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strawberry questions & answersThe goal here at Strawberry Plants .org is to spread the passion for strawberries far and wide. The vision is to see the number of home gardeners growing strawberries increase, to see the number of people appreciating strawberry recipes including this remarkable culinary berry increase, and to see the number of folks benefiting from the many healthful qualities of strawberries rise exponentially.

Because of the love for all things strawberry that abounds here, and the dedication to spread the joy, I do my best to answer questions from sincere folks. Answering questions about strawberries helps strawberry growers grow in confidence. So, this site is a place where you can come for strawberry-related help. I do my best to answer all legitimate questions, but sometimes it takes me a while to respond. So, previous questions that have been asked and answered (as well as future questions and answers) are going to be provided here (and added as they are asked in the future).

So, before submitting a new question, briefly check the previously answered questions to see if your concern has been addressed. Also, don’t forget that this site has a search function. Just type a few words related to your question in the box at the top right of this page, and see if you can find the answer to your question that way.

In order to facilitate the archiving of questions, each question is placed in a category. The first table below contains the categories. Each link within the category will take you to another table where the individual questions are. Clicking on each question will take you to a page where that question is asked and the strawberry answers are given. Without further ado, let the questions begin…

Strawberry Questions & Answers: Categories

Questions About Growing StrawberriesQuestions About the Strawberry Plant
Questions About Buying Strawberry PlantsQuestions About Strawberry Varieties
Other Questions About Strawberry Plants or Strawberries
Questions About Growing Strawberries
Caring for Strawberry Plants in Warm Winters?Do Strawberries Take a Year to Produce Fruit?
Square Foot Gardening Strawberries?Are Container Strawberries Perennial?
Growing Strawberries in Tropical Climates?If You Plant a Strawberry Top, Will It Grow a Strawberry?
If You Plant a Strawberry Top, Will It Grow a Strawberry?How Many Strawberry Plants Per Square Foot?
Are Dried Up Strawberry Plants Dead?Problems Growing Strawberries in Containers?
Will Strawberry Plants Come from a Buried Strawberry?How to Save Strawberry Runners for Next Year?
Overwintering Hydroponic Strawberry Plants?First Year Strawberry Production?
Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?Strawberry Plants Per Person?
Strawberries Per Day?Do Strawberry Plants Need Acidic Soil?
Growing Winter Strawberries?Should I Cut Off Runner Plants from My Strawberries?
What Causes Small Strawberries?Growing Strawberries in Red Clay?
How to Care for Bare-Root Strawberry Plants?
Questions About the Strawberry Plant
What Do Young Strawberry Plants Look Like?Are Container Strawberries Perennial?
How Fast Do Strawberry Plants Grow?Are Dried Up Strawberry Plants Dead?
Red Strawberry Stems and Leaves?How Tall Do Strawberry Plants Grow?
Strawberry Plants Have No Runners?Strawberry Plants Per Person?
How Long Do Strawberry Plants Live?What Causes Strawberry Plants to Wilt?
Why Are the Seeds on My Strawberry Sprouting While Still on the Strawberry?How Old Are My Strawberry Plants?
When Do Strawberry Plants Die?
Questions About Buying Strawberry Plants
Are Bare Root Strawberries or Strawberry Plant Plugs Better?Please, Friend, Don't Buy Strawberry Plants on eBay!
Questions About Strawberry Varieties
German Strawberry Varieties?San Andreas Strawberries?
Other Questions About Strawberry Plants or Strawberries
Strawberry Serving?How to Store Strawberries?
How Fast Do Strawberries Mold?Moving Strawberry Plants?
Do Deer Eat Strawberries?

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  1. I’m in the southern hemisphere and we are one month away from mid Summer yet some 50% of my Strawberries have still not produced flowers. Is this a issue or am I just impatient?

  2. I have scoured the internet .orgs and .edus and forums trying to get an answer to no avail.
    What would cause strawberry plants (of several varieties I’m growing Eversweet, Ozark, Albion, Honoye… and some bubbleberry…) to grow relatively healthy leaves, but some plants will sprout an extra leaflet or 2, to cause 4 and 5 leaf plants when they’re supposed to have 3! I’d say it was genetic but it’s more than one kind. So it’s got to be environmentally caused. Any ideas?

  3. Hello – Hopefully this isn’t too simple of a question. I wanted to try my hand at growing fruit, so I bought one strawberry plant with three leaves from a garden shop this past weekend. I still have it in the plastic pot I bought it in (which has drainage holes). Should I repot in a larger pot (or same size) and with new compost, or leave it be? I’m mostly worried about the size of it/nutrients. Any guidance would be appreciated

  4. Dear Mr. Strawberry,

    Just got your Master Manual but it didn’t address one growing issue: indoor hydroponics. I’m in CO at 8,000′ ft. A six foot fence doesn’t keep the deer out of the garden. I could go to an eight fence but unless it’s chain link, AND electrified it won’t keep out the elk and the bears. And yes bears love strawberries. So, I want to try growing strawberries hydroponically indoors, in the ~63F basement with full spectrum LED grow lights. What varieties would you recommend for this?

  5. I have a patch of about 9 strawberry plants. One afternoon half of these plants had lost all or most of their leaves and most petioles where cut in half. These plants were healthy the evening before and had burgeoning fruits. What happened? Can it be slugs? Birds?

  6. I have lost several plants this year due to a white substance the looks and feels like concrete, what is it and how do I treat for it. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  7. My strawberry plants are full of lush green leaves and quite a few baby berries. They’re not ripening much though. I get 4-5 berries when I go to pick them that are ripe. Why is this occurring?!

  8. One of my plants died 2 years ago and since then my one remaining plant does not produce berries. Must I have more than one plant?


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