Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why

grow your own strawberry plantsThis site is focused on helping people develop an interest in growing strawberry plants, understanding the strawberry plant itself, and enjoying both the taste and health benefits of strawberries.  The Reference Pages to the left will help anyone successfully grow strawberry plants in a garden, container, or pretty much anywhere else there is dirt and water.

So, why should you want to grow your own strawberry plants?  I’m glad you asked!  This short post reviews the top 10 reasons you should grow your own strawberry plants.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants

10.  Home-grown strawberries often taste better.

Commercial strawberry growing operations exist to turn a profit.  Nothing wrong with that, of course.  It is what all businesses do.  But, in order to maximize their profits, they generally select strawberry plant varieties that produce durable, shippable strawberries in high numbers.  They usually have decent flavor, but your own strawberries usually taste noticeably better.  (Click this link if you want to understand some of what goes into developing a new strawberry variety)

9.  It is cheaper to buy strawberry plants than strawberries in the store.

There are plenty of people who offer very affordable strawberry plants for sale.  While the prices vary depending on the seller and quantity purchased and variety, ten to twenty-five strawberry plants can often be purchased for less than $20.00 and can even be found for under $10.00.  Usually, 25 strawberry plants will adequately supply a family of four with strawberries.  Just a few strawberry purchases in the grocery store will likely cost more (see our Strawberry Buying Guide to make the most of your money if buying retail strawberries).

8.  Strawberry plants are perennial.

That means you get a return on your investment year after year!  If the procedures mentioned on the Growing Strawberries page are followed, you’ll likely be able to stretch a single of purchase of strawberry plants for many years before needing to buy more.  So, the decision to grow your own strawberries can pay dividends for many years by saving money that you would have spent on expensive grocery store strawberries.  And, for one of the systems that will keep your plants chugging along and healthy, see the Transplanting Strawberries page.

7.  Strawberry plants multiply themselves.

Most varieties of strawberry plants will produce runners.  These runners are a means for a strawberry plant to propagate itself by producing genetically-identical clone plants.  Each strawberry plant will likely put out multiple runners causing your strawberry production capacity to increase exponentially after just buying a handful of strawberry plants initially.  The first time I bought strawberry plants my 25 strawberry plants turned into over 250 strawberry plants after just one year.  That is a return on investment!

6.  Growing your own strawberry plants minimizes waste.

Commercial strawberry growers are concerned about only putting the most beautiful and well-shaped strawberries in their retail packages.  Many people will cast a suspicious eye on a funny-looking strawberry.  Small strawberries are likewise not packaged.  Even though most oddly-shaped or small berries are perfectly good to eat, they are culled by the commercial operations.  By growing your own strawberries, you get to savor the flavor of every strawberry your plants produce, regardless if they are dwarf strawberries or deformed!

5.  Home-grown strawberries require virtually no preparation.

You can pluck them right off the strawberry plant and eat them.  You don’t even have to have a knife to de-cap them if you still have teeth!  But, if you want to do a little extra or have extra strawberries you want to preserve, there are many strawberry recipes you can use.  Who doesn’t like strawberry shortcake?!!  You can also freeze strawberries for later use.

4.  Strawberry plants are small and easy to grow just about anywhere.

You can find a spot to grow strawberry plants if you can see the sun.  Strawberry plants are adaptable to just about everywhere (although optimal conditions produce better strawberries).  You can grow your own strawberries in a garden, flower pot, just about any other container that will hold dirt.  They are a great plant to start with if you are just venturing into the world of gardening or want something that can grow in a pot in a well-lit window.

3.  Store-bought strawberries can be contaminated!

Every year strawberries hold one of the top spots on the “Dirty Dozen” list.  That list (put out annually by the Environmental Working Group) compiles testing data on numerous commonly grown and consumed fruits and vegetables.  Strawberries always rank high for chemicals and pesticides, things you probably do not want to consume.  If you grow your own strawberries, you know exactly what you put on them and exactly what you are putting into your body.  More information on this is here: Strawberries Are Dirty.

2.  Strawberries are good for you!

Strawberries contain numerous vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy body.  There is even evidence that eating strawberries may prevent cancer.  For more information on the nutritional benefits of strawberries, see the nutrition section on the Strawberry Plant page.

1.  Everyone loves fresh strawberries.

The person who doesn’t like strawberries is a rare find.  Strawberries are almost universally enjoyed.  Why not make the world a happier place by growing your own strawberries and sharing a few with a neighbor?  They’ll appreciate it!


If you are ready to start growing strawberries, check out the reference pages to the left on the Strawberry Plants homepage.  The information there will help you know how to do everything needed to buy, plant, grow, and enjoy your own home-grown strawberries.

Grow your own strawberry plants today!

6 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why”

  1. This is my first time growing strawberries. It has been fairly easy. The first batch were bare root which i planted in containers. I lost a few from the 25 i purchased, but i expected to lose some this being my first year. Some were buried incorrectly and they die. The ones that are left are thriving after a difficult start. Ibought a few more commercial plants from a commercial home improvement store and they are thriving. I bought Bonnie plants and they are thriving and beautiful. Even had a few berries. I had to leave the blossoms as we just had to sample a few and see if home grown lived up to the hype. Boy did they ever! My kids looooved the taste of the strawberries straight off of the plant. They were sweet and not sourish like my kids said. im getting ready to propogate the runners for more plants. buying your own is well worth it!

    • Philip Schick,
      You should probably wait a little while yet. It is too late for Fall planting, so it is probably best to wait until the weather warms just a bit so that you can plant strawberries that are ready grow. For more, be sure to check out the Growing Strawberries reference page. Good luck!

  2. Also when you buy your plant look for runners.I bought 4 today and got 1 plant that already had roots 4 about to grow roots of leaves and 4 more plants starting to grow leaves. 9 extra plants right off the bat.

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