Growing Strawberries in Tropical Climates?

growing strawberries in tropical climates

Question: Growing Strawberries in Tropical Climates?

Richard asked:

I am interested in Strawberry varieties which are most suitable for growing in tropical climates…particuarly the Philippines. So far I have found out the following are perhaps suitable: Red Gauntlet, Tioga, Cambridge, Turft.

However, I struggle to find much more about these, especially where to get the seeds from. Can you help?

Answer to: Growing Strawberries in Tropical Climates?

Just about all strawberry varieties do better in temperate climates rather than tropical ones, unless they are grown at altitudes where it is cooler. Though the plants will likely grow with appropriate soil, water, and attention, you may want to read about the most common reasons why Strawberry Plants Don’t Produce Strawberries. Additionally, most modern Fragaria x ananassa garden strawberry varieties won’t grow true from seed as discussed on the Strawberry Seeds page. To find strawberry seeds, you can visit the directory of Strawberry Seeds for Sale. To find strawberry plant varieties, you can visit the directory of suppliers who offer Strawberry Plants for Sale. To shop by strawberry variety instead of by supplier, visit the Buy Strawberry Plants page. For the specific varieties you mentioned, you can go directly to the sellers who offer them by clicking these links, respectively: Cambridge Favourite, Cambridge Prizewinner, Cambridge Vigour, Red Gauntlet, Tioga. If you do decide to order from overseas companies and have them sent to you, you might benefit from this information: Shipping Strawberry Plants.

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  1. I live in Martinique in the West Indies, and I grow nice strawberries in the south of the island where it is very hot. But not all variety though. I don’t know its name, but this variety is growing very well in tropical countries.

  2. Hi Mr Strawberry,

    Great website, thanks for all the helpful information! I was wondering if you have heard of a company in New Caledonia called Les Fraisiers de Paita. They seem to be quite an anomaly as they have a strawberry farm in the tropics.

    I have been looking into this for a while as I would like to grow strawberries around 21 degrees latitude, which is in the tropics but not as hot as other parts of the tropics.

    Do you have any idea how this company would be managing this feat, what varieties they might use, etc?
    Many thanks!

    • Tatiana,
      I’m not familiar with them, but it isn’t impossible to grow strawberries in the tropics, just much more difficult than in temperate regions. They can be grown at certain altitudes in the tropics, and they can be grown in climate-controlled areas. Good luck!

  3. Hai mr strawberry. I live in malaysia n the temp usually 30-35c in sunny days. I tried to plant giant strawberry seeds i bought in lazada. It looks like they are begin to grow. Should i put them under the roof but near sunlight? What medium is the best to use, the best pH, n the max n min temperature to be maintain? N what is the best type of pesticide n fertilizer for the berries plant. Bc im planting blueberry n raspberry too.

    • ayesha,
      The goal of adding ice water is to decrease the root temperature of the naturally-temperate strawberry plants. You can try adding ice water a little bit before the time when the temperatures are going to be hottest.

  4. I groww strawberries here in Dominica ( Caribbean) . Before I only got a lot of foliage and runners but no fruit. I started giving them ice water , because it gets pretty hot here. Now I have a lot of fruit , good size and color. Hope this helps.

    • Justina,
      Thanks for the tip! Keeping the roots cool is important for fruit production in tropical conditions. Good luck!

    • Hi, I do live in Dominican Republic but in the Caribbean like you. Our climate is about 3°C lower than in Dominican your country but i am also having some troubles getting my strawberry plants to get fruits. Can you tell me about this method of add Ice Water? Whats the best water temperature? Do you refrigerate the water or do you add some ice cubes to get it cool? Also what is the best time to add the ice water?

      I have sucessfully started 7 strawberry plants from seeds and some of them had a good size now but not flower, runners or fruit. So any help is highly appreciable.

      Thanks! Excellent website Mr. Strawberry!

  5. If i grow strawberries successfully in tropical climates, do they need overwintering or just leave them alone (not overwinter them). And do mulch helps to keep the soil temperature cool and moist?

    • Aizuddin Azhar,
      If the temperatures do not drop into the low 20s, the strawberries will probably not go dormant. So, you won’t need to overwinter them. Mulching with a light or reflective mulch can help keep the soil temperature down, but lack of moisture is not usually a problem in tropical climates. Too much moisture is usually an issue. Either way, good luck!

        • Aizuddin Azhar,
          No, they don’t have to go dormant to survive, but the heat and moisture in most tropical locations will either kill them outright or allow for pathogenic fungi to do the trick. You can induce dormancy with refrigeration if the humidity is also controlled. Good luck!

  6. Hi there first of all thank you for sharing all these information. I live in a tropical place don’t know if you heard about it, Mauritius. Temperature here in winter can go as low as 17 degrees and summer can go as high as 32 degrees but humidity can be very high at times. I came across your website as I was looking to grow strawberries from seedling, with your expertise do you think we can grow strawberry here but am also looking for a variety that will produce fruits all year round, as starting this as a business venture.

    Nevertherless starting with a very small project due to lack of space, experience and funds. Would be grateful if you could help me with some information please.

    • Archana O’Connor,
      It will be difficult to start a commercially viable strawberry venture in your location unless all the plants are located indoors in a climate-controlled environment. I’m sorry! Good luck!

    • hi orcana…I m from bangladesh as like environment like your mauritius.. Here some farmer grow syrawberry very well in size n colour..but taste is not so sweet.In winter somet they can get sweet strawberris but after winter it goes sour. but they can grow it whole year except rainy season.

  7. hi , i am living in a very hot place which the temperature level reach to (40 – 50) Celsius and the weather is dry so what can i do to grow strawberry and which type of strawberry seeds are suitable for me ????

  8. Hi,
    Thank you for this information-filled website. I live in Malaysia and recently, I bought some strawberry plants from Cameron Highlands. I’m not sure what species it is, but basically, it’s strawberries. The temperature here is 34 degrees Celsius (average) on sunny days and 28 degrees Celsius on night. I do want to grow some home-made strawberries, so I put the plants in my room. It is air-conditioned and the lights are always switched on (except for midnight till morning). Can the plants grow well or it’ll won’t produce so much strawberries or it’ll die?

    • Satori,
      Yes, they can grow as long as they have proper nutrients and enough light. I’d recommend putting them by the brightest window possible and adding a grow light to help them develop and produce. Good luck!

    • Hi,

      I’m living in malaysia too, and find that it is difficult to make them to grow fruit. Just growing them is pretty easy, but further reading stated that they not only required a chilling requirement, but also growth degree hours (warm after cool). Air condition is okay, but we might also need a dehumidifier to comply with the air.
      Do you have any success obtaining strawberry fruits?


  9. Interesting website. Thanks. Hi, All comments are very helpful. I bought a strawberry plant from a plant shop in Trinidad(Caribbean). It is about 34Celsius and the plant is growing well with several runners and the runners are producing other runners. I am surprised that they seem to be doing quite well. they look healthy all the time. Many flowers. however, they seem to be not making fruit. can anyone offer an explanation? I have a black mesh covering and i believe that it is a great help to the plants. i am hopeful.

    Regards, Victorio.

  10. I’m from the Philippines. We grow strawberries in Baguio, a city in Northern Luzon. It’s located 5K feet above sea level. The average temperature here from December to February is 12 deg C. It goes down to 8 degrees at least once during its “winter” season.

  11. Hi,

    I had grown some californian strawberry plant (not sure which species), my temperature place is between 25-37 deg, humidity about 60-80%, 0-5DPL, at this moment the plant seem to grow quite well, it can hold the sun light from 0600-1100 dan 1400 to 1800 hours, it seem grow quite big on the leaf and have produce many runners, I let few plant grow many runners and one without runners, it has been about 4 months since the I plant the first runner I get from highland. So far I havent seen any indication of flowering, is there a force way such as hormone, fertilizer, or light to induce flowering on mature vegetative strawberry plant beside temperature control?

    • Budi,
      No, not that I am aware of. The flowers form initially as perrenating buds in the fall of the year prior. Good fall conditions and temperatures will produce the most perennating buds in plants that have strong root systems. Good luck!

  12. I live in a tropical climate will it be possible to grow strawberries in a climate controlled green house? And do strawberries do well under artificial lighting I.e LED, HPS, or metal halide lamps?


    • Sebastian,
      Yes, if you have the climate controlled to reduce the heat and humidity of the tropical climate, strawberries can produce well. Grow lights will work if positioned correctly. Good luck!

  13. Hello my name is Rogier.
    I am from suriname south america. We have a tropical climate here. Very warm. My question is..which seeds or varriety can i use to start growing some strawberrys

    • rogier,
      Unfortunately, strawberries are temperate by nature. They usually produce poorly or simply die in tropical climates. If you are set on trying it, I’d try a more heat-tolerant variety like Chandler. Good luck!

  14. Hi,
    I have been planning a solar power-cooled greenhouse with the aim of growing strawberries since I live on a humid lowland in the tropics (PNG). People who live in the higher altitused (above 1000-2000m) successfully farm and sell these. I hope to be successfully.

  15. i tried growing strawberries in Trinidad it grew well even in my aquaponic system. i got many runners and many flowers. i got fruits the size of quarter of a normal strawberry with very strong acidic flavor the smell was strong and pleasant. our local leaf-cutting ants (bachac) loved the plants also, they would cut down to the soil in one night all my plants were destroyed.

  16. Hi very interested topic, I also planted about 20 plants of Strawberries in the Caribbean in Dominica and am a little in altitude and I did have some good results,and I use a strain from Norway called korona .

    • farmerboy,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. The moderating effect of altitude on the tropical climate can indeed make it easier to successfully grow them in the tropics. Good luck!

  17. I took some plants to Aruba.
    Although they grew and also produced young plants, they did not flower and thus not give strawberries.
    Then I read somewhere, that strawberries need cold to initiate flowering. So I did 2 plants in pots and put them in the fridge for 2 weeks, until all the leaves died. Then I put them outside again. Soon new leaves grew and amazingly: flowers! I had been able to fool them!
    After the flowers, strawberries appeared, but they were very small when they turned red and didn’t taste well.
    I finally stopped watering the plants.

  18. Hi Barry,

    I’m quite interested by your post.
    I would like to grow some not that far from Udon Thani, in Loei.
    Could you tell more about the varieties you have and where you got them from.

  19. I grow strawberries in Udon Thani Thailand with some success.
    I bought some local plants and grew some from seed.
    It does get cool here at night Nov-Jan. I think that must be of help.
    I have about 50 plants in containers. I try to hang most of them.
    If I do not the ants eat the strawberries. They will never eat the
    hanging plant strawberries. I do not know why. Maybe the heat
    discourages them.

  20. Elaine,

    I reside in the Caribbean as well Trinidad to be exact , I am also interested in cultivating strawberries in my green house as well. any assistance would be greatly appreciated such as type and variety of seed should I purchase.

    • chris,
      Unfortunately, strawberries do not do well in the Caribbean. You would need humidity and temperature controls in place to be successful. Sorry!

    • ms. lhuminight,
      Usually not. They are temperate and prefer cooler weather. The heat and moisture in the tropics usually causes them to die.

  21. Hi,
    Thank you for your informative website.
    I grew up in tropical north Queensland, Australia in the 60s and I clearly remember that we grew strawberries in the back garden but I don’t recall the time of your when they fruited. I now live in the Caribbean and run a community garden.
    In February we received a shipment of Camarosa crowns from the Natural Gardening Company and they flowered almost immediately then again 3 months later. They then produced runners, hundreds of them. We’ve maintained them over the summer in our shaded greenhouse and propagated many of the runners in the hope that they will fruit early next year. I’ll let you know if they do.

  22. Hi,
    First, thank you for this website. What a great resource!
    I’m in UAE and plan on growing strawberries this year. I’ve started already some june bearers, everbearers and alpines in pots. Waiting for milder temps to set them outside and in planters later this month.
    The climateis very hot(>40 celcius) and dry for most of the year. So basicly the growing season is Between Oct. and April when max temps range between 20 & 35. The plants are going to die certainly after May. So I’m planning to cut off all runners and allow them to concentrate on fruit setting. How far you think I should space them (the 3 types). Does 20 cm’s seem reasonable since I don’t want the runners? Do you agree with my strategy? Any other tips besides mulching, shade and lots of water? Any thing I can do to get the most of them in the first year? I’ll try and dig them out at end of April and see if I can keep them alive till next year. But that’s another story.
    Thank you.

    • missedup,
      First, you’re welcome! Second, twenty centimeters could be ok, but thirty would probably be better. You do NOT want to shade the strawberries. They do best in full sun. And, in full sun in hot, dry climates can kill strawberry plants. That is the conundrum. To produce optimally, strawberries need full sun in a temperate climate. Unfortunately, I think you will likely have difficulty in your location no matter what you do (short of growing in a climate-controlled, air-conditioned greenhouse. But, the cost of doing that usually is prohibitive. I’m sorry! Let me know how it goes for you!


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