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Growing Strawberries in Bangladesh

growing strawberries in bangladeshStrawberries are a small fruit native to the Americas and also found in several other regions of the world.  Bangladesh is not one of them.  However, the Fragaria x ananassa hybrid cross that makes up most of the strawberry cultivation around the world is not breaking through in Khagrachhari just yet.  Two pioneering farmers, Bimal Chandra Chakma and Munmun Chakma, have successfully grown strawberries there for years now.  They used a species called Rabi-3, and have watched as their efforts have quadrupled the size of their plantation.

The pair of farmers initially started with 50 decimals of land, but were able to expand their growing strawberries in Bangladesh to 200 decimals in just three years.  What is also ground-breaking is that the couple has paved the way for other farmers to begin growing strawberries in Bangladesh since their operation has proven to be commercially viable.

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Strawberry Pollination

strawberry pollinationStrawberries are relatively simple little plants.  Their genomes have been completely mapped, and their life cycles are fully understood.  But, as simple as strawberry plants may seem, they are still complex enough to warrant study; and, the study that goes into them continues to reveal much fascinating information.  This post is dedicated to that topic of plant fertilization that sometimes can induce somnambulism in all but the most ardent botanists: strawberry pollination.  But, once you’ve reviewed this information, you’ll be ready to tackle hand pollination of strawberries or be better able to situate your strawberry bed in the most ideal location for growing gargantuan berries!

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The Simply Sensational Strawberry Cookbook

the simply sensational strawberry cookbook

Strawberries are small. The strawberry business, however, is huge. In the United States alone, growing the fine red fruits is a multi-BILLION dollar industry.

Obviously, you are not alone in your enjoyment of strawberries! In fact, virtually everyone loves their distinctive flavor and aroma. Even the thought of the juicy burst that comes as one bites into a ripe one is enough to set the mouth to watering. Ever since the first known description of a strawberry plant was recorded in 1454, their fame has spread around the globe. Doubtless, they were enjoyed by the native peoples inhabiting the temperate regions of our globe even long before then.

Like most whole fruits, strawberries provide a bounty of nutrition for the hungry body. We have not yet fully realized the health benefits that come from consuming strawberries, but we do know quite a bit already. The beneficial health-supporting nutritional components are numerous…

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The Strawberry Growing Master Manual

The Strawberry Growing Master Manual




Strawberries. Everyone loves them. The small red fruits meld their aroma and taste together perfectly for what many food connoisseurs describe as a truly sublime gustatory experience. So delightful is the fruit that literally billions of dollars are made each year from the sale of the savory succulents. The enormous Californian strawberry companies that produce tons upon tons of strawberries don’t want you to know something, however. In fact, they don’t want you to know several things…

They don’t want you to know that you can easily grow your own strawberries at home in as little as one half of a cubic foot of dirt! You don’t need acres upon acres of land.

They don’t want you to know how much money you can save by growing your own strawberries instead of buying berries from them! Strawberry plants are one of the most productive garden plants based on size-to-harvest ratio.

They don’t want you to know how enjoyable it is to see little plants produce heaps of strawberries that you can immediately eat! There is no need to fight the crowds at the supermarket or grocery store to enjoy ultra-fresh berries.

And, my friend, those are just a few of the myriads of benefits you’ll realize by growing your own strawberries. Let me tell you briefly about the value you will be able to realize by using The Strawberry Growing Master Manual to produce your own strawberries. To best understand this value, let’s start with some of what makes strawberry plants so amazing…

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Moving Strawberry Runner Plants

moving strawberry runner plantsQ: Moving Strawberry Runner Plants?

On June 25, 2011, Monty asked:

Now, where to start…early this spring I ordered a pack of 25 Earliglow plants from a supplier (who shall remain nameless). The plants arrived in excellent condition, however, instead of receiving 1 pack of 25 plants, I received 25 packs of 25 plants, so 625 plants in all!  I called the supplier to inform them of their mistake and was to to just keep them, throw them away or give them away. Being an avid gardener, I couldn’t throw them away. Since I own a couple of acres, I decided to put in a dedicated bed and planted 100 of them (the rest I gave away to friends and family).

Here’s the problem: I amended the soil for the bed, planted, and pinched every bloom this year. Now the plants are going crazy. I have runners everywhere. The rows are 3 feet apart, but the plants are only about 12-18″ apart. At the rate they are growing, I won’t be able to walk in the patch by the end of summer.

So, my question is, this fall, can I remove some of the runner plants and transplant them to another larger bed that I will prepare during the summer? Should I do it now, in the fall or wait until spring? We preserve many different things from the garden such as tomatoes, beans, beets, grape jelly, etc, etc so adding strawberry jam would be a welcome addition. Thanks for any advice.

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Mulching Strawberry Plants in the Summer

mulching strawberry plants in the summerQ: Should I Mulch Strawberry Plants?

On April 9, 2015, Kim Ruby asked:

Hello – I live in North Central Florida. My growing season is different than the northern climates. My strawberry season is ended by June. This past year I planted 40 Sweet Charlie bare root plants in November and they are doing great. I have been pinching the berries this year giving the plant a chance to establish. Should I use straw mulch to protect my strawberry plants from the summer heat? If not, what do you suggest? Thank You.

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Novelty Strawberries

novelty strawberriesNovelty Strawberries for the Home Garden

It is finally that time of year again! The winter freeze is in the process of giving way to the spring thaw, and that means it is time to start planning your garden. The sooner you start planning, the sooner you will be ready to plant, and the sooner you will be ready to harvest delicious earth-grown produce.

Since strawberry plants often find their way into many gardeners’ plots each year, I thought it might be beneficial to review some of the lesser-known options. If you have a square foot garden or a few extra rows (or even a partial row) of space to use, you may want to consider branching out into some of these novelty strawberry varieties.

Everyone knows the traditional red and juicy strawberry. Many don’t know that there are other, less-common options available as well. This post will familiarize you with you options. If you are a bit adventurous and willing to branch out, try planting one or more of these novelty strawberries. You’ll find them unique and well-suited as attraction-getters, whether you use them in salads, enter them in contests, or find other amazing uses for them!

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fake blue strawberryIf you have any desire to plant a garden this year, you are likely already thinking and dreaming of earthen smells and textures and the warmth of the sun.  Spring is synonymous with strawberries for many people, and you may even be planning on including some of the delicious red berries in your harvest this year.  Please take a moment and read this before you buy strawberry seeds online.

Q: When Will My Strawberry Plants Start Producing Apple-Sized Strawberries?

On March 6th, 2015, Peter Genovese asked:

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Planting Strawberries with Cucumbers

planting strawberries with cucumbersQ: Planting Strawberries with Cucumbers?

On February 25, 2015, Jamie asked:


I’ve read the comments to see that cucumbers and beans both should be fine planted close to strawberries. I have a small patch in my small urban garden and would really like to maximize space. My berries are only june bearing, and I am envisioning trellising cucumbers above the patch. You said to keep the trellises on the north side to avoid shading the plants too much, but would full sun matter once my strawberries are done producing? That is, if the climbing cukes do well over the strawberries and they have less light, would I risk losing plants? And how close to the patch do you think I can plant some cukes, if I stay on top of runners who might want to compete? Space is at a premium.

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Growing Strawberries in Cameroon Africa

growing strawberries in cameroon africaQ: Growing Strawberries in Cameroon Africa?

On February 23, 2015, Anne Dimond asked:

I am currently living in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. Our temperature here is on average 70*F +/- 10*F. It never freezes here. We are at 2500ft. altitude with a fair amount of humidity. We are very close to the equator. We are wondering if this climate is suitable to growing strawberries and what varieties would do best here. We were thinking of starting with seeds but plants might be more helpful. We are definitely novices and could use direction in all areas. We have grown strawberries at home in the states, (Utah) but are unfamiliar with this area. We are missionaries here and are trying to introduce new things that they don’t have here. Maybe there is a reason they don’t grow strawberries here! Any information would be so appreciated. I will be returning to the states Feb. 27-March 7 so if there is anything there that I could pick up and bring back that would be awesome!

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