoFlorenceFort LaramieFragola di Bosco
Fragola Quattro StagioniFraises des BoisFramberryGallettaGariguetteGaviotaGem
GentoGerald StraleyGlooscapGolden AlexandriaGorellaGovernor SimcoeGrandee
GuardianGurney's WhopperHapilHeckerHerriotHoneoyeHood
IntensityIrresistibleIsland of LernuyItalianItascaJewelJudibell
KalindaKelly's BlanketKentKeokiKoronaKremL'Amour
LateglowLipstickLittle ScarletLoranLucyLowannaMadame Moutot
MaeMalling CentenaryMalling OpalMalling PearlMalwinaMara des BoisMarmolado
MojaveMontereyMoschataMount EverestMuskNorthern StarNortheaster
OgallalaOstaraOviationOzark BeautyPegasusPineapple CrushPineberry
Pink PandaPocohontasPortolaPrimetimeProfumata di TortonaPuget ReliancePuget Summer
Purple WonderQuinaultRabundaRambling CascadeRanierRecordRed Chief
Red GauntletRed WonderRedcoatReginaReine des ValleesRemontantRhapsody
RobinsonRodluvanRomanRoseaRosieRoyal SovereignRuegen
Ruegen ImprovedRussian MaleSableSallybrightSan AndreasSapphireSarian
ScarletSeascapeSenecaSenga SenganaSequoiaSerenityShuksan
SonataSophieSparkleSparkle SupremeSt. PierreStoloStrazzberry
SunriseSurecropSweet AnnSweet CharlieSweet HeartSymphonyTalisman
TallaraTarpanTennessee BeautyTermas de TolhuaceTillamookTiogaToklat
TorreyTotemTributeTristanTristarTrumpeterUS 4808
V151Valley RedVeestarVentanaVescaVirginianaWendy
White CarolinaWhite DWhite DelightWhite PineWhite SoulWild StrawberryWinona
Yellow WonderArkansas KingSnow WhiteGasana PatioToscanaFlavorfest

Buy Strawberry Plants by Variety

Ac Valley Sunset
Nourse Farms
Krohne Plant Farms
Ac Wendy
Krohne Plant FarmsNourse Farms
Albicarpa (Alpine) [aka Albocarpa]
not available at this time
BurpeeSuttons SeedsBlackmoor NurseriesAsparagus GardenerIndiana Berry
Amazon.comLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.US Berry PlantsStrawberry TymeSuperb Strawberry Plants
Natural Gardening CompanyKrohne Plant FarmsD.T. Brown
Alexandria (Alpine)
BurpeeCook's GardenOne Green World
Ali Baba (Alpine)
no longer available
Pomona FruitsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Allstar [aka All-Star, All Star]
Nature Hills NurseryDirect GardeningHirts GardensDe Groot, IncGreenwood Nursery
Park Seed Co.Farmer Seed & NurseryHolland Bulb FarmsIndiana BerryA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.
BloomingBulb.comMorgan County SeedsNourse FarmsUS Berry PlantsSimmons Plant Farm
Stargazer PerennialsStark Bro’sSummerstone NurseryBurgess Seed & Plant Co.Bob Wells Nursery
USA Seed StoreKrohne Plant FarmsHarris Seeds
Alpine (Fragaria vesca)
AlbicarpaAlexandriaAli BabaBaron SolemacherDeesse des Vallees
Fragola di BoscoFragola Quattro StagioniFraises des BoisGolden AlexandriaItalian
KremMignonettePineapple CrushRed WonderRegina
Reine des ValleesRemontantRodluvanRuegenRuegen Improved
White DelightWhite SoulYellow WonderAll Fragaria vesca StrawberriesDobies of Devon
Hirts Gardens
no longer available
Indiana BerryJung Seeds & PlantsStrawberry TymeSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Nourse FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Arkansas King
no longer available
US Berry PlantsStargazer PerennialsLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Superb Strawberry Plants
Baron Solemacher (Alpine)
no longer available
Beach Strawberry (see Chiloensis below)
All Chiloensis Strawberries

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Benicia‘.

Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Sakuma Brothers Farms

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Blakemore’.

Bob Wells NurseryHames Strawberry FarmsSimmons Plant Farm
Superb Strawberry Plants
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Nourse Farms
Suttons Seeds
Burgess Goliath
Currently Not Available
Daisy FarmsGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Indiana BerryJohnny’s Selected Seeds
Jung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.Nourse FarmsSpring Hill NurseryVermont Bean Seed Company
Krohne Plant Farms
Blackmoor Nurseries
Cook's GardenBob Wells NurseryJust Fruits and ExoticsLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Natural Gardening Company
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden SupplySakuma Brothers FarmsGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Cambridge Favourite
Dobies of DevonAshridge TreesBlackmoor NurseriesD.T. BrownGardening Express
Marshalls Vegetable & Fruit CompanyNational Vegetable SocietyPomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry PlantsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Plants WholesaleYou GardenWaterland Organics
Cambridge Prizewinner
Superb Strawberry Plants
Cambridge Vigour
Superb Strawberry Plants
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Camino Real
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden SupplySakuma Brothers FarmsBob Wells Nursery
Capron (Musk)
Raintree NurseryThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Cardinal‘.

Bob Wells NurseryFarmer Seed & NurseryGreenwood NurseryIson’s Nursery & VineyardSimmons Plant Farm
Cavendish [aka Cavandish]
Amazon.comDaisy FarmsGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Indiana BerryJung Seeds & Plants
Miller Nurseries Inc.Nourse FarmsSakuma Brothers FarmsStrawberry TymeSummerstone Nursery
USA Seed StoreKrohne Plant Farms
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Chandler‘.

Cook's GardenBloomingBulb.comA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.Bob Wells NurseryDaisy Farms
De Groot, IncGardenHarvestSupply.comGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Indiana Berry
Ison’s Nursery & VineyardLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Morgan County SeedsMountain Valley GrowersNourse Farms
Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden SupplySakuma Brothers FarmsSeeds of ChangeSimmons Plant FarmThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Willis Orchard CompanyAaron’s Creek Farms, Inc.
Superb Strawberry Plants
Chiloensis (Fragaria chiloensis)
Burnt Ridge Nursery & OrchardsIsland of LernuyRaintree NurseryTermas de Tolhuace
Edible Landscaping OnlinePerennial Feast
Suttons SeedsDobies of DevonAshridge TreesD.T. BrownNational Vegetable Society
Pomona FruitsPostal Plants DirectSuperb Strawberry PlantsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Clancy [aka Clancey]
Daisy FarmsIndiana BerryNourse FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Coastal Strawberry (see Chiloensis above)
All Chiloensis Strawberries
D.T. Brown
National Vegetable Society
Nature Hills Nursery
National Vegetable Society
Nourse Farms
Nourse FarmsSuperb Strawberry PlantsYou Garden
Deesse des Vallees (French Alpine)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Superb Strawberry Plants
Holland Bulb Farms
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Nourse Farms
Dunlap [aka Senator Dunlap]
Nature Hills Nursery
Earliglow [aka Earliglo]
Amazon.comBurpeeCook's GardenHenry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Daisy Farms
Nature Hills NurseryGardenHarvestSupply.comGurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Harris SeedsHartman’s Plant Company
American MeadowsIndiana BerryJohnny’s Selected SeedsJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.
Park Seed Co.Gardeners’ ChoiceNourse FarmsMorgan County SeedsPinetree Garden Seeds
Raintree NurserySakuma Brothers FarmsSimmons Plant FarmStark Bro’sSummerstone Nursery
USA Seed StoreVermont Bean Seed CompanyHames Strawberry FarmsHirts GardensKrohne Plant Farms
Eater (Fragaria orientalis)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Éclair [aka Eclair]
BloomingBulb.comA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.De Groot, Inc
Elan F1
BurpeeCook's GardenJ Lynn Nursery
Suttons SeedsDobies of DevonD.T. BrownNational Vegetable SocietyPomona Fruits
GreenfingersWelsh Fruit Stocks
Blackmoor NurseriesGardening ExpressPomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry Plants
Superb Strawberry Plants
Suttons Seeds
Postal Plants DirectSuperb Strawberry Plants
Nourse FarmsSuperb Strawberry Plants
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.
BloomingBulb.comA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.De Groot, IncRaintree NurserySimmons Plant Farm
Park Seed Co.Stark Bro’s
BurpeeHirts Gardens
Evie 2 [aka Evie-2]
Gardener’s Supply CompanyIndiana BerryLogee’s GreenhouseNourse Farms
Dobies of DevonD.T. BrownNational Vegetable SocietyPomona FruitsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Fern [aka Crimson Fern]
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Festival [aka Strawberry Festival, Florida Strawberry Festival]
Direct GardeningBob Wells NurseryLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Burgess Seed & Plant Co.Sakuma Brothers Farms
D.T. BrownMarshalls Vegetable & Fruit CompanyYou Garden
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Suttons SeedsAshridge TreesD.T. BrownMarshalls Vegetable & Fruit CompanyNational Vegetable Society
GreenfingersPomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry Plants
GreenfingersAshridge TreesBlackmoor NurseriesD.T. BrownNational Vegetable Society
Pomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry PlantsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Fort Laramie [aka Ft. Laramie]
Nature Hills NurseryDirect GardeningStargazer PerennialsDe Groot, IncFarmer Seed & Nursery
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Jung Seeds & PlantsA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.Sakuma Brothers Farms
Simmons Plant FarmStargazer PerennialsVermont Bean Seed CompanyBurgess Seed & Plant
Fragola di Bosco (Italian Alpine)
BurpeeCook's GardenThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Fragola Quattro Stagioni (Italian Alpine)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Fraises des Bois (Alpine) [aka Fraises des Boise, Fraises du Bois]
Hartman’s Plant Company
Dobies of Devon
BurpeeNourse Farms
D.T. BrownSuperb Strawberry Plants
Gasana Patio
Direct Gardening
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Sakuma Brothers Farms
Gem [aka Gem Everbearing, Gem Star]
Hames Strawberry FarmsSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Superb Strawberry Plants
Gerald Straley
One Green World
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Indiana BerrySakuma Brothers Farms
Golden Alexandria (Alpine) [aka Gold Leaf Alpine]
Amazon.comOne Green WorldThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Superb Strawberry Plants
Governor Simcoe [aka Gov. Simcoe, Governer Simcoe]
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Strawberry Tyme
Superb Strawberry Plants
Guardian [aka Guardin]
Nature Hills NurserySimmons Plant FarmSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Gurney’s Whopper
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.
Gardening ExpressPomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry PlantsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Richters Herb & VegetableSakuma Brothers Farms
Daisy FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Honeoye [aka Honeyoye]
Nature Hills NurseryStrawberry IslandDirect GardeningBloomingBulb.comBlackmoor Nurseries
Berry Island FarmBob Wells NurseryAshridge TreesDaisy FarmsDe Groot, Inc
Plants WholesaleGardenHarvestSupply.comGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Harris Seeds
Park Seed Co.Indiana BerryJohnny’s Selected SeedsJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.
Morgan County SeedsNational Vegetable SocietyHenry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Nourse FarmsPomona Fruits
Sakuma Brothers FarmsSimmons Plant FarmStargazer PerennialsStark Bro’sSummerstone Nursery
Superb Strawberry PlantsVermont Bean Seed CompanyUSA Seed StoreBurgess Seed & Plant Co.A.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.
Welsh Fruit StocksWaterland OrganicsKrohne Plant FarmsFarmer Seed & Nursery
Burnt Ridge Nursery & OrchardsOne Green WorldSakuma Brothers FarmsStargazer Perennials
Intensity (see Virginiana below)
Oikos Tree CropsThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
Irresistible [aka EM1292]
National Vegetable Society
Island of Lernuy (see Chiloensis above) [aka White Beach Strawberry]
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Italian (Alpine)
One Green WorldOikos Tree Crops
Indiana Berry
BurpeeCook's GardenDaisy FarmsGardenHarvestSupply.comGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Park Seed Co.Hartman’s Plant CompanyHenry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Indiana BerryJohnny’s Selected Seeds
Jung Seeds & PlantsNourse FarmsGurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Raintree NurserySakuma Brothers Farms
Stark Bro’sStrawberry TymeSummerstone NurseryVermont Bean Seed CompanyUSA Seed Store
Hames Strawberry FarmsBerries UnlimitedKrohne Plant Farms
Dobie’s of DevonWelsh Fruit Stocks
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
Kelly’s Blanket
Oikos Tree Crops
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Indiana BerryStrawberry Tyme
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Perennial Feast
Pomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry PlantsWaterland Organics
Krem (Alpine)
D.T. Brown
Berries UnlimitedIndiana BerryNourse FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Daisy FarmsIndiana Berry
Amazon.comRaintree Nursery
Little Scarlet (see Virginiana below)
The Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
Brookside Nursery
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
Suttons SeedsNational Vegetable Society
Madame Moutot
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Ashridge TreesD.T. BrownSuperb Strawberry Plants
Malling Centenary
Suttons Seeds
Malling Opal
Dobies of DevonNational Vegetable SocietyPomona Fruits
Malling Pearl
Welsh Fruit Stocks
Suttons SeedsDobies of DevonPomona FruitsVictoriana Nursery Gardens
Mara des Bois
BurpeeHirts GardensJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.Nourse Farms
Pomona FruitsSuperb Strawberry PlantsThe Strawberry Store, LLCD.T. Brown
Superb Strawberry Plants
Marshalls Vegetable & Fruit Company
Marshalls Vegetable & Fruit Company
National Vegetable Society
Backyard Berry Plants
Mignonette (Alpine)
BurpeeNatural Gardening CompanyRaintree NurseryStargazer PerennialsThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Hames Strawberry FarmsStrawberry TymeSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Strawberry Tyme

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Mojave‘.

Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Daisy FarmsLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden SupplySakuma Brothers FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Moschata (Fragaria moschata)
All Musk Strawberries
Mount Everest [aka Everest]
Blackmoor NurseriesD.T. Brown
CapronProfumata di TortonaRoseaRussian MaleMale Musk from Raintree Nursery
Oikos Tree Crops
Northeaster [aka Northeastern, Noreaster]
BurpeeCook's GardenIndiana BerryMorgan County SeedsNourse Farms
Sakuma Brothers FarmsSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed StoreDaisy FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Northern Star
Oikos Tree Crops
Nature Hills NurseryFarmer Seed & NurseryHenry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Jung Seeds & PlantsBob Wells Nursery
Simmons Plant FarmHames Strawberry Farms
Superb Strawberry Plants
Daisy FarmsIndiana BerryNourse Farms
Ozark Beauty

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Ozark Beauty‘.

American MeadowsDirect GardeningBloomingBulb.comBob Wells NurseryDe Groot, Inc
Nature Hills NurseryFarmer Seed & NurseryGreenwood NurseryGurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Harris Seeds
Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.Holland Bulb FarmsIson’s Nursery & VineyardJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.
A.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.Simmons Plant FarmSpring Hill NurseryStargazer PerennialsStark Bro’s
Summerstone NurseryUSA Seed StoreVermont Bean Seed CompanyHames Strawberry FarmsBurgess Seed & Plant Co.
Strawberry Island
Plants WholesalePomona FruitsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Pineapple Crush (Alpine)
The Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry hybrid Pineberry.

BurpeeDobies of DevonCook's GardenWhite DWhite Pine
Suttons SeedsGardenBargains.comUK Ideal WorldPlantes et JardinsYou Garden
CrocusJ. Parker'sWhite CarolinaPerennial Feast
Pink Panda [aka Frel]
Jekka’s Herb Farm
Bob Wells Nursery
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Summerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Profumata di Tortona (Musk)
Raintree NurseryThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
Puget Reliance
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Puget Summer
One Green WorldRaintree NurserySakuma Brothers Farms
Purple Wonder

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the Purple Strawberries.

BurpeeCook's Garden
Quinault [aka Quinalt]
American MeadowsNature Hills NurseryA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.Bob Wells
Direct GardeningStargazer PerennialsFarmer Seed & NurseryIndiana BerrySakuma Brothers Farms
Park Seed Co.Simmons Plant FarmBurgess Seed & Plant Co.De Groot, Inc
Superb Strawberry Plants
Rambling Cascade [aka Senga Sengana]
Victoriana Nursery Gardens
Ranier [aka Rainier]
Burnt Ridge Nursery & OrchardsSakuma Brothers Farms
BurpeeNourse Farms
Red Chief [aka Redchief]
Nature Hills NurseryDirect GardeningDaisy Farms
Red Gauntlet
Cornucopia Seeds & PlantsD.T. BrownSuperb Strawberry PlantsWaterland Organics
Red Wonder (Alpine)
Oikos Tree CropsThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Regina (Alpine)
Dobies of Devon
Reine des Vallees (French Alpine)
D.T. BrownThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
Remontant (see Vesca below) [aka Tumbleberry]
Victoriana Nursery Gardens
Superb Strawberry Plants
Robinson [aka Giant Robinson]
Nature Hills NurseryFarmer Seed & Nursery
Rodluvan (Alpine) [aka Red Riding Hood, Red Cap]
The Strawberry Store, LLC
BurpeeCook's Garden
Rosea (Russian Musk)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Superb Strawberry Plants
Royal Sovereign
Dobies of DevonSuttons SeedsAshridge TreesD.T. BrownMarshalls Vegetable & Fruit Company
National Vegetable SocietyPomona FruitsPostal Plants DirectSuperb Strawberry PlantsVictoriana Nursery Gardens
Waterland Organics
Ruegen (Alpine) [aka Rugen]
Oikos Tree CropsRichters Herb & Vegetable
Ruegen Improved (Alpine) [aka Rugen Improved]
Tripple Brook Farms, Inc.
Russian Male (Musk)
Raintree Nursery
Strawberry Tyme
Dobies of DevonNational Vegetable Society
San Andreas
Bob Wells NurseryLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden SupplySakuma Brothers FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Strawberry Tyme
Natural Gardening Company
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Amazon.comBurpeeBloomingBulb.comBerries UnlimitedDaisy Farms
Gardener’s Supply CompanyGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Hartman’s Plant CompanyIndiana BerryJung Seeds & Plants
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Natural Gardening CompanyNourse FarmsOne Green WorldPeaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply
Pinetree Garden SeedsRaintree NurserySakuma Brothers FarmsStrawberry TymeWillis Orchard Company
Krohne Plant Farms
Nourse Farms
Senga Sengana [aka Rambling Cascade]
Victoriana Nursery Gardens
Direct GardeningBloomingBulb.comBob Wells NurseryFarmer Seed & NurserySakuma Brothers Farms
Simmons Plant FarmWillis Orchard CompanyBurgess Seed & Plant Co.
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Strawberry Tyme
Burnt Ridge Nursery & OrchardsOne Green WorldRaintree NurserySakuma Brothers FarmsStargazer Perennials
Snow White
Van Meuwen
Dobies of DevonSuttons SeedsBlackmoor NurseriesNational Vegetable SocietyPomona Fruits
Welsh Fruit Stocks
Direct GardeningDaisy FarmsFarmer Seed & NurseryGardenHarvestSupply.comGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Indiana BerryJohnny’s Selected SeedsJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.Nourse Farms
Pinetree Garden SeedsSimmons Plant FarmSummerstone NurseryVermont Bean Seed CompanyBurgess Seed & Plant Co.
USA Seed StoreKrohne Plant Farms
Sparkle Supreme
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery Co.
St. Pierre [aka Saint Pierre]
Strawberry Tyme
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Farmer Seed & Nursery
Bob Wells NurserySimmons Plant Farm
Surecrop [aka Sure Crop]
Nature Hills NurseryDirect GardeningDaisy FarmsFarmer Seed &
Park Seed Co.Miller Nurseries Inc.Morgan County SeedsAsparagus GardenerIndiana Berry
Sakuma Brothers FarmsSimmons Plant FarmStark Bro’sBurgess Seed & Plant Co.Hames Strawberry Farms
Summerstone NurseryUSA Seed StoreKrohne Plant Farms
Sweet Ann
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Sweet Charlie

Also, see the profile page for much more information on the strawberry variety ‘Sweet Charlie‘.

BurpeeCook's GardenAaron’s Creek Farms, Inc.Bob Wells
Greenwood NurseryIson’s Nursery & VineyardJust Fruits and ExoticsLassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Sakuma Brothers Farms
Willis Orchard Company
Sweet Heart
Suttons SeedsYou Garden
Blackmoor NurseriesPomona FruitsWelsh Fruit Stocks
Superb Strawberry Plants
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
Tarpan [aka Tarpan F1]
D.T. Brown
Tennessee Beauty
Hames Strawberry FarmsSimmons Plant FarmSummerstone NurseryUSA Seed Store
Termas de Tolhuace (Chiloensis)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Cornucopia Seeds & Plants
Direct Gardening
Ashridge TreesSakuma Brothers FarmsSuperb Strawberry Plants
Amazon.comBurpeeCook's GardenHarris SeedsHartman’s Plant Company
Nature Hills NurseryMiller Nurseries Inc.Morgan County SeedsIndiana BerrySakuma Brothers Farms
Park Seed Co.Stark Bro’sStrawberry TymeDaisy FarmsStargazer Perennials
BurpeeCook's GardenPark Seed Co.Direct Gardening
Tristar [aka Tri Star, Tri-Star]
Nature Hills NurseryBurnt Ridge Nursery & OrchardsDaisy FarmsDe Groot, IncGardeners’ Choice
Park Seed Co.Hartman’s Plant CompanyIndiana BerryJung Seeds & PlantsMiller Nurseries Inc.
Morgan County SeedsA.D.R. Bulbs, Inc.One Green WorldHarris SeedsRaintree Nursery
Sakuma Brothers Farms
Nature Hills Nursery
US 4808 (Virginiana)
The Strawberry Store, LLC
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Strawberry Tyme
Valley Red
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.
Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.
Lassen Canyon Nursery Inc.Sakuma Brothers Farms
Vesca (Fragaria vesca)
All Alpine StrawberriesCornucopia Seeds & PlantsJekka’s Herb FarmStargazer PerennialsOikos Tree Crops or Oikos Tree Crops
Saratoga Seed Company
Virginiana (Fragaria virginiana)

Also, see the profile page for Fragaria glauca, the Mountain Strawberry, a subspecies of Fragaria virginiana.

IntensityLittle ScarletUS 4808The Strawberry Store, LLCTN Nursery, Wholesale Nursery Co.
Tripple Brook Farms, Inc.Oikos Tree CropsEdible Landscaping Online
Daisy FarmsGhesquiere Plant Farms Ltd.Jung Seeds & PlantsStrawberry Tyme
White Carolina (Pineberry)
Hirts GardensThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
White D (Pineberry)
Cook's GardenThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
White Delight (Alpine)
Jekka’s Herb FarmThe Strawberry Store, LLC
White Pine (Pineberry)
BurpeeThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast
White Soul (Alpine)
BurpeeCook's GardenThe Strawberry Store, LLC
Wild Strawberry
Fragaria chiloensisFragaria moschataFragaria orientalisFragaria vescaFragaria virginiana
Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.Nourse FarmsKrohne Plant Farms
Yellow Wonder (Alpine)
BurpeeCook's GardenRaintree NurseryThe Strawberry Store, LLCPerennial Feast

buy strawberriesBuy Strawberry Plants Today!

With the resources on, you need not worry about finding success, even if you have never grown strawberries before.  Use this site to research any question you have (try the search option at the top right of this page), and feel free to contact us or leave a comment.  The hardest part is finding a supplier of strawberry plants, and we have helped with that!  There are no excuses now that you know where to buy strawberry plants.

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  • Mr. Strawberry

    John Gallagher,
    Delmarvel strawberries are a good choice, but they have been out-performed by more recently released varieties. You can probably find them at local nurseries in your area, but they aren’t available for ordering online (as far as I am aware). You can find a host of others here. Good luck!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Marjorie McCausland-George,
    To buy strawberries, just click the links on this page for the variety you wish to grow. Use this page to find the right varieties for your location. For strawberry diseases, and treatments, peruse the Library for applicable information. Good luck!

  • John Gallagher

    Where can I find Delmarvel Strawberries? I live in Southeastern Pa and saw at both Penn St and Rutgers recommend these varieties for this area……….

  • Marjorie McCausland-George

    To Whom It May Concern, I have no idea how to buy strawberries. I don’t know what kind I should get or what they should cost. Please educate me-when you have a chance. I am sure you are very busy, I am just too ignorant about them. Am sorry about this. Also, in cases where people may have verticillium, is there some kind of powder or spray to combat that sort of thing? What can anyone use? Thank you already.
    sincerely, Marjorie McCausland-George.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    For what you are wanting to do, check the vendors that offer Fall Strawberry Plants for sale. Good luck!

  • Wesley

    Been looking through here at the vendors. Most don’t specify the age of these plants. I am interested in fall planting and spring harvest ,then plow them and start over again in the fall with new plants. Am not interested in establishing a plant for 18 months . Also price for these plants is a big factor . If when its done it cost me as much as it would to buy the fruit retail + plus the work I am not interested . The prices look go for the most part with these vendors . Can anybody recommend one that sells mature plants at a reasonable price ?

  • Straw Berry

    Jason Inch,
    You should find several here who can ship to you in Canada: Strawberry Suppliers. Good luck!

  • Jason Inch

    I am hoping to find strawberry plugs for May, 2014.

    Anyone know a Canadian Supplier of strawberry plugs?

    or.. A company who can ship plugs into Canada?


    Desperately seeking plugs!!

  • Straw Berry

    barbara Doss,
    I am not aware of anyone selling Sweet Ann strawberries in your area. If you discover them for sale, please do let me know, and I will include them in our directory. Good luck!

  • barbara Doss

    I am looking for Sweet Ann organic strawberries to grow in central texas. Can you tell me if they are available and at what price Ican buy them if I buy 100.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    The recommeded varieties are here for Michigan. Tribute and Tristar are the day-neutrals. Good luck!

  • Trese

    Hello I live in Michigan. What variety of plants would you recommend I like the day neutrals.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Yes, indeed! It is here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State.

  • Stix

    Do you have a list of the best plants for each state or zone?
    I live in Orlando Fl. and want to add strawberries to my garden.
    Thanks for your time,

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I’d recommend reviewing the recommended varieties for Missouri. Good luck!

  • Taras

    I need some early, middle, and late plants for Missouri. Could you recomend the best sort? Sweetest? biggest? biggest yielding? Thank You.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Russell O,
    You could try Ozark Beauty (everbearing) or Tribute/Tristar (day-neutral). For other recommendations, see the listing for Alabama here: Recommended Varieties by State. Good luck!

  • Russell O

    I live in the southern part of Alabama. Can you recommend an everbearing or day-neutral strawberry that will produce fruit in the fall as well as spring for my area? Thanks.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Doreen T,
    I would recommend Ozark Beauty. It is a tried and true everbearing variety and should should do well where you live. You can find suppliers here: Ozark Beauty. Good luck!

  • Doreen T

    I live in Parkersburg, WV. I am looking for an everbearing strawberry that will grow well here. Several years ago I found a local supplier that sold bare root plants that performed wonderfully and were very prolific. I have been unable to locate them again. What do you suggest?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    This should be of assistance: Strawberry Plants per Acre

  • bonnie muzylouski

    can you tell me how big an area I will need for 1000 strawberry plants?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    The following two varieties should do well for you in Connecticut: Earliglow, Jewel. Good luck!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    If taste and aroma are your primary concerns, go with an Alpine variety. This one is excellent. Good luck!

  • Twitch

    Could you suggest a strawberry plant variety that would do well in Connecticut?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Earliglow is a good variety, but these may do better in Kentucky: Camarosa, Chandler, Jewel, Northeaster, Sweet Charlie. Good luck!

  • Amaya

    This is such an informative site! Kudos for helping so many people! I am wondering which strawberry variety is the absolute sweetest with the best flavor. I am not too concerned with having enormous berries or a high yeild, I would rather have fewer berries that are decadent. Also, if it halps, I live in the Portland, OR area. Thank you!

  • Mrs.barger

    dear mister,

    This year i will be planting strawberries in my garden… i was looking at some varieties such as the Earliglow strawberry and i was wondering what you thought about them i am from Kentucky so we have very fertile ground…

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Sukin Oh,
    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the South Korean climate. However, I can tell you that you will likely have much happier plants and much bigger long-term yields from your strawberry plants if you modify your plans slightly. Planting strawberry plants in the spring and hoping to harvest just a few months later usually is not a very successful approach. You might get a small harvest, but the plants will do much better in the long run if you snip or pinch off the blooms throughout the first growing season to allow the plants to establish themselves and develop hearty and powerful root systems. See the Growing Strawberries reference page for more details. As for buying the plants, I don’t know of any Korean suppliers at present. You could try contacting some of the suppliers listed in the directories on this site to see if they are able to ship internationally. Good luck!

  • Sukin Oh

    Dear sir,
    We are planning to plant strawberry plants in South Korea this early spring, and would like to harvest the fruits this late spring and early summer. Whis varieties are suitable, and where can we buy young strawberry plants?
    Thank you
    Sukin Oh

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Usually, day-neutral strawberries do best for year-round and hydroponic growing. For more information on day-neutrals, see the Strawberry Varieties reference page. Two of the best varieties are Tribute and Tristar. Good luck!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    As long as your container is large enough to accommodate multiple plants, you can most definitely extend the growing season and harvest. If you look at the chart near the top of the Strawberry Varieties reference page, you can get approximate ripening times. If you plant early season, mid-season, and late season varieties, you’ll accomplish your goal, if all goes and grows well. Good luck!

  • Jessica

    I live in near Philadelphia, and am wondering if I can plant several kinds of strawberry plants together in one conatiner to expand the growing season, with some ripening at various points in the season? Thank you!

  • Mr. Strawberry

    You need a day-neutral variety for best results using hydroponics (see the Strawberry Varieties page for details on day-neutrals). The varieties that most hydroponic growers do the best with are Tribute and Tristar.

  • mike

    I live in new york and I would like to grow strawberries hydroponically. Which variety would you recommend for hydroponics?

  • Ivan

    Good afternoon, tell me what kind of strawberries to choose to grow year-round in greenhouses for commercial sale. Also interested in the variety to be grown in hydroponic setup.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    I am unaware at present of any suppliers of the ‘Charlotte’ variety in the U.S.A. Sorry! If you discover one, please do let me know.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    You are definitely pushing it as far as planting a strawberry bed that will successfully make it through the winter since you live in a northern climate. But, it can’t hurt to try! See the Fall Strawberry Plants page for more information. You may want to establish a new bed as old plants can harbor diseases that can be passed easily to new plantings. And, to keep your beds vital on a sustainable and long-term basis, see the system on the Transplanting Strawberries page.

  • Diane

    I live in Boston MA — it is now oct and I would like to plant some fall strawberries-I have a 15 x 25 foot bed of strawberries that my husband weed sacked since the bed did not produce well this year. It is about 5 years old – is it too late to order and plant for a spring harvest in 2012

  • Carla

    Can you recommend a source for the strawberry variety ‘Charlotte’ in the US?

  • Mr. Strawberry

    Mrs. Gardner,
    For retailers who offer fall shipments, see here: Fall Strawberry Plants.

  • Mr. Strawberry

    For recommended strawberry varieties for Kentucky (or any of the other 49 states), see here: Recommended Strawberry Varieties by State

  • Mrs. M.J.Gardner

    Am trying to find a source for strawberry plants this fall to plant in the garden, most only do spring planting.

  • Jeff Martin

    Which types of strawberry plants would you recomend for Kentucky

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