Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?

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Q: Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?

On November 30, 2010, Adrian asked:

I have 2 strawberry plants which are doing very well! I grow them in a length of PVC pipe which keeps the strawberries off the ground and works really well. My question is when i take the strawberry off the plant do i just leave the stork on the plant or do i trim it back? also, i don’t seem to be getting any runners? Thanks, Adrian.

Answer to: Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?

When you harvest your strawberries, you do not need to trim back the stalk to which the strawberry used to be attached. It will turn brown and eventually die back. As for strawberry runners, it depends on which strawberry variety you are growing. June-bearers will often produce lots of runners, while varieties of everbearing and day-neutral strawberries will often produce fewer. A few strawberry species produce no runners and have to be propagated by seed (but it is unlikely that yours is of this type). If you keep the plants alive for a full year, at some point you will likely see it produce runners depending on where you live, your climate, etc.  If you let them or help them root, you can take advantage of the perennial nature of the plants and grow them indefinitely.  To do that, implement the method described on this page: Transplanting Strawberries.  And, good luck!

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10 thoughts on “Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?

  1. Re Runners.
    I live in Far North Queensland, Australia.
    Last year I bought some plants in the local supermarket. They do not thrive very well and have produced only a little fruit. (No great surprise.) And they have produced no runners at all. -Which was a surprise. – Is there a variety that has no runners? Or, is it simply because they do not thrive?
    v jensen.

    • v jensen,
      There are a few varieties that produce very few or no runners. They usually produce very aromatic and tasty fruit, but the fruit is both fewer and smaller than most varieties that produce runners. It may be that your plants are of the type that produce few runners, or they could be just failing to thrive, as you mention. Hope that helps, and good luck!

  2. Well, I have June-bearers but I’ve been waiting almost two months to get runners and I have yet to spot a single runner. I planted them around the beginning of last month. Got the ones that were already mostly grew at Walmart when I brought them.

    • Stephanie,
      Give them some more time! They’ll likely put out runners in the next month or so. Good luck!

  3. Hi there folks.. Uk calling…
    I’ve been waiting on my Strawberries to produce a runner, but not a single 1 to date! I have never grown Strawberries without getting tons of runners, it feels so bizarre!! The fruit was great, so sweeeeeeet, and juicy.. just a delight to savour, and the yield was ok too. Anyhow, i want more, lots more… but no runners, hmm 🙁 Now i’ve researched and found out a couple of varieties only produce fruit, no runners, and you have to grow them from seed (of which we’ve all eaten like greed cows), grrr.. now i’ve gotta wait til next year :/ crumbs!!

    • lesley,
      Be patient! It isn’t too late for the plants to put out a few runners. So, just keep an eye on them and there is a good chance you’ll see a few before fall rolls around. Good luck!

  4. Please could some one tell me which is the best variety to grow that don’t have runners I live on the north west coast of Tasmania and we have a modeate climate with up to three or four light frosts a year.

    • J van Rooyen,
      Virtually all strawberry plants will produce runners. There are a couple that produce very few, but importing them to Tasmania will likely pose an insurmountable obstacle. I’m sorry!

    • Aimee,
      Yes, in a sense. The purpose of removing the blossoms is to allow the roots to develop better. The stronger roots then allow greater vegetative growth and berry production subsequently. Good luck!

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