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strawberry questions & answersThe goal here at Strawberry Plants .org is to spread the passion for strawberries far and wide.  The vision is to see the number of home gardeners growing strawberries increase, to see the number of people appreciating strawberry recipes including this remarkable culinary berry increase, and to see the number of folks benefiting from the many healthful qualities of strawberries rise exponentially.

Because of the love for all things strawberry that abounds here, and the dedication to spread the joy, I do my best to answer questions from sincere folks.  Answering questions about strawberries helps strawberry growers grow in confidence.  So, this site is a place where you can come for strawberry-related help.  I do my best to answer all legitimate questions, but sometimes it takes me a while to respond.  So, previous questions that have been asked and answered (as well as future questions and answers) are going to be provided here (and added as they are asked in the future).

So, before submitting a new question, briefly check the previously answered questions to see if your concern has been addressed.  Also, don’t forget that this site has a search function.  Just type a few words related to your question in the box at the top right of this page, and see if you can find the answer to your question that way.

In order to facilitate the archiving of questions, each question is placed in a category.  The first table below contains the categories.  Each link within the category will take you to another table where the individual questions are.  Clicking on each question will take you to a page where that question is asked and the strawberry answers are given.  Without further ado, let the questions begin…

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Questions About Growing StrawberriesQuestions About the Strawberry Plant
Questions About Buying Strawberry PlantsQuestions About Strawberry Varieties
Other Questions About Strawberry Plants or Strawberries
Questions About Growing Strawberries
Caring for Strawberry Plants in Warm Winters?Do Strawberries Take a Year to Produce Fruit?
Square Foot Gardening Strawberries?Are Container Strawberries Perennial?
Growing Strawberries in Tropical Climates?If You Plant a Strawberry Top, Will It Grow a Strawberry?
If You Plant a Strawberry Top, Will It Grow a Strawberry?How Many Strawberry Plants Per Square Foot?
Are Dried Up Strawberry Plants Dead?Problems Growing Strawberries in Containers?
Will Strawberry Plants Come from a Buried Strawberry?How to Save Strawberry Runners for Next Year?
Overwintering Hydroponic Strawberry Plants?First Year Strawberry Production?
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Strawberries Per Day?Do Strawberry Plants Need Acidic Soil?
Growing Winter Strawberries?Dividing Strawberry Plants?
What Causes Small Strawberries?Growing Strawberries in Red Clay?
How to Care for Bare-Root Strawberry Plants?Should I Cut Off Runner Plants from My Strawberries?
Growing Strawberries in Cameroon, Africa?
Questions About the Strawberry Plant
What Do Young Strawberry Plants Look Like?Are Container Strawberries Perennial?
How Fast Do Strawberry Plants Grow?Are Dried Up Strawberry Plants Dead?
Red Strawberry Stems and Leaves?How Tall Do Strawberry Plants Grow?
Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?Strawberry Plants Per Person?
How Long Do Strawberry Plants Live?What Causes Strawberry Plants to Wilt?
Why Are the Seeds on My Strawberry Sprouting While Still on the Strawberry?How Old Are My Strawberry Plants?
When Do Strawberry Plants Die?What Type of Plants Are Strawberry Plants?
Questions About Buying Strawberry Plants
Are Bare Root Strawberries or Strawberry Plant Plugs Better?Please, Friend, Don't Buy Strawberry Plants on eBay!
Questions About Strawberry Varieties
German Strawberry Varieties?San Andreas Strawberries?
Other Questions About Strawberry Plants or Strawberries
Strawberry Serving?How to Store Strawberries?
How Fast Do Strawberries Mold?Moving Strawberry Plants?
Do Deer Eat Strawberries?How Many Strawberry Plants to Feed a Family?

133 thoughts on “Strawberry Questions & Answers

  1. Hi i have purchased a bubbleberry, strasberry and a pineberry from bunnings Australia and I was wondering if they’ll be perennials like a common strawberry or if I’ll only get one season from them. Thanks

  2. Hello Mr strawberry,

    I bought a strawberry plant seedling and after 2wksbi haven’t transplanted because I wanted the plant to be strong enough. But I noticed some browning on the edge of some the edge of some leaves, it seems to be spreading inwards to the vein. It has also started on two other leaves. What could be going wrong?
    I also notice tiny mounds of soil under the crown leaves of the seedling when I go water them. What causes this?

    • Titilayo,
      You could have a soil deficiency or a pest problem. Additionally, water imbalance can cause growth problems as well. The best thing to do would be to transplant it and see what happens. It could be that it is just outgrowing its container. Good luck!

  3. I rented a house that’s have strawberries plants I don’t know what kind of plant the seeds are on top can anybody help me

    • candy,
      Look at the flowers. If they are yellow, they aren’t true strawberries at all, but an imitation strawberry weed. If the flowers are white, they are true strawberries of some sort, but it would be virtually impossible to tell which variety that are. Good luck!

  4. Hi Mr Strawberry, great site. I live in the North East UK and want to grow alpine strawberries> I would like to have the longest season I can so aim to plant different varieties, seeds I have so far are Mignonette, Pineapple Crush, Regina, Quatro Staggioni and Alexandria. Although not an alpine I also plan to buy some Mara des Bois. Are there any other alpine or day neutral varieties you would reccomend to add to this list? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Robin,
      Thanks for the kind words! That list looks great! You might want to consider White Soul as a very popular alpine variety that would make a good addition to the others. You also might want to plant some F. Virginiana with them as well. They aren’t exactly alpine, but do do have a fantastic aroma and taste, just like the alpines do. Being a different species altogether, you might get a bit larger yield by including them in your garden. Good luck!

  5. I have a question you may not have heard. Approx. 5 years ago, I inherited 2 pots that had strawberries growing in – this was in northern CA. I put them in the garage and forgot about them. Fast forward and I moved to Florida and set them on the screened patio. They are growing like mad. I gave them a little organic fertilizer (8-8-8). Do you think they will produce anything? It is very exciting.

    • gloria sheridan,
      Yes, if they are already growing again, they will likely produce for you! However, 5 years old is very old for strawberry plants. I’d not expect a big harvest from plants that old, but you will likely get a few berries. Good luck!

  6. My strawberry bed has grown very well since we put in it two years ago. The runners have created more plants and have filled up the space we allocated. Should I pinch off the runners between plants? I have heard this will help the plants produce.


    • Mike,
      Yes, if your bed is overcrowded, you should remove excess plants. A good system for maintaining vigorous plants is discussed here. Good luck!

  7. Hi! I wanted to do a stacked milk crate barrel planter, got the idea from a youtube vid. Do you recommend removing the strawberry plants and storing them once they are dormant? or is it ok to just leave them in the crate planter. I live in Los Angeles so our winters don’t go below 30-40. Also, when they are dormant, is the plant suppost to loose all the leaves and look like the way they were bought? Thanks

    • Lisa,
      If your winters don’t get colder than that, you definitely don’t need to do any specialized storing. They will do just fine staying right in their planters. When they are dormant, the plants will die back to the crowns, and the dead top foliage should be gently removed. In colder areas, the plants should then be protected with mulch, but with the temperatures you noted, the plants won’t suffer any cold damage. Good luck!

  8. I was spraying round up near my plants and I guess had a little bit of drift now my Strawberry plants have 1 to 3 lime green to yellow green leaves. Will the whole plant die? they look really good other than the couple lime green leaves. It has been about a week thanks

    • Silas,
      If they haven’t died by this time, they probably won’t. If you have dead or damaged leaves, I would remove them, however. New growth on strawberry plants often looks lighter, even lime, in color. So, I’d be sure that it is not just new growth prior to removing the foliage. Good luck!

  9. I didn’t cut my plants back last fall, it is now spring and I’ve noticed some fresh growth already starting, it’s still semi cold here in southern Michigan but we had a mild winter and some pretty warm days already. should I cut back all the old plant now and just leave the fresh growth? Or do nothing at all? They are in a raised garden bed. Also last year I grew tomatoes in the raised bed next to the berries and this year I want to turn the whole raised garden into strawberry patch should I take out the soil and put new soil since tomatoes were grown there?

    • Tara,
      You do run the risk of having pathogens that are common to tomatoes infect your strawberries if you use the same soil. However, it your soil may be pathogen-free as well. I’d balance the risk versus reward verses cost and work that it would take to replace all the soil. If it were me, I would probably risk it if I had separate beds. The plants planted where the tomatoes were may end up dying if the soil is infected, BUT, you’ll still have the strawberries from last year, and I would hate to spend the time actually replacing all the soil. But, if you want to be safe, that is what should be done. Good luck!

  10. On this website, companion plants, it states strawberries shouldn’t be planted in the same place or close (?) to some other vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. How far away can peppers be planted from strawberries, 6 inches, 2 feet, 15 feet, etc.? Or simply not in the same place where those plants were in the past years?

    • Ron Plasse,
      You should keep them completely separate due to the risk of infecting your strawberry plants with deadly pathogens often carried by those plants and their soil. Good luck!

  11. We had a beautiful crop of strawberries last year. But this year they are not ripening and losing thier seeds. We have grown them in our garden and have netting over them to protect them from birds. We have feed them the same as last year.
    And still nothing. Bery dis

  12. Help! I’ve tried to find info on my strawberries being invaded by a small worm but can’t find any. Can you help? I live in Northern Michigan and planted organic ever bearing strawberries in 2013. They were doing good till last year when they got a fungus that left a lot of the berries with mold. I cleaned up patch by cutting off brown leaves but this year I have brought in berries that have a small worm in them! What is it? Are the berries still safe to eat? Eewwww.

  13. I have been growing strawberries in a south facing bed for several years in central New Mexico. This year due to the increased rainfall I had a great crop in June. Now in September they are bearing again but as they ripen they get “spongy”. I don’t see unusual pests or mold. What would make them “spongy”? It happens just as they get ripe, sl. yellow ones are still firm.

    • SharonC,
      It is most likely a result of the environmental conditions. However, soil deficiencies or over-ripening can also result in softer fruit. Good luck!

  14. I started to grow strawberries in a green house this year and I am wondering how to go about winterizing them? I live in Grand Rapids, MI.

  15. I planted dormant strawberries–2 weeks ago— neglected to spread the roots– should I dig up and spread them now?

    • David,
      No, I’d leave them in the ground. If they are growing successfully, they should do fine. Good luck!

  16. I live in Santa Fe, NM (6b) and I grow Seascape and Quinault. The bed is two years old, and it was constructed using a sheet composting method with a wheat straw mulch. It is on a drip system with (hard) well water, and the soil should have fairly high N and Fe content. Last year, both varieties had moderate to severe chorosis in the late spring, although most of the plants bounced back as the summer progressed. First year production was not great, though the plants came through the winter in decent shape. I am now seeing a repeat of the late spring chlorosis. Any suggestions?

    • Zeke,
      I’d recommend testing the pH of your soil. If you soil is alkaline, reactions can occur that can negatively affect chloroplast formation and result in chlorosis, even if plenty of iron is available. If you soil pH is over 7, amending it with acidic additives might very well solve your problem. Good luck!

  17. Help! My strawberries plants produced decent fruits for the first two years, but now they produce small, vibrant red berries that are completely tasteless and riddled with grainy, pronounced seeds on the exterior. What happened? Do I need to buy new plants, or is there a soil amendment that will “cure ” this?

    • Deborah F.,
      It does sound as if something is wrong. I’d recommend reviewing this page to see if you can identify what you need to do. Good luck!

  18. Hi

    I need some help on my strawberry seedlings. I have sprouted some seedlings and they are so tiny to handle (is it normal that its leave is 0.1mm in size?). Should I just leave it in the tray until it gets bigger or should I pot it again to individual pot? Your advise is much appreciated.


    • Serina,
      You should leave it in the sprouting tray until it is big enough to handle safely. Good luck!

    • Craig,
      Yes, you can chill them at near freezing for a while in a dark environment. As long as the roots don’t freeze through or dry out, they should enter dormancy.

  19. Curious about seeing ants (argentine) mounding on strawberry plants. They seem to be quite active and coming right out of the crown. The plants are healthy, and not affecting the fruit. I assume it is good aeration for the roots. Not complaining, just wondering if this is a healthy symbiotic relationship.

    • Steve,
      I am not aware of any known symbiosis between ants and strawberry plants, but if they both continue to exist together happily, you may have discovered one! Good luck!

    • lillian butakara,
      I am not familiar with actual flowers transmogrifying into leaves. Can you show before/after pictures by any chance, maybe with a transitional phase thrown in? My guess would be that the flower either died and wilted away or was nibbled off by a creature of some sort. Regardless, good luck!

  20. Can I order strawberry seedlings from Saudi Arabia as I live there. If not, what is my best option to buy online from overseas?

    • Shepard,
      It is usually pretty difficult to get living vegetative plant matter through customs. You will probably have better luck with seeds. See this for more information. Good luck!

  21. I germinated some seeds and the seedlings are 1″ to 1 1/2″ tall, with several true leaves, how much taller should they be when I transplant them, and how deep should I plant them? Thanks for your assistance.

    • Catherine Peters,
      As long as the seedlings are hardened off appropriately, they can be transplanted at any time. However, it is safer to transplant them after their roots have become more firmly established. I like to transplant when the plants are two or more inches tall. I kill less of them that way! Good luck!

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