How Long Do Strawberry Plants Live?

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Q: How Long Do Strawberry Plants Live?

Mark asked:

Thanks for the information here. I would like to know how many years I can sustain the plants please. I ask this because it would be great to continue on and keep the same plants growing for as long as possible. I have heard that three years is maximum but surely if you move plants/cutting around to different beds you will be able to keep grwoing for MANY years.

Answer to: How Long Do Strawberry Plants Live?

If you take any single strawberry plant, it will begin losing its vigor at about 3 years of age, in most cases. Age 3 for a strawberry plant is like age 50 for a human, so to speak. Few individual plants will make it to 6, just like few people make it to 100. And, productivity tends to drop off for most strawberry plants and people after that half-way mark as well. But, just like people who can keep their “line” going indefinitely through children, so can strawberries through their runner plants. If you start with even a few plants, you can keep growing strawberries forever if they don’t get diseased and are well cared for. To see how to do it, see this post: Transplanting Strawberries.  Good luck!

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    • Peggy Grau,
      With appropriate care, you can probably coax a plant to make it to about 7 years or so, but they will likely not produce much, if any, strawberries after year 5 or 6. Good luck!

  1. I have strawberry plants that are showing spots on the leaves. When I pull them out, the roots are black and dry. We had a bumper crop of berries this year and they are producing runner plants. What should I do?

    • mike,
      If the plants are alive, don’t pull them out unless you are purposely thinning them. If you have spots on the leaves, that will often indicate one of the more common fungal infections. I’d recommend starting here to identify and treat them appropriately. Good luck!

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